Thursday, October 6, 2011

America's Totalitarian Democracy and Its Brutal Enforcers

America's Totalitarian Democracy and Its Brutal Enforcers

So, its a daily back ground noise, what? Why the American self righteous preachers, telling the world: "listen to your people", "do as they demand", "give them human rights" and so on with the endless screeching and back patting. How their arms have not broken from all that self gratification is a wonder of God.

These are the reasons the Americans use to murder and destroy with bombs and missiles, around the world, while their financial Titans, like the Titans of Greek legend, eat whole nations, sucking the last marrow from the bones of their victims.

But, the question is raised: how do these great humanitarian powers that be treat their own people? Well, as with previous demonstrations as is now with the present and growing demonstrations, one needs to only watch the video of what happens when the American serfs, be they of the left or the right or just trodden down people with no homes, jobs, or hope, rise up and question the Masonic authorities over them.

But this should not be a surprise, dear readers, as here is shocking video of the world's "greatest" (at least in their own minds and endless propaganda) totalitarian democracy's oppression of their own peoples, in previous episodes.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Dear Stanislav, thos epeople are not the serfs! Those are the white middle-class elite, the unions and their workers whose jobs are guaranteed, the government workers with jobs for life and guaranteed pensions! This is fake outrage as these people do not care for the genuine serfs; the decent people who don't want to have to pay for a massive state that controls them, says they have to have mosques everywhere, halal food and be subservient to all incomers. The state that controls the education system where 7 year old children are humiliated in class, if they so much say their parents don't vote for the islamo-marxist usurper, Obama. Where do you think said userper gets his millions to fund his campaigns? From the wealthiest in the land whom his laws do not touch: bankers,industrialists the very same thieves of ordinary people's taxes his union thugs are marching about! It is all theatre for the masses, bread and circuses!!

Juniper in the Desert said...

Do you agree with these middle class kids whose parents fund them to go to these demos?

Do you support class warfare like this?

Pervych said...

... и секты с их маленькими тоталитарными остричными сектантами, кто, через комиссию или упущение, породите это!!!

Anonymous said...

@juniper There are no 'guaranteed jobs' anymore. We are entering a new era, and nobody is ready. The beast is wounded and the parasites are looking for a new host.

Jonny said...

Yeah, I'm with Juniper. I don't understand how you characterize these people like this now, when in other recent blogs you refer to them as useful idiots and upper class intelligesia, equivalents of those who supported the Russian Revolution in 1917.

You're all over the map here, and I don't get it.

The TRUTH is that these people are useful idiot Marxists serving the purpose of the globalists they protest against. They aren't serfs. They're college kids.