Thursday, November 24, 2011

President Medvedev’s Thanksgiving Message to America

President Medvedev’s Thanksgiving Message to America

In a word: enough. This response (that you can view, at least for those who are Russian speakers, below) is to the endless American/NATO drive to encircle and engage Russia in a new Cold War.

In short, Medvedev has drawn the line and stated to the bankrupt and out of control Yanks, you want it, you got it and so do your puppets. For the past decade, the US has been edging NATO bases and secondarily its own bases closer and closer to Russia. It has lied through its rotten teeth repeatedly about the missile bases and radars it has kept moving to the Russian borders.

The typical excuse is to defend against Iran, a nation that can barely reach Israel with its best technology and who would never fly a missile over Poland to get to the US. At the same time, if this was ever the real reason behind the US bases, the US has flat out refused to enter a partnership to use Russian existing bases in the Caucuses and Central Asia, all actually aimed in the Iranian direction.

Obama’s 2009 promise to suspend installation of these bases was also a lie, or rather, a typical US parsing of words, replacing one set of technology with another and trying to claim the moral high ground over it.

That the American “democratic” drive, actually murderers democracy, is also irrelevant for these hyper aggressors. Poland’s referendum for the missile bases failed by a large margin, but the Bush administration used the 2008 war, started by their Georgian puppet, as a pretense to pay out $30 billion to the Polish corrupt elites, to place those unwanted bases on their soil.

Only in the Czech Republic are the elected actually listening to the electorate and have told the Americans to go pound sand.

Well enough is enough, it would finally seem. After failing to get a legally binding document that these bases are not aimed at Russia, Mr. Medvedev laid out the Russian response. Before we go into this though, I must say, that the delusion of our own elites that the US’s Massianic masters have any sort of honor or respect for law, is itself troubling.

So America/NATO, you wanted a response, you got it:
1. The Russian military is now established early warning radar in Kaliningrad (to nullify US first strike)

2. In the development of the air-space defense, first and foremost, resources will be placed into the defense of the strategic nuclear assets (to nullify US first strike)

3. All nuclear forces, land and sea, will be armed with anti-missile interceptor and jamming systems, (to nullify US first strike)

4. The Russian military will accelerate the development of cyber systems to destroy the informational and control systems of the enemy. All of these must be adequate, affordable and effective.

5. In addition, the Russian Federation will move adequate first strike capabilities to the Russian western and southern borders to bring nuclear destruction on the American bases in Europe, to include bases in Kalinengrad.
Further, if the situation continues to devolve, Russia has opened the review of all arms treaties and is ready to exit out of any or all of them.
President Medvedev underlines a pointless point: we are trying and are counting on being able to work with the Americans and NATO on dialogue and cooperation.
Of course, this is pointless, as the powers that be, in the US do not care or even fully comprehend possible outcomes of their actions. Well at least their political puppets are to stupid to, though I believe their satanic masters surely do.

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Time to start some over the pole Blackjack patrols. Russia and China must wake up and realize they are dealing with mad dogs and murderers.