Monday, November 21, 2011

Russia's Vapid and Misguided Immigration Policy

Russia's Vapid and Misguided Immigration Policy

Russia's official unemployment rate is 6.4% and 4% for trained professionals. This, in the modern first and even second world, is a high and mighty achievement worthy of bragging rights. However, for our economy to grow, we need more people, particularly we need trained professionals.

The infrastructural reforms were correct: created highly trained specialist visas and giving them 3 years. However, the execution phase is where everything breaks down. I do not mean actually getting these visas, which, with a sponsor is rather simple.

The first crack appears in the granting of residency, which the holder can get after one year. However, the residency is only for as long as the visa lasts and six months prior they must again get the visa and extend the residency. Only after five years can they then apply for citizenship.

If the aim is to get and KEEP highly specialized persons, why then is the residency based on the visa? Why even bother with the visa once residency is achieved? Further, why wait five years to grant citizenship to those who want it and have the skill sets to contribute? This is mindless and wasteful and plain stupid.

But this is only the top of the big iceberg of thoughtless stupidity that is Russia's immigration policy.

Lets begin with whom this program attracts: mostly non-Russian, non-Russian speaking Westerners who have no attachment to the nation but will come for some corporation of other, work off one or two or three years and leave with their large pay.

Here is an idea or three: first off, we have a diaspora of Russian born persons, of various ages, of some twenty million. What are we doing to bring them or their kids, people who actually have blood, national, cultural and lingual as well as religious links to us, here? In a word: NOTHING, absolutely nothing.

Sure the government does a lot to bring Old Believers, whole villages of them, from all over the world to the Chinese borders on the Amur to farm. And yes, every nation needs farmers, but no modern economy will be built on farmers and no future war will be won by farmers, those days are long centuries gone.

If we count the children of the diaspora, born beyond our borders, those who still have some link to our great land, then the numbers world wide may be as high as 100 million. Of these and their parents, there are millions of business, science, engineering professionals we need desperately to keep growing, and yet nothing is done.

We should be helping them move here. Paying of limited debts and providing free transportation and support, finding them employment or encouraging them to start their own businesses. We should follow the Israeli lead and bring their children, our kin, here for a free vacation that teaches them about their blood, their history and creates that bond that will last a life time.

Hell, we should grant them defacto citizenship on request and proof of ancestry.

We should be attracting university students from around the world, but how can we, when no one teaches Russian over seas? Why are we loosing this culture war? Loosing it without even putting up a fight? Language teachers, using the American model that they practice on our own soil, are stealing our brains, time to steal them back.

As for our low payed labour, why in the world are we importing unskilled, unwashed Islamics heathens from Central Asia? What cultural bond do these people have? We conquered them 200 years ago to stop them from slave raiding our borders, not out of some mutual love. They left the first chance they had and except for Kazakhstan, which is truly our MidWest, good riddance to them. May they exist in their Islamic dark age hellholes for all eternity, in peace and happiness and never step foot on our Holy Russia.

As for that cheap labour, there is plenty to choose from without resorting to these types, who bring drugs, crime and Islamic Jihad in their wake. There are Greeks for example, desperately looking for work. There are now Italians and Spaniards too. While they may not be Orthodox, they are Christians and they will all work their way up and integrate.

Thanks to the American made Islamic Hell in North Africa and the wider Middle East, there are millions of Orthodox Iraqis, Egyptians and Libyans who need a home. These are our co-religionists. We used to be the protectors of the faith, its time to take up that mantel again.

The twenty thousand Serbs planning on moving here from Kosovo is a good step, though a horrid one for Kosovo. But there are plenty of others, like the South African Boers.

Where is our Ministry of Immigration, where is our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our Ministry of Industry and our Ministry of Finance? I will tell you: prancing like fools and idiots to the tunes of American and British bankers. Selling their souls and robbing the till and not doing a damn thing to help the country. Looking the other way while those who have no roots to us or interest in us or worse who want to destroy us are flooded in.

As for those of my readers beyond our borders: go to our consulates, our embassies, call them demand Russian course, demand support for the diaspora, raise the uproar at these crimes against our Mother Land.


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Have you seen this video?? ;))

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Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. A high birth rate is what Russia needs , not ghettos for the CIA, MI5 and Mossad to play in.