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The Almost, Kinda, Would Be "Democracy" of Greece

The Almost, Kinda, Would Be "Democracy" of Greece

Democracy, the "goddess" that failed on the national level. No, not just some tarnished goddess who went down the wrong path or was in error at her philosophy, no dear readers, something much much worse. Democracy has shown itself for what it is, a clap infected harlot, open to the highest bidder, as is her want to be. A demonic harpy, with its claws in the body society, draining the very life blood, as it drags it down to the Hell below, a Hell whose seeds only Satan could plant and only the egotistical men, who reject God, and an Ordained Monarchy to make of themselves their own version of godlings.

Greece, the first to create the modern version of democracy, four thousand years ago, will once again, in this round of the democracy cycle, be the first to die by it. What the world should have learned from the first round of democracies and republics is that they are all a given to corruption, a corruption worse then any of the worst monarchies. A monarch inherits his position and wealth as does his prodigy, but a president is a bought and paid for whore, one who must first then enrich those who placed him in power and then himself and his personal clique, while also throwing around enough money to the special interests, to keep himself in power. All of course at the expense of those elements of society who create the wealth, either through direct taxation or through the creation of money.

There is no such thing and never will be as a truly honest president, it goes against the very nature of politics. If a contender is honest he will loose the the better funded and connected opponent, especially so in the age of mass and endless media, owned by those who are the backers of one candidate or another. The honest candidate will be faced with the Devil's choice: loose or become as corrupt and crooked as the opponent.

Thus, through a short period of time, all power becomes consolidated in the hands of small groups or blocks in the body elite. If the nation is lucky, there will be at least some competition between them, if not they will merge. Either way, their first and foremost plan is always to grab anything and every thing for themselves. With no one to put a brake on this, with no one to worry about the long term health of the nation or state, such as the role of the Monarch, all republics and democracies die, a bloody, vicious and oppressive death, either going directly into anarchy or first into an even more brutal dictatorship and then eventually into anarchy, as the last life supports of society are withdrawn.

Greece is on the leading cusp of this.

Greek society is already in free fall. After wiping out half its economy, tourism, by joining the Euro and watching prices double and tourists, particullarly Russian tourists, the vast majority, flee to Turkey, Greece had no choice but to grown the public sector to make up for the private sector's death. All of course, was to benefit first the Greek elite 1% and then the very same British, French and Germans who suddenly had a new market to export their BMWs, Landcruisers and Renaults. Even now, these same hypocrits demand that Greece, in order to get bailout packages that only benefit the same 1% and damn the public, must continue to by German submarines, French frigates and British helicopters, all of which it can not afford.

Society is dieing. Trash lines the streets, the desperately poor, whose numbers swell daily with the formerly middle class, pick through it with the same care that goes into picking through trash in the slums of India or the hellhole of Africa. Druggies lay around on the streets, not caring a wit, former teachers and public servants pull wagons looking for scrap metal to sell to the European vultures, in order to get a few Euros a day to feed families on. The new boom industry? Gold exportation, that is, buying up the jewelry of the formerly rich to smelt and sell as bullion to the Europeans.

The Greeks are now seeing a rape that we Russians are all to familiar with.

The secularists, that is anti-Christian atheists and marxists are now going after the Church and her soup kitchens, breaking every piggy bank to give away to the Anglos and Franks.

Papandreou played briefly at democracy, promising a referendum, on the latest "lifeline" to the Greek economy. This "bailout" would have forced the government to continue its yard sale of property, infrastructure and jobs while giving investors, first amongst them being the Greek pension funds, a nice 50% "haircut", that is, a reduction in the value of what they hold by half and thus a destruction of the Greek pensions, one of the few things in Greece to still maintain some value and thus some hope to the people.

The referendum, of course, was nothing but a ploy, to get better terms out of his owners and handlers: the British, French and Germans. That France's Blair clone, Nicolas Sarkozy was planning to use this "success" as his main platform against Mari Le Pen, who is cleaning his clock, must have lent quite a bit of weight to what ever demands the Greek Judas placed on his masters. It seems to have worked, since the scallywag instantly declared an end to the sham of democracy. Papandreou's spokesman had this to say: "There is no reason to have a referendum if there is consensus between the two large parties,"

Still the best part of all were the quotes by the so called guardians of democracy, showing what the Totalitarian West really believes, be that the party plays "right" or "left".

“I deplore this decision, which seems completely irresponsible on the part of the Greek prime minister,” said Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and a parliamentary deputy

"It's difficult to see what the referendum is going to be about. Do we want to be saved or not? Is that the question?" asked Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

"The Greek prime minister has taken this decision without talking it through with his European colleagues," Jean-Claude Juncker, who chairs meetings of eurozone finance ministers said in Luxembourg.

"The summit last week was to deal with the uncertainty in the eurozone...and this grenade is thrown in just a few short days later," European affairs minister Lucinda Creighton said.

"The referendum is a bad idea with a bad timing. The post-summit rally is over," said Lionel Jardin, head of institutional sales at Assya Capital, in Paris

Yes, what is a little participation by the grimy Greek peasants worth, in these so called whorocracies? After all, why should the people have any say in the rape and mugging that is being handed to them? And the threat? If you do not let us rape you and mug you and turn you into a permanent vassal of the Germans and Belgians and French, why...why...we will kick you out.

"Really? Kick us out?" most Greeks must be fluttering with joy. Default, start from scratch, with the Drakmar and half the prices, drawing in Russian tourists by the tens of millions, oh how horrid! Default and get kicked out of the EU and be able to run your own affairs again, starting with the expulsion of half a million (5% of the population) Islamic parasite class of Arabs and Pakistanis, that have been forced upon the Greek people by their EU overlords? Be free to negotiate with Russia on gas and oil and form economic and military alliances as to what benefits Greece and not the EU masters?

Of course not, there is no way that the EU would willingly allow the Greeks to leave, and the reasons are written out in my piece: The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse .
Basically, the EU is willing to block us to the last Greek and if that is not enough, there are still plenty of Bulgars, Serbs, Croats and Romanians to sacrifice on the alter of EU/NATO power.

But Papandreou the Judas must understand, somewhere deep down inside, that a time may be coming when he will be running to a helicopter to escape justice. He must know Greek history and know quite well that the military, backed by the Church and by now, most Greeks, must be preparing to save Greece from these democracy parasites, these acolytes of the demon goddess and her blood thirsty urges.

To that end, the con-artist, two days ago, dismissed all of the top command of the Greek armed forces! They will of course be replaced with properly corrupt and bought off new senior officers. These officers had been appointed in 2009 by the previous conservative government, before Papandreou and his socialists took power.

The question becomes now: how long will these military officers forsake their duty to their people, their country and most importantly, their God? The only chance for the Greeks to survive as a free people and as a culture in their own lands, is to reinstall the Orthodox Monarchy and reignite their dehydrated faith in Christ and His Church. Anything else and in short time, they will become unwanted strangers and slaves in their own lands.

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The Potocols of Zion require the popular vote. 'See you voted for it , now shut up'. The Eurocrats bribed, tricked and shamed the various countries who actually have constitutions to vote for the various treaties. The Germans were 65% against the Euro but could'nt vote because they are still a conquered and occupied industrial park for London and New York . When are people going to wake up and stop listening to scum like Merkozy? These two just murdered a real leader in Libya , say what you will he led his country with honor to the end.