Sunday, February 19, 2012

The American Drum Beat To Christian Extermination Drums On

The American Drum Beat To Christian Extermination Drums On

Day and night, endlessly, the American and their lap dog British medias, the "voices of freedom" and the directors of genocide, drum on and on for war with Syria.

Syria is the next to last nation in the middle east where Christians (Orthodox) live freely, where they are a part of the government. The only other nation is Lebanon and the Satatnists in DC have made sure that the extermination of the Christians (Catholics) in Lebanon is on route for completion, first through the American support and rescue of the genocidal PLO and then through making sure that Hezbullah would be in power.

Syria is a regime that has forbidden the burqua, has fought hard against the Sunni extremists and is now of course the number one enemy of the world's greatest Jihad supporters: the Americans.

They insane American public, who is so fearful of having a muslim terrorist under every bed, is actively backing and celebrating the installment of one Islamic regime after another. PLO, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and now the target is Syria. In no other Arab nations are Christians more then 5% and thus no other nation is a target.

In all those other nations, where Christians were 10% or greater in numbers, the Christians have faced genocide, even where US troops were present (Iraq). That the US public, so happy to over throw the "evil" tyrants, seems not to have a second thought about the massacre of the Christians that follows right on the heals of another American installed regime.

Yes, the holier then thou, in the US seem to have no second thought to real Christian martyrs who are created with American monies and American bombs.

Will God judge them, you betcha, when the blood of Christian martyrs (Orthodox and Catholics) pours off the hands of the Atheist/Satanic Masons and their citizen slaves.


Unknown said...

The West supports the Islamic jihad against itself. How much more bizarre can the West get? How much deeper can the West plumb its self hatred and self destruction? The EU has been on its death march into dhimmitude since the 1970's. But now the US, led by the anti-Western stealth Muslim Obama is leading the US down the same path. Hillary is meeting the OIC to plan how to circumvent free speech to make it against the law to criticize Islam in the US. Obama's FBI purge all material that identifies Islam as the ideology of terrorism. Hillary says she doesn't understand the passion about (the Armenian Genocide in) 1915. The US media tells us that Islam is just another religion of peace. Idiots! Fools! The West is on its death march. I am giving up on the West. Why should I tie myself to a civilization that is flushing itself down the drain?

Anonymous said...

Their derivative universe is imploding, so they are pulling out all the stops now. As the West loses more ground physically and spiritualy ,they want to mess it up for everyone before they retreat into history. What else would we expect from the students of the Jacobins and the Bolsheviks?
Lets not forget the brainless Israelis who fomented Hamas in the 80's to counter the more secular and marxist PLO.