Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Greece’s Forbidden Cure

Greece’s Forbidden Cure

Greece is dying, this is obvious to anyone who looks realistically at the situation. The body social is in collapse, with the social contract in ruins, the economy in a death spiral and the body politic a bunch of bought and paid for savages uninterested in real cures. In effect, it is a sick man, laying on its bed, looking at the cure, in a window of the store across from its death flat and there are armed guards, from its own family, to make sure it never gets the cure.

Judas, it is said by some, betrayed Christ, because he wanted to force the Messiah’s hand to call down the legions of angels and crush the Romans and their Jewish puppets. Surely, Christ, faced with death, would do this. When it did not happen, some believe, in his distraught manner, he threw the cursed silver at the pharoses and took his own life. Those running Greece, however, have no such qualms or pings of conscious. They are the sin of Greed in flesh, working for their evil masters, regardless of whom they kill or crush or destroy. They are no different than the black hearted creatures that sit in Belgrade, in Zagreb, in Tbilisi, in Rome. They are the brothers of the beasts that sat in Kiev and at one time in Moscow, under Yeltsin. Surely, soon, their clones will equally sit in Madrid and Lisbon.

But back to the cure. The cure is simple: the drachma. Greece’s only option is to leave the Eurozone and maybe even the EU. Only with the ability to devalue the currency, can Greece ever exit from this nightmare. The critics of this scream that the economy will get worse! Worse? How? It is in all out free fall as it is, but amidst these bailout packages, prices are not decreasing, if anything they are increasing. Greece faces a collapse in employment and salaries for the employed, a skyrocketing system of taxes and tariffs all at the same time as basic goods skyrocket in price.

In a normal economic collapse, of this sort, prices would equally collapse as demand falls and the value of the currency falls with it. Furthermore, where as in a collapsing currency, its value against other currencies would fall, thus making the labour and price of goods of that nation cheap and exportable to other nations, Greece can not gain this advantage, as its currency, the Euro, is buoyed by the value of the Germans and French.

And in the “rescue” packages, Greece, at the cost of its own future, is doing its part to keep those Germans and French buoyed. In those rescue packages, the Greeks, against their desires or will, must purchase, on credit they can not afford, 8 German diesel submarines, 6 French surface warships of various caliber and 125 tanks from both nations! This at a time of complete economic collapse.

It is the 1.2 meter tall basket ball player, forced to play in the league of 2.5 meter tall professionals. Stepped on, beaten down, embarrassed and made fun of, it is not allowed to go to the league to which it belongs and just in case it may be too quick and run between the legs of the giants, brick weights are added to its feet.

If Greece had its own, now devalued currency, it would be able to print its way out of its debt, to begin with, while its tourism economy, half its GDP, would be a welcome sight to the millions of Russians with cash who would flood it. It agriculture, which is a quarter of its economy, would be welcomed in all of Russia, pushing out the Turk competitors who flooded in when the Greeks went to the Euro and their price doubled.

Of course, as I mention in The Other Reason Why Greece Must Not Collapse, Greece’s suffering and death, for truly it will die and colonized by Islamics, must happen to deny Russia the Balkans. The Satanics sitting in DC, Brussels and the Vatican understand this and are not at the least disturbed by the final extermination of the Greeks coming.

So I can only say this: SHAME, Shame on the so called Greek military and its so called patriot, who idly sit by and watch their nation die. Who are spineless cowards to stand up and take the reins of government from the traitors and sell outs, from the demonics and return it to Greece. Despicable and even more so despicable than the Satanics who sit in Athens and their cousins in Brussels, for these are the people sworn to defend Greece, not participate in her rape to death.

May God have mercy on your cowardly souls, oh generals and colonels, for what will be left of the Greek people and history itself will have none.

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Anonymous said...

Great piece. It looks like we are heading for some kind of climax. Too many moving parts, great danger lies ahead. Hopefully Russia stands tall in the face of these satanic vermin in the 'developed ' world.