Friday, July 4, 2014

America's Conservatives: Ukraine Has Sealed Your Doom

America's Conservatives: Ukraine Has Sealed Your Doom

It is no secret that the actions o nations, be they fair or foul, set precedents. When major powers such as the US, EU and NATO stand in support of those actions they set solid and unavoidable precedents.

It is also no secrets that America's conservatives are pathetically loosing their culture war in the US. The Left has wiped it's stained toilets with the American conservative Right. This is in large part because the so called conservatives in America are a blindly and ignorantly reactive force, ever allowing the Left to set the stage and rules of the engagement.

Equally true is the primal, ingrained hatred of the American conservatives for all things Russian. One needs only to go to any conservative forum to see the hatred oozing from every mental pore of these soon to be exterminated fools.

Never mind that Russia is a conservative, Christian country that stands for God, family, Christian values. All of that is irrelevant as the only ingrained genetic code of the vast majority of the American conservatives is Russia == communism/Lenin/Stalin and so on. Also, any enemy of Russia must be a righteous all holy power that the blind, deaf and dumb American Right must support no matter what. That this will of course cost these fools their and their children's lives is vastly past their ability to comprehend.

By this point, I am sure that I have turned off the vast majority of those conservatives. Truth is painful and they have no stomach for that kind of soul searching.

So for those few still left, lets us review a few facts:

1. The rebellion in Ukraine's Donbass and to a smaller degree through out the rest of the Novorossia was not a rebellion by those seeking to join Russia, well not at first. It has mutated in that direction as the genocidal forces paid for by America have left those people no choice.

2. While ethnically Russian, these people were fighting not for independence but "gasp" for FEDERALISM. That would be that states rights concept that you conservatives so hypocritically claim as your right but seek to deny it to others.

They made such unbelievable demands as the right to their native Russian language on their lands and not to be forced to change to the polish-Hungarian mutation that now passes for modern Ukrainian. To worship in the Orthodox faith, with the correct Moscow Patriarchy, not the bastardized and unrecognized Kiev pseudo-patriachical heresy or even worse, forced to Catholicism.

They demanded a right to elect their own governors instead of having Soros' friendly oligarchs put in place by Kiev, to lord over them.

They demanded rational taxation and the right to determine how their tax monies are spent, instead of feeding Kiev's kleptocrats, including Parashenko, for 23 years.

For that they were beaten, shot, kidnapped and buried in mass graves. And when forced to the final edge and these brave people started to shoot back, well Kiev and its Western masters labelled them terrorists and started shelling their cities with artillery, white phosphorus, chlorine gas, and air dropped munitions. Nothing has been spared: apartment buildings, hospitals, kindergartens, ambulances, monasteries and churches. 

Meanwhile Kiev's death squads and Nationguard SS battalions murder prisoners and shoot up refugees as those flee to Russia and safety.

The only complaint from these murderers is that the locals fight to hard and kill to many of their murderers, no matter how much money America's people surrender to this mass murder.

If you have yet to get my point, then here it is in the simplest words: YOU ARE NEXT.

As DC grabs more and more power, the global precedent is set as to what to do with federalists/state's rights "terrorists" like you. Best of all of this ironic joke is that you, in your mindless hatred of us Russians, have set your fate and doom yourselves.

I am sure in a few short years we will be reading happy reports from the US press how those evil terrorists in Alabama and Texas have been liquidated. 

Er, those will be you, of course. Still not seeing the light? It's the white phosphorus being readied for you.


Roy said...

Great post Matt. The CONservatives are a complete joke. Their entire movement is based on worshiping corporations, "defending" Israel and appearing to not be racist, they truly are pathetic. What exactly have they conserved? The Liberals don't have anything to fear because they CONservatives are weak pussies.

Bryan Dorman said...

About five years ago I would have been deeply offended at your post.

I consider myself more of a libertarian than a conservative now these days--Liberative so as to say.

I also happen to be a Russophile, given that I have great grandparents who were born not only in Russia but in other Slavic nations like Poland, Slovakia, and Croatia. As I have learned more about the Russian culture specifically and the Slavic culture in general I feel like as if I have found a new home of sorts. While the rest of Europe follows the LION with EAGLES' WINGS, the Slavic nations say, NO, this is suicide and we will NOT stand with it. Doesn't matter if they are Orthodox, Catholic, or even Muslim. They have rejuvenated their faith after seventy years of faith being forced into the shadows.

I do not stand with my leaders of America now. They have done many bad things in the name of "spreading freedom" on the conservative side or "equality" on the liberal side.

When someone asks me, "How do countries like Russia and China last for thousands of years" while Greece, Rome, and the USA have failed? They never lose their identity. They never lose their order. They never are comfortable, seeking always to excel, and are never satisfied.

The USA though has the cultural error of once in first place, rest on your laurels. That will cost us dearly in the next couple of years as you guys from the country of my ancestors come on the part of God to judge the hypocritical nation spoken of in Isaiah, the one as a lion with eagles' wings.

JDAM said...

They won't go for the neo-cons first. They'll be saved as scapegoats until the last possible minute.

Most of the people I know who are conservative but not neo-cons loathe Putin, and so the rest of Russia gets a bad rap for it. Those who hate Russia simply because it's Russia are baby boomers who are already mentally decrepit and are really irrelevant in the scheme of things already. It's the young Americans who would be drafted into a war with you that count, and the majority of them are Liberals. So, to be honest, you don't have many people to even bother with in the first place. You're really not even dealing with "America" anymore.

Anonymous said...

In mystery babylon, both conservative and liberal labels translate into evil. yes, in america, we get to choose between evil libs and evil conservatives.Oh, I almost forgot, in the middle, for a change of pace, we can vote for evil moderates.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Putin will support Texas independence? Maybe a chance to kick the USA in the balls while its down. As a Texan I would LOVE to see Putin or the Chinese piss all over Washington.

Anonymous said...

The conserveatards are not bright enough to see the second bolshevik revolution underway or they are part of it.

Anonymous said...

Russia should have acted within frist two weeks after refredrum-the russian stupidity knws no bound. now russians are not even vetoing the new american mabsassador to mowscow. ! what a stupid loser nation russia is.

John said...

Great article. I have long suspected that Russia has become the "free world." God bless you, and know that not all Americans are so stupid as to hate Russia mindlessly. I have much respect for Putin, although I don't know anything about his character.