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Malaysian Airlines: Ukraine's Tonkin Bay Incident

Malaysian Airlines: Ukraine's Tonkin Bay Incident

For those of my readers who do not know, the Tonkin Bay Incident was the official event that started the US intervention in Vietnam. It took place in Tonkin Bay, when a North Vietnamese  gunboat opened fire on a US destroyer. Of course the only problem with this was that it was all a false flag, totally made up story.

Ukraine's story, while made up, definitely has victims, in this case an additional 295 dead on the doomed Malaysian aircraft, to add to the tally of several thousand dead from shelling, gun fire and genocide, throughout the eastern Ukraine.

While scenes like these have become an every day affair in the embattled Novorussian republic, the mass murder of an airliner is a new occurrence.

Even as the details of a shoot down were just forming, the Ukrainian government was instantly on the scene to point fingers at the rebels and scream for aid. These jackals and hyenas were instantly followed up by their puppet masters throughout the West. Australia's prime minister went so far as to directly accuse President Putin of involvement in this.

Of course there are a few holes in these stories from the West, holes big enough to drive cruise liners through.

First of all, the army of Novorussia does not have any strategic air defense, and that is exactly what it would take to reach up 10km and knock out an airliner. If they did, there would be no Ukinazi bombers and fighter-bombers wrecking Hell on the civilians. The skies would be clear. Those few jets and other planes that have come down have come down either from small arms, manpad systems which are short range, or autocannons. 

Further to this, a week ago, in a statement to the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament) the Prosecutor General Vitaley Yarema stated flat out that there were no anti-air strategic missiles in the hands of the rebels. This was reported in the BBC. But that was a week ago and in that time frame, the UkiNazi army has gone from a sorry state to a catastrophy. The Ukrainian army is in route. They have been pushed back on all fronts, many units have been encircled. The 72nd air borne brigade, of 2,000 airborne has been decimated. It was surrounding while fighting the Novorussian army on the borders with Russia. Its officers are dead or run off and its men, those still alive, are dropping their weapons and surrendering to the Russian border guards. Of course this is after they made a deseperate plea on Ukrainian television and radio to send aid. No aid came.

Other detachments have broken through but a very high cost and have left much of their equipment behind. Tanks, RPGs, ATOs and so on. At the rate things are going, the Novorussian army will be marching and freeing Kharkov within 2-3 weeks and then on to the rest of Novorussia and Kiev.

Washington is desperate. Putin's PR campaign in Latin America has been a success, Russian spy bases are back in Cuba, the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and even the Israelies are supporting him. Sanctions, even the additional ones, are doing nothing to the Russian economy but they are hurting the US economy which is already in recession. The Europeans meanwhile are growing vocally sick of the US and its spying and sanctions and prying the EU into a disastrous war with Russia. Well, that is everyone but the lapdogs Cameron and Merkel and the whores of Europe: Poland and the Balkans.

What to do, what to do? Putin refuses to start a war in Ukraine, no matter what the US tries and how many people its stooges and its hired guns kill. Well, there is always the airline shoot down move.

Ask yourselves, who has the most to gain from this? Why the Ukinazis and the US their sponsor of course.

Wasting no time, Zoran Skirok, first counsel to the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior, called upon the US to stage a no-fly zone in eastern Ukraine (as if except for UkiNazi planes anything else is flying) and for NATO to come in and begin combat operations against the Novorussian army. Then there was that warmongering vampire McCain who instantly made threats that could easily be amounted to a threat of general war :

 "Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday that there would be "hell to pay" if pro-Russian separatists downed a Malaysian passenger jet as it flew over Ukraine. "If it is the result of either separatist or Russian actions mistakenly believing that this was a Ukrainian war plane, I think there's going to be hell to pay,""
Then there was the instant back up from the Pentagon to get the American vampires in a feeding frenzy:

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Friday it is unlikely that pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine could obtain or operate the sophisticated missile system allegedly used to shoot down the Malaysia Airlines plane without Russian help.
"It strains credulity to think that they could do this without some measure of Russian support and assistance," Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said Friday. "It is a sophisticated system."
The Pentagon says there is strong evidence the missile, a SA-11, was fired by Russian-backed separatists since the missile was fired from an area controlled by rebels.
Kirby said there was no specific intelligence suggesting Russia provided separatists with the SA-11, but he said Russia continues to support separatists with arms, financing and training. The Pentagon said Russia has been supplying rebels with tanks and armored vehicles.
The US media was instantly up to the task, in backing the war crazies in DC and London.

Despite his immediate comments, there’s no question that the downing of the Malaysian plane “will intensify pressure on President Obama to send military help,” observes Jim Warren in The Daily News. Russia expert Damon Wilson, who worked for both the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, says that no matter what else we learn, it’s time to beef up “sanctions that bite, along with military assistance, including lethal military assistance to Ukraine.” “Whoever did it should pay full price,” Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the head of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee, says. “If it’s by a country, whether directly or indirectly, it could be considered an act of war.”
Or this:

Russia’s comments on Ukraine are “pure fantasy,” include “ludicrous” claims, and show “either ignorance or dishonesty.” Moscow is also engaging in “misrepresentations of the facts” and “baseless attacks.”
Those aren’t the comments of a fiery activist organization, angry Ukrainian leader or speechifying U.S. senator. They’re part of a four-page statement emailed Wednesday by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

This from the Daily Mail, a UK paper, came this report, opening with this propaganda quote from the UkraNazi government:

'This baby's death is on your conscience, Putin - damn you for centuries': Ukrainian government releases horrific picture of infant lying in a field that it says was killed when rebels shot down MH17
And in a dramatic ramping up of the rhetoric, the US ambassador to the United Nations even said that Russian troops may have fired the deadly Buk SA-11 missile. Samantha Power said: ‘Because of the technical complexity of the SA-11 it is unlikely that the separatists could effectively operate the system without assistance from knowledgeable personnel. We cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating this system.’ 
Mr Cameron was expected to use a phone call with Mr Putin last night or early today to warn the Russian president he risks being made an international pariah over Thursday’s crash. 
Britain’s ambassador to the UN blamed Russia, saying Mr Putin’s decision to encourage and arm the separatists had sown the seeds of the disaster.
Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Russian citizens were leading the uprising and accused Moscow of supplying weaponry including tanks, missile launchers and artillery.
Moscow categorically denied any connection to the attack. Ukraine’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, called for Russia to be held to account, saying: ‘We ask all respective governments to support  the Ukrainian government to  bring to justice all these  bastards who committed this international crime.’
The Daily Beast

It’s Finally Time for the West to Stand Up to Putin
The world is in shock at the Malaysia Airlines shoot-down, but it shouldn’t be. Moscow is at the root of the problem and it’s long past time that we confront the regime.
For months, Russia had been meddling in the affairs of its neighbor Ukraine without having to pay a serious cost. Thursday’s downing of a passenger airplane in eastern Ukraine is a result of Western fecklessness in the face of Russian aggression. This tragedy—the murder of scores of European citizens on European soil—has internationalized the conflict in a way that should fundamentally alter the civilized world’s relationship with the regime in Moscow.

It is long past time that the United States and its NATO allies supply the Ukrainian military with the lethal aid it has long requested, so that it can at least defend itself and its airspace from Russia. NATO should deploy more troops to Poland and the Baltic states, which are understandably nervous about Russian designs on their territory and quietly doubt the Alliance’s Article 5 commitment stipulating that an attack on one is an attack on all. Sectoral sanctions that could cripple the Russian economy are also long overdue. And, if Russian involvement in this attack is conclusively demonstrated, Russia should be added to the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Many American and British commentators were also quick to chime in, on cue like sheep and chimps. Just some of the comments:

Emily, Los Angeles, 2 hours ago
Too bad Putin has no soul and the death of an innocent baby or any of the other 300 civilians won't cause him to lose sleep.
Opine, Ramsgate - England, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
What part did Snowden and Assunage treachery play in this?
harryposter, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
Tell that to comrade Putin and watch into his eyes, closely... I am 100% sure you will die before any tear comes out of these. So sad indeed...
dazed and confused, canada, 3 hours ago
Because as long as evil exists there will be war. Appeasment never works and that is why we have this disaster. The world was taken in by Putin and he thought he could do as he wanted . Well this is the result. If you are kind and pleasant to these peopel they think you soft and gulible. A harder line needed to be take with him along time ago but there were too many singing Kumbya.
steveh2731, MALVERN, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Unfortunately, like many dictators before him, Putin is nothing more than playground bully, pushing his luck to see what he can get away with. I think the time is fast approaching when NATO should call his bluff and begin to move a multinational force into Ukraine to face his troops on the Russian border. My feeling is that when confronted with the prospect of the annihilation of his country should the conflict escalate, he will do what all bullies do and back down. The alternative of doing nothing will give him the Carte Blanche right to trample over most of eastern Europe. However distasteful it may seem. he has to be stopped.
JH, London, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
It must be particularly distressing for the families to see footage of the people that shot them down combing through the wreckage (no doubt with the intention of doctoring evidence before the UN team arrives). The international community must ensure that the truth of what happened here is found out. The fact that the black box recorders have already been rushed to Moscow suggests that this will be difficult.
 We players in a game, Leeds and Europe, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago
I am no surprised. It can happen anywhere. Europeans don't have the bottle to stand up to tyrannts. Putin is not scared. ..
stemmo29, Melbourne, Australia, 10 hours ago
Nabokov, political radicals and militants in your country have never had any regard for innocent life. From Peter the Great to Lenin, Stalin and now Putin. Send them the pictures by all means but the only regret they will have is that the plane wasn't Ukrainian.
DamnYankees, Blaze, Niger, 12 hours ago
The world is messed up. Just look at some of these comments. I think Moscow needs a few missiles dropped on the Kremlin
Dessert Lady, London, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
Putin wanted to start a war with the rest of the world -- let's give it to him!!!
Ian_3mith, Manchester, United Kingdom, 14 hours ago
i can see a World War 3 coming: Russia vs USA,Britain, Ukraine, Australia. So they got 2 big attackers each side, Russia is going to get roasted! Soon it with be a dusty and ghost country.

Of course we only have the US word that their "intelligence" knows that that missile came from Novorussia controlled grounds and not say from one of the forward deployed strategic air defense systems of the UkiNazis.

“According to the Russian Defense Ministry information, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine located in the crash-site are equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems of "Buk-M1” ... These complexes in their tactical and technical characteristics are capable of detecting air targets at ranges of up to 160 kilometers and hit them at full altitude range at a distance of over 30 kilometers,” the ministry’s statement reads as cited by Ria.
Then there is the story from the air traffic controller who was guiding the plane. The man is a Spanish national and was working in Ukraine. And further twittered comments on the fact that Kiev shot down the plane. That twitter account is now offline. 

The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev, that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down. Military air traffic controllers in internal communication acknowledged the military was involved, and some military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from. Obviously it happened after a series of errors, since the very same plane was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.

So was this even a ground to air missile or an air-to-air missile that took out the plane? Then there is the fact that the Ukrainian youtube video purporting to show the "truth" was created prior to the shoot down and loaded up within a few hours after. Watch this explanation before it gets pulled. And never mind why unlike other planes, Malaysia's flight was diverted directly over restricted air space.:

Then there is the US itself, who has a two hundred year history of using false flags and wag the dogs to start wars and here are just a few to mention:
- War 1812
- Various Indian wars 
- Mexican-American War
- American Civil War (Fort Sumter)
- Spanish-American War
- US entry into WW1 (Lusitania)
- Various invasions of Latin American nations
- Vietnam
- Cambodia
- Laos
- Iraq 1 and 2
- Somalia
- Yugoslavia

And now Russia? Of course, with the exception of the War of 1812, in which the British thoroughly trashed the US and even burned down DC, and the US Civil War which was a close call, none of the above wars included the US fighting an equal or even nearly equal foe. By the time the US came into WW1, the Germans were a spent force, rather much like in WW2.

This however is different and this is on Russia's doorstep. Nukes will not be used, but body bag planes will become an hourly occurrence. Obama and the US ruling vampires are once again marching their own slaves off to war, slaves to busy watching American Idol and not caring that soon their kids will be dieing in drove.

Time is just about up.


racketmensch said...

All those fierce commenters, keyboard warriors. I guarantee that none has ever fought anything but the urge for another doughnut.

Interested to see what surprises the black box contains. and watch McCain whistle Dixie when the evidence doesn't go his way.

god, I curse them all! (wink)

Anonymous said...

No one is buying the officail line. The fact of the matter is that the west is desperate in its attempt to regain its investments which are slowly being washed down the tiolet of insanity. Who are these investors, financiers? The three party, defense contractors, oil industry and banksters. All stand to make a fortune if war breaks out and if they can secure the assets of the Ukraine. Ask yourself, "What is in it for the ordinary people there and here?" Absolutely Nothing! Only the Ukrainian government could have diverted that flight to fly over the combat region. Why did it?

Unknown said...

The shoot down has taken the exploding pedophile scandal in the UK off the front pages. As well the Israeli Gaza ground offensive kicked off simultaneously.

What rotten luck for Malaysian Air, of the 13 total Boeing 777's, two have been involved in mysterious events in just the last 4 months. What are the odds?

Anonymous said...

Here is what I see:

Regardless of WHO did it, it is a trap, designed to get Russia involved in a war.

Because if it were the seperatists, that will piss off the Ukranians who will then call for aid from HATO. That will force Russia in to protect its gas supplies.

If it were the Ukranians, and I am more inclined to believe it was them, it is the standard false flag that has been repeated by the ZAPADNIKS many times. Only this time it is going to bite back hard for them.

A news site known as Zero Hedge has been covering this quite nicely. You wouldn't believe some of the editorials...

Anonymous said...

We do thank the Lord for Mr. Putin's safety! He is doing a remarkable job facing down the NWO, IMF, World Bank and City of London - without firing a shot. If you haven't read this article it really exposes how low humanity can really be.

Anonymous said...

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