Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Russia is the Old Europe

Russia is the Old Europe

That Europe of yester century, built on goodly values, ruled by the law of God and Church, that Europe of Yesteryear, long lost in prose of another age, another century. Yes, that Europe of the writings of "old dead white guys" as the Yanks like to put it.

That Europe that was built on civil relations, on notions of honour and morality, on fairness, on old strong self reliance, on love of motherland and hearth, on family and kin, on placing God above all else.

That Europe that old Europe that dies in the endless onslaught and subversion of the American Masionic conspiracy that spawned a doppelgänger, the West, which devoured the host and became a clone of its Masionic master across the great drink of the Atlantic.

We are that old Europe, that which is was and will be the beat of White Christiandom, we are that Europe, we Russians.

We were the dirt European victims of those American cultural body snatchers and their absolute support and financing of the Soviets. But by the grace of God we survived. And in doing so, we were protected from the next wave of refined American cultural infection that killed Old Europe and birthed the misbegotten West.

While we may not yet fully have reached that level of Old Europe from whence we came, we are actively surging that way. We are fighting to get there.

Is there but any wander that the West has its nickers up in a waddle about this? Of course not.

We are their opposite. We are the light in the darkness of moraless, Godless, politically correct oppression that fosters a false and alien culture upon Europe.

We are the political, cultural and most importantly, religious and spiritual anthesis of the West.

We are Old Europe.

What are you?


Caryl said...

Hello Stanislav... In answer to your question: we are the dwellers in the catacombs.

whiteson said...

Mr Mishin, you are so right, there is no doubt whatsoever. The West is falling apart. It's Russia who upholds the values that matter to mankind. With that I mean the believe values in the One and Only God. The West has forsaken him many years ago. The other day I read that some of the Americans say that Russia had communism. But the Russians themselves decided to abandon. They are on fast track to where Russia was a few years ago. Let them see for themselves that that way is the way to abandon your closest values. At this point in time it seems that they will not heed that lesson. Again, for us, Christians, it's comforting to learn that your country is standing by it's values.

Anonymous said...

If only the fading west would heed the advice from the Statesman:

Anonymous said...

I am afraid the West is becoming Mystery Babylon according to the words of the Apostle John and Daniel the prophet.

Babylon in our days is described and symbolized as a LION with EAGLES' WINGS.

Which nations have the symbols of a LION or an EAGLE???