Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ukraine Malaysian Tragedy Update

Ukraine Malaysian Tragedy Update

A small batch of updates that I am sure are absolutely not reported in the West.

1. Inspectors: A small batch of Inspectors have been held up by Kiev, in Kiev for several days. This has been duly blamed on Russia...logic need not apply.

2. Those inspectors who made it to the sites (remember this is a 10 sq km site of wreckage) did not get any Ukrainian military escort through the Ukrainian lines and when they joined the Novorussian army, they were strafed by UkraNazi planes. Thankfully no one was hurt. However, the inspectors were not able to stay long as the UkraNazis started shelling the area.

3. The Inspectors returned to Donetsk where they were given, in front of journalists, the (orange) Black Boxes. They stated for the media that the boxes had not been tempered with. So, if the US or the West had any honour, and they do not, they could not say that Moscow tampered with the recordings. And now the US and its vassals and thugs will not be able to get their paws on these boxes to doctor the tapes. These are now in the hands of the Malaysians and the international committee.

Interesting side note: while being handed the boxes, the area that they were in came under a blithering attack by UkraNazi tanks, several of which were destroyed.

4. Russia's Ministry of Defense put on the table satellite images and radar recordings. Satellite images show that UkraNazis had two batteries of Buk systems in the zone in a position to shoot down the plane. Both are now gone. Before and after photos and yes the insignias of the soldiers are visible.

The more damning is radar recordings showing a plane coming up from inside Ukraine on a fast intercept course to the airliner, two minutes before its crash. The jet (SU-25 which has air-air missiles) continues to make passes in the area as the airliner is crashing, for about 1-2 minutes longer and then flies back off into central Ukraine.

Where is Washington's "proof"? Outside of doctored and discredited social media (that's proof?) Washington has shown nothing and will show nothing, as everything that is solid that they can show will show them to be the liers that they are.  The question now only remains: did the Ukranazis shoot down the liner on their own or under Washington's orders?

5. The first 200 bodies have been gathered, put in refrigerator wagons on a train and shipped out to Kharkov. Kharkov remains occupied by the UkraNazis. From there transporters from Holland arrived to pickup the bodies.

6. The site was never looted, as the US and UkraNazis were so thrilled to accuse. Again, its is 10 sq km, the Novoroussian army gathered everything up in one location and handed it over to the Inspectors and Holland. This is not looting, this is responsible behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Good analysis by Scott Locklin and relevant comments here.

Anonymous said...

quote "And now the US and its vassals and thugs will not be able to get their paws on these boxes to doctor the tapes. These are now in the hands of the Malaysians and the international committee."

you are so wrong.
the msot vile english pirates have got their dirty hands on that blackbox. how stupid of russians to have given that to their most vile enemy the english race.

Anonymous said...

Having read your "analysis" and comments, the only thing that I can say is that you are a complete IDIOT and dumbass! And anyone who believes anything that you have written is even stupider than you are.

whiteson said...

Slowly but surely the truth is surfacing Mr Mishin. These facts you reported here, was never in the media. Not even the conservative ones. Just remember, the West is totally Godless at this time. They denounced God and our Saviour Jesus. Russia on the other hand is looking up to God, and therefore God love the truth. He will set this story straight for you and your country. Just keep faith and the rest will follow. Remember sir, there are millions who can see what the West is trying to do. But believe it, they will fail. In fact it is already beginning to happen.

Stanislav said...

@Anonymous July 24 4:48

So refreshing to hear such a thought provoking and thought through contribution from a troll. Tell me something, you get paid a lot for trolling my blog on a constant basis and writing vile crap that I censor from the page?

Or is it that you just hate your lack of masculinity?

Anonymous said...

Have faith the word is getting out. Michael Savage is a talk show host over here in US , who is saying exactly this. His ratings have overtaken Rush Limbaugh in major cities. The callers are questioning the satanic shills on the various call in shows. Many people wish we had a leader like Putin.

Anonymous said...

Just don't see how the truth (whatever it is) can stay hidden on this one.

The world needs the Ukraine mess like it needs a smallpox epidemic......

Publius said...

Do you think Putin has a strategy? I fear, that as Paul Craig Roberts says, that he has made a grave mistake. He should have simply taken the Russian-majority cities and areas of Eastern Ukraine months ago. It would have been all over by now, and the Europeans would have blustered, but gone about business.
He has, unfortunately, let the USA slowly ratchet up the tension and pressure.
What is the end-game?

Anonymous said...

Russia publicly joins war on Tor privacy with $111,000 bounty
Interior Ministry wants way to crack down on anonymous
bloggers, other criminals.
by Sean Gallagher - July 25 2014, 10:51am CDT

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) has offered a 3.9 million ruble (approximately
$111,000) contract for technology that can identify the users of Tor, the encrypted anonymizing
network used by Internet users seeking to hide their activities from monitoring by law enforcement,
government censors, and others.
In a notice on the Russian government’s procurement portal under the title “Perform research, code
‘TOR’ (Navy),” originally posted on July 11, the MVD announced it was seeking proposals for
researchers to ”study the possibility of obtaining technical information about users and users equipment
on the Tor anonymous network.” The competition, which is open only to Russian citizens and
companies, requires entrants to pay a 195,000 ruble (approximately $5,555) application fee. Proposals
are due by August 13, and a winner of the contract will be chosen by August 20.
The MVD had previously sought to ban the use of any anonymizing software. That proposal was
dropped last year. However, a new “blogger law” passed in April, which goes into effect in August,
requires all bloggers with an audience of over 3,000 readers to register their identity with the
government—and enforcement of the law could be made difficult if bloggers use the Tor network to
retain their anonymity.

Your captcha is horrible

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:28 they can save a lot of money and just offer free stuff to download to reveal the real IP of the users.

The west is eager for war with Russia and hoped this latest false flag would gin up war fever in Amerika. The fading laughing stock west can't even get their lame false flags right any more.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Raptor Skytreader said...

You speak the truth. The Russians need this type of incident like a hole in the head, there's no purpose for them to bring down an aircraft killing so many innocent people. I will continue to pray to our Lord Jesus for Mr Putin & all God fearing Russians that He brings out the truth on this terrible tragedy to the world. Thank you for your site. We need to hear the truth, not the deception of the media of satan. Keeping all Christians worldwide in my thoughts & prayers.

Anonymous said...

Boudewijn Houben said...

Fuck you. You've killed 200 innocent civilians from my country and now you stupid fucks will pay the price. We are going to squeeze you to death economically. I know you're hoping for a BRIC alliance that will save you but that is not going to happen. You seem to think it's 1954.The truth is it's 2014 and russia doesn't matter anymore. Fuck you and fuck Putin. You want war?! Bring it on! I fucking HATE you.

Stanislav said...


The ignorance is strong in you. You have got to be one of the stupidest pricks who ever came here.
At the 6 minute mark, the OSCE observer, himself a Canadian Ukrainian says it all: pock marks like a larger machinegun bullet in the fuselage. Nothing that looks like a missile hit.

First, the evidence is mounting daily that it was Ukraine who shot your people out of the sky.

Second, oh dear, yes it was a tragedy you lost 200 people...we have lost 2-5.000 dead and 300.000 refugees because stupid pricks like you, back corrupt officials like your government who feeds nazi bastards like those in Kiev MURDERING OUR PEOPLE...oh but you must think your hide is so much more important than the lives of those you pay to murder.

War you'll have because you idiot leaders want it...and it will be pricks like you who will die first.

You couldn't handle the Germans and we ate the think you can handle us? The ignorance in you is very strong. Are you at least old enough for the draft?