Saturday, May 8, 2010

Victory Day May 9th, Forever in Our Memory

Xristos Voskress

To all our veterans, my deepest thank you. Without you, we would not be here, or if we were, we would be slaves to a Nazi Reich that promised out people nothing but terror and suffering.

To the eight million men and women who gave their lives, to the twenty million who risked theirs and survived, our eternal thanks, not just as a single person but as a people. Regardless of what the West wants to portray our heroic forefathers as, there are many people quite happy to thank us. From Jews in Israel, to Greeks, from Poles to Slovaks and Czechs. The Red Army bled to first stop the Nazis and then free our enteral Orthodox Motherland, and then to throw out the plague from the rest of land. Eight out of ten Nazi soldiers fell under the arms of the Red Army. Of the German allies, all of the Fins, the Romanians, Bulgars, Hungarians, Slovaks who died, died under our arms. Fascist Italy lost half her army against us. What would have been of the Western Allied invasions of Italy if those divisions had been in Italy in 1943, instead of rotting on the fields of Stalingrad? Even the lone Spanish division to fight in that war, the Blue Division, was destroyed in Russia.

Equally, we were a direct contributor to the defeat of the Japanese, something that will, no doubt come as a shock to the American readers of this. We defeated the Samurai in 1939, destroying a Japanese army on the edges of Mongolia and then defeated another in 1945, in Manchuria. Over all, almost a million Japanese died or were taken prisoner at our hands, well almost a fourth of their army. It is fair to say, more Japanese soldiers died or surrendered at the hands of our forefathers then from all the landings the Americans conducted on all the little islands.

As for Russia, no land paid a higher cost in human life and yet no land is more maligned by the present revisionists and neo-Nazis sheltering in the skirts of the EU and US. From the Baltics to Hungary, Neo-Nazi parties are on the rise. Equally, in our own midst, the Nazis of Other Russia's main participant: The National Bolshevik Workers' Party and the Ukrainian Una-Unso are both on the direct payroll of America's Congress. Hay Yanks, why not save your money and protect your own borders?

As for remembrance, the nation is in full swing. Delegations from Ukraine, Belarus, Israel and Poland are coming in, as well as other former Soviet Republics and Mongolia, who also bravely fought with us against the Nazis. Everywhere, where those veterans still alive, walk, the young thank them, the adults thank them. Without them, there would not be a Russia today. Placards are everywhere, specials on television, more so this year then others, as it is the 65th anniversary, but any year is an important year to remember. The children are taken to war museums to learn patriotism and the sacrifices made by this truly great generation.

On the 9th, in great parades, will march the grandsons of these heroes, to commemorate their great accomplishment and the life and freedom we owe them and to swear before Holy God, that should our call come, we will do no less our selves, be we 18 or 38 or 58.

And so dear readers, I ask you, in your countries, do they even remember these veterans?


Looney said...

I grew up being fed the American populist histories of WW2, but then read the more detailed ones and learned that we were mostly a side show while Russia paid the price. A few of us Westerners will join you in remembering and being thankful for what Russia did.

David B. Carvalho said...

The Russian victory and effort in WWII is still mistaken by communists worldwide as Stalin's victory and merit. I tell them it's a victory by the Russian people IN SPITE of Stalin, the mass-murderer that killed Russians just as effectively as the Germans.

By "Fins" you wouldn't be referring to the shameful Winter War against Finland in 39, would you? If there is an example of courage and strength of a people in defending their homeland, even being outnumbered and outgunned, that would be Finland against Russian invasion.

vonbach said...

Oh rapture its "victory" day. Ask everyone in Eastern
Europe how much they feel like celebrating getting
"liberated" by the red army. The germans call the tomb of the unknown Russian soldier the tomb of the unknown rapist.

Stanislav said...


Yes, lets ask the Serbs who had 10% of their population "reduced" by burning villages. Or the Greeks who lost even more to the Nazies and their allies.

How about the Poles who had 6 million dead under the Nazis? Or maybe the Slovaks, who once they rebelled against the puppet government were getting butchered? Or the Bulgarians, once they rebelled too? How about the million Italians who were massacred by the Nazis and the remains of Mussoline's people after Italy switched sides? Or the jews and gypsies in the concentration camps? Oh, that's right, your precious Nazis were saints, just disregard the corpses they left everywhere, pilled to the skies...those they didn't have time to burn first.

That's why the Czechs in Prague were hanging germans from lightpoles and setting them on fire, after the Red Army liberated them.

hamilton x said...

I have no problem with trying to put an Orthodox spin on Russia's victory but Stalin was a barbaric atheist who resumed a savage repression of the Church soon after he used the Russian Church to help defeat Hitler..Stalin was an enemy of Russia and that's the message you should also emphasize,Mr. Mishin. I also am not sure what you are referring to in the so-called rise of "neo-nazism" in Europe. The nationalist parties in Hungary(Jobbik),Slovakia(Slovak National Party,Smer) and even Poland are not reflexively anti-Russian and pro-American and pro-EU. They are hated and feared in Brussels and Washington and a wise Russia will exploit not condemn this rising populism.

vonbach said...

Lets call "victory day" for what it is its we conquered
half or Europe day. For everyone but brainwashed Russians its a time of mourning. When the red beast swept over Europe and killed more people than the
nazi's ever dreamed of. The fact is most Eastern Europeans think of the Nazi's as liberators. The truth is the Nazi's were fighting to save Europe from Communism. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Stalin was going to try invading. The communists had already tried it once. As for atrocities? The Red army left pregnant nuns in its wake not the nazi's. The original meeting site where the US and Red army soldiers met in that famous handshake couldn't be used. There were too many bodies of women and children that had just been machine gunned. My ancestors come from Prussia where at least 8 million German civilians were murdered 2 million raped and 12 million plus were displaced. A lot of other Eastern European countries had similar experiences with Red army "liberation."
You'll forgive us if we don't feel like celebrating.
If you want to celebrate communism's victories
you need to take responsibility for its crimes.

Stanislav said...


---The fact is most Eastern Europeans think of the Nazi's as liberators.---

You are a delusional revanchist, don't cry to hard your Third Reich has been dead for 65 years. If need be, we will be happy to do it again.

---There were too many bodies of women and children that had just been machine gunned. My ancestors come from Prussia where at least 8 million German civilians were murdered 2 million raped and 12 million plus were displaced.---

Wow really? Funny, official GERMAN Records show 8 million German civilians died, 6 million of them from US/UK fire bombing and artillery barrages. But hay, do not want to stop you on your shill fest for the SS.

As for bodies and machine gunning, you mean like the 20 million civilians we had murdered, from 1941 to 1944? How about the 6 million Poles your grand daddy ground to dust? Or the Serbs, Greeks, Italians, French, Belgians, Jews, Carpatho-Russians, Slovaks and Czechs your boys were oh so busy massacering...oh that's right, that was you "liberaring" Europe with concentration camps and village burnings.

The victory was not communism's, the victory was us untermensch kicking your ubermensch teeth in, after you tried oh so very hard to exterminate us.

vonbach said...

The current zionist puppet German government deliberately plays down the true numbers in that war you know. More German civilians actually died AFTER the war than during it. By the way if you had been "liberating"countries why didn't you leave? And please give it a rest with the 20 million civilians killed by the Germans routine. Especially with the proven habit of blaming Soviet crimes on Germans as in the Katyn massacre.
Or just rounding up the families of anyone that surrendered or defected to free their country and killing them. A favorite trick of the NKVD was to dress up like the SS then go in massacre a village then blame it on the Germans. Sorry listening to
Russians taking the moral high ground is just a little hard to take. Especially with your actions before during and after the war.

Stanislav said...


Our actions? Sorry, it was not our leaders, no matter how barbaric Stalin was, who were out to exterminate us for Liebensrumen...that was your people's leader who was busy bragging all about that in Mein Kampf. It was also your people who have always had the Drag Noch Ost.

Yes, the NKVD did it...gads you sound like the Islamics, blaming their pyschopaths on anyone but themselves. The Nazis wiped out whole villages and took photos doing it. But then again, I've noticed that Hitler's apologists are thick in the West. Thousands of Germans testifying to the mass murders is also all made up...right? I'm sure it was a Jew sitting on their back, beating them upside their heads to make them say those words. Well, the Nurenburg trials sure didn't seem to think so.

Any time you wish to build another Reich on our land, welcome to come and try, we'll be having two victory parades per year then.

vonbach said...

In Germany you have laws that will put you in jail if don't tow the party line. By the way you might want to look into methods used to extract "confessions." The East Germans that were soviet slaves know the truth.
The conquest of Europe was what the Germans were trying to prevent.

jack said...


Because they wanted to shut down the corridor used by the allied countries to attack the USSR.

Towards the end of the war British and US military intelligence started recruiting German foreign fascist units to launch attacks against the USSR in Eastern Europe training them in Germany and Britain as part of the stay behind units.

And given the context of the Cold War I would give any info an air of caution given that most info came through MI6/CIA’s Information Research Department which was then filtered to western mass media.

Stanislav said...


Yes, just tell that to my Polish great aunt, whose conquest the Nazis prevented by sending her to a death camp when she was 13. Or my great uncle, who was a wounded cadet, hiding in a village, until he was found and promptly executed....sure, I've heard your line before, from the Poles, who said they were bringing civilization to Ukraine, for over 400 years: with the sword and the torch.

Dejo said...

It's a real tragedy that either the Third Reich or the Soviet Union managed to carve out pieces from Europe, including the initial countries they started in. Both governments were built on the basis of slavey and terror. No sensible person would deny that. Both governments should have been wiped from the face of the planet as soon as they rose. No sensible person would be thankful to live under either Nazi or Soviet occupation. The individuals that fought are irrelevant, if you consider what soon followed them. Regardless of what they personally fought for, in the end all they did was defend an evil regime.

Stanislav said...


Two things to consider:

1. Both regimes came up on the direct monies of the Anglosphere (US/UK).

2. While Stalin was evil, he did not commit mass murder in 30 years to what Hitler did in 9 and he never wiped out whole nationalities or divide humanity into unter and uber mensch.

vonbach said...

Stalin killed 40 million people. Lets also not forget
the policy of "Sovietization" this was essentially the
deliberate destruction of any conquered countries
religion and culture. The entire politically correct tyranny we live under was brought to the west from
the soviet union.

Dejo said...

They were both damaging in their own way. As a Russian, albeit one descended from Jews, I'd have thought that you'd be more against Stalin. His reign lasted longer and had a more devastating effect on Russian society. If it wasn't for him the Soviet Union probably could have staved the initial incursion and definitely stopped them before the Axis came as far as Moscow.
I personally don't celebrate the end of WW2 because there's nothing to celebrate about that horrible war. Indeed, all wars. All that ended up coming from that war was socialism. In the west it was democratic socialism and in the east it was outright socialism. How can any reasonable person celebrate that? Especially Russians. "We have survived the fascist knife, now we can continue living under the socialist whip."

Filip said...

@ vonbach
All your pathos about refugees and raped nuns doesn't take away from this

The Wermacht and the SS were some of history's most formidable fighting men. And the Red Army beat them. Double pincered them at Stalingrad after tenaciously hanging on to a 100 meters wide strip of land.
Ground them to dust at Kursk, the biggest tank clash in history with thousands of tanks, planes and field guns all fighting at the same time.
Fired trainloads of shells a salvo at Berlin while Hitler and his cronies cowered in the bunker.

Fought for every inch of the reichstag and finally raised the flag over it.

No amount of pathetic liberal moralizing about how badly the russians behaved will take away from this victory. The Germans initiated the most titanic armed struggle in history, and the Russians triumphed over them. And for that they can be forever proud. The veterans can be proud of what they did, their great grand children can be proud of what their ancestors did. If you don't understand that, then at least have the courtesy to refrain from comenting and let us celebrate our victory

Gavrick said...

At the risk of not helping things any, I am going to throw in my two cents, anyway.

I am an American, living in Germany, quite fluent in the language, and love the country and its indigenous people, from the thrifty Schwabbie to the Conservative Bayern.

I am the adorerer of my beautiful Russian/Ukrainian wife, though not so fluent in Russian, as yet. I love Slavic people, including the Poles with whom I made friends while living in Poland.

I think it makes no sense to dwell on what happened in the past, though the heroic struggles and sacrifices of our European peoples are to be commemorated with reverence and respect.

For the causes of the second world war, I would strongly recommend Pat Buchanan's excellent book, "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War." It was recently released in a German translation, and I have invested in several copies for my German friends, who seem to feel that they must suffer forever for the sins of their grandfathers.

In closing, we all should remember that there is great evil in the world today that seeks to divide and destroy not just "Western" civilisation and Christianity, both Eastern and Western, but to completely wipe out the indigenous European peoples from the face of the earth.

Vonbach and Slava, we need unity among ourselves. For if we do not hang together, we shall certainly hang separately.

If the Islamic plague continues to spread and take over Germany, I plan to take my wife and two small children, and flee (if allowed) to Mother Russia.

Many Years to all those who remain, and Mercy for those who died fighting to protect their homelands and faith. For those with other motivations, I believe the Lord God will judge them as they richly deserve.



jack said...


Where do you get that number 40 million? Zero proof of that.

In fact there is zero proof that Stalin killed millions of people.

Soviet archives reveal that under Stalins reign 780,000 were sentenced to death with an estimate 12% being innocent the rest being guilty of some crime.

If Stalin killed millions of people prior to WW2 that how was the USSR able to out produce Germany surely there would have been a shortfall in workers for the factories?

Or why did they resist at al if across the whole USSR if they were being killed outright?


Stalin disrupted a coup plot prior to WW2 and his industrialisation initiative made it possible fore manufacturing to produce weaponry for WW2.

If it wasn’t for Stalin and the national Communists there would not be a Russia or probably Russia people under the rule of genocidal anti-Russian racist Trotsky.

It was Stalin that was working against these anti-Russia extremist including Lenin issuing orders to preserve Russian historical monuments and culture and banning things initiated by the Bolsheviks like abortion, open immigration, etc.

This is what we have in western society’s Trotskyite communist culture.

Dejo said...

It was Stalin who starved millions of farmers and destroyed the USSR's agriculture for the sake of creating an unsustainable and relatively pathetic industrial base. As far as I know Stalin never outlawed abortions. Not that it matters since he sent millions of people to their deaths anyway. It's hard to be considered family-centric when you're constantly sending fathers and mothers to prison colonies.

jack said...


“It was Stalin who starved millions of farmers and destroyed the USSR's agriculture for the sake of creating an unsustainable and relatively pathetic industrial base.”

Actually only about 700,000 people actually starved to death in the Ukrainian famine (even that is a questionable figure) the rest from disease and that was down to the fact of peasants burning fields and killing livestock in protest and local commissars created there own administrative rules and given the fact they were Jewish like anti-Slav Kaganovich and had a conflict with the native Ukrainian population with pogroms and all perhaps that was the motive for any wrong doing during the period rather than a top level command.

Collectivisation was to counter food shortages and used as foreign capital which famines were common at the time due to the effects of civil war like the Povolzhye Famine

Most of Russia's industrial base and major projects like the Moscow metro were created under Stalins rule and it was this industrial base that provided Soviet hardware for the war against the Nazis.

“Not that it matters since he sent millions of people to their deaths anyway. It's hard to be considered family-centric when you're constantly sending fathers and mothers to prison colonies.”

No he did not the Soviet NKVD archive material shows the gulag prison population at 2 ½ million were the majority were guilty of some crime. Most prisoners in the GULAG camps survived. Millions were not killed according to Soviet archive material 780,000 people were killed under Stalins reign.