Sunday, August 17, 2014

And War Then It Shall Be

And War Then It Shall Be

Every 80-100 years the Europeans have a tradition: to punish Russia and in so doing to wipe out a generation or two of their own people. And so it is time again for the great century die off of Europe.
Europeans are short sighted and ignorant of history, even as they accuse, and properly Americans of being the same.

We Russians are a tolerant bunch. Sure we may not tolerate homosexualism which is the life style of choice now in the West, but we tolerate, as good Orthodox Christians, many a slight and insult. We are slow to rouse to anger and slow to raise our fists. But our blood does boil and our anger does rise.

It is said, Ivan will tolerate much but when Ivan rises to his feet, blood will flow in rivers. You Westerners are at it again and are to ignorant to understand one thing: we Russians are very very good at destroying our enemies, at slaughter that you can not imagine, unless of course you bother to speak to your grand and great grand fathers.

And society, our Russian society is awakening and the anger is rising. Putin, unlike what many will tell you, is not a dictator and as such must to a much greater rate respect Russian public opinion. For now, public opinion has been heavily against direct involvement in Ukraine and war with Europe, but that is rapidly changing.

With every additional atrocity by the US/EU nazis in Kiev and every additional hypocritical speech from weasels and leeches living in the capitals of Europe, it is becoming quite clear that either we go into another world war or the anti-Christians of the West will eat us alive. In war we have an excellent chance of winning, of destroying NATO in peace we face slow perversion, destruction and death.

You Europeans may think our army is smaller than your combined and the active army is. What you are ignorant of, however, is the extent of the militarization of regular Russian society. Not counting 3 million Cossacks who will back the regular army and the 10 million reservists, there are the military patriotic clubs. Thousands of clubs of 10-100 members, where children from age 6 are taught how to fire assault rifles, the basics of infantry combat.

Even the strikeball teams are backed by the Ministry of Defense with used heavy equipment to make their "games" much more realistic and a training occasion. Strike ball and paint ball are extremely popular. Equally popular now are fitness centers which are popping up like mushrooms after a rain and various martial arts and slavic traditional combat clubs.

Equally is the concept of the Sword of Kornilov gaining hold: we Orthodox can not have personal enemies and hatred but we are sworn to raise the sword against the enemies of God until they either quit the field or are destroyed. Society is understanding this lost concept more and more and you can hear it in the words of people.

Men, with regular day careers are preparing and understanding that we will soon be at war with our European enemies. These are not underage boys dreaming dreams of battlefield glory, but men in their 30s, 40s and 50s, many who understand they will probably not survive but who are preparing to do their duty for God and the Motherland as did our forefathers for 2,000 years.

Equally more and more understand that we are NOT Europeans, nor are we Asians. We are Russians, a race on to itself and we want nothing to do with the Satanic masses of Europe.

We are slavs and we shall never surrender or back down.We are ready for war, any time you and your  masters are ready to start it.


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whiteson said...

Thanks Mr Mishin, it seems to me that the corrupt West and USA are trying their best to realize a war. All their talk and actions are only in that direction. Not one of them are trying to stem or halt these talks, indeed, some are flaming that talks. Why can't they see what we see? Why is it that they want that war at all costs? Lying about everything they say. No truths in what they say, nothing. And if you hear what your President Putin says, it is more than clear he is trying to avoid just that. But be assured, you and your Government and your ordinary citizens have God on your side, that's a fact. The Western warmongers banned God from everyday life, that in itself is their biggest mistake. And God will hold them accountable for their defiance of His trust and Name. There are many in South Africa praying for you and your country. Yes we are proud of you Russins.

Anonymous said...

I think you apartheid-loving racist South Africans are a perfect match for these racist Russian conservatives. Go to Russia and bring their women back to SA, you may be racist pigs but you are probably still better than Russian guys. And 'own' is spelled 'own', not 'won'. Learn to spell, retard.

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 0759.

It is always good to see an american/brit with such a thought out argument. I bet you thought long and hard on that.

True spell missed one...but I am sure your Russian is much better in comparison...right? Right? Now go back to watching Fox news and beating your small breasts behind your keyboard.

Secondly, twit, I am not a racist, a cultural chauvinist, yes, racist hardly. Not that you know one thing about us Russian conservatives.

As for the Boars, it would be an honour to have them move to Russia. They have a bone to pick with you metrosexual mongrels as well.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 0759

First of all, hats off to President Putin for avoiding war at all costs. For those of us who have seen conflict will try and avoid it.

Calling me an "apartheid-loving racist South-African"... no libtard, I am a realist, not a racist. Can you imagine meeting a Cozak and a Boer fighting side by side on the battle field, coming for you.

And the one about the spelling mistake, I am pretty sure you are fluent in only English, and no other language. As an Afrikaner Boer I can survive in three countries without English, can you?

Anonymous said...

War is a dreadful thing even for soldiers. It rages great parts of the world today and defenceless people are slaughtered in Africa and the Middle East.
I hope it never even nears your homecountry. May Christ and His Mother keep all danger away from you.

Bryan Dorman said...

Stanislav, I am not sure if you have seen this: NO TODA UCRANIA ES MAIDÁN. Mexican commentary on the situation in Ukraine told from the eyes of a Mexican that lives in Kiev. It's in Spanish but I could translate it for you if you like. From that I got the following:
America is looking every day more and more like the Mystery Babylon described in Revelations and the daughter of Chaldea as described in Isaiah and several other Vetkhom Zaveti prorokom. Russia is looking like the instrument of God's wrath that will take down Ephraim in the same manner that Assyria did 2700 years ago to cleanse the land of idolatry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is all over Russia not being nice to penis puffer homosexuals since the marxist Kenyan queer half breed leader of Amerika loves the rump rangers.

Anonymous said...

Cupid Stunt anon @ 0759 did you really work through the captcha just to spew your laugh out loud lefty rat talking points that no one here gives a shit about?
Tell your handler to come up with some new material or reset the teleprompter because your story has grown tiresome and stale.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Mishin , Yes it is true what you are saying and I believe Russians are better prepared physically and mentally than Europeans . My question is this , how will Russia manage to cope with such a great influx of Muslims ? I stand to correction but the army is about 42% Muslim and growing fast ? The influx of Muslims from former Soviet states is overwhelming .
Also you have Chinese creep , spreading over the far east of Russia , eventually resulting in a take-over of Russian territory. Those are my concerns . Could you elaborate please?

Stanislav said...

@Michael Lawson

As far as citizens go, those of nationalities that are traditionally Muslim, make up about 10-11% of our population as a whole. Muslims as in those who identify themselves as practicing Muslims are 6% of the population.

Orthodox Christians, as in those who identify themselves as Orthodox, are 69% of the population. 1/3rd of those, or 22% of the population self identify as going to church 1 or more times per month with 5% going every week or multiple times a week.

That said, the Muslims in the military are at the 6-10% level and have always been there, so the military is overwhelmingly and quite religiously Orthodox Christian.

As for the illegals, yes, there has been an influx of about 6-8 million muslim workers from the central asian republics. That may or may not pose a threat...and unfortunately we will not know that for sure until much later.

Anonymous said...

Russia and the U.S. are still allies. Russia is also still a partner in NATO. The west is upset because the largest country in the world has just moved their tent stakes out farther. The grab for energy and influence in the Ukraine has become more complicated, That's all.
No superpowers are going to war.

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...


Not all people in the West are critical of today's Russia. I certainly am not. Russia is becoming freer while the West is putting her citizens in shackles, and towards misery. So today's Russia is not a for to the western values, at the least to the values that made the West great. The present Russia is part of the West, in my opinion, and, at the moment, her best found incantation.

My greatest fear is that a coup could take the power from Pres. Putin to a resurrection of the Soviet Union [tried in 1991, as we all know]. Not all Russians (not even over a fringe minority) are favourable to such an outcome, I know, But there seems to be a deaf war among Russia's centres of power. Am I so wrong to assume some of those running those agencies would not mind to reset the yokes of the past century on Russia again, and from Russa to the rest of the world?

In your opinion, will the neo-communists, or eurasians, or whatever they call themselves these days attain power and distort Russia?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Specifically, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is a very mainstream, hawkish group."

Not interested in religious paranoia, just "what is the truth". When a mainstream magazine publishes something like this - it raises lots of questions.

Forwarding as a courtesy.....

BTW, many real US citizens don't see Snowden as a traitor and do sense the courage it took to offer him safety. It's hard to believe that offer was rooted in cynicism.

Anonymous said...

same efllryAnonymous @ at 7:43 AM

re: Russia and the U.S. are still allies. Russia is also still a partner in NATO.

you need to do a bit more research, Russia has never been a partner of NATO, and Russia and the US have not been allies since WW2.

Unknown said...

Didn't make it up.
NATO partners