Tuesday, August 12, 2014

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life (warning VERY graphic photos)

West's Hypocritical Double Standard of the Value of Human Life

The loss of the Malaysian aeroliner was of course a tragedy. Almost 300 human beings, of various nationalities lost their lives, in an act of terror now covered up by Washington's PR machine. Washington's vassals in Kiev are entirely to valuable an asset, doing the Devil's work at a great clip.

And here we come to the trust of this. What is the value of human life? While the West will wax lovingly about the value of every life, the reality is, by the West's own actions, this is nothing but a lie. The West considers itself above other humans, even as its leaders are more than happy to sacrifice the good and occasionally the lives of their own.

Danmark considers itself extremely hit, a country of 15 million lost 200, many families were affected. That is quite true and as I said a true tragedy. But what of the Novorussian Republic? At present a nation of 5-6 million with almost 10,000 dead and up to half a million displaced to Russia? What of them? Shall we do the statistics on how many families have lost at least one loved one? How many have crippled and injured family members?

The West, particularly the vampires of America's establishment, gave their Hell Spawn a carta blank to exterminate as they would will it. In the two days following the aeroliner disaster, over 200 people were murdered by artillery and direct fire in Lughansk alone. Since then the toll has mounted at an ever increasing clip.

Unable to take the two main cities or close the border, loosing thousands of soldiers in battle and thousands more to desertion and surrender, the UkiNazi regime, with the full blessing of NATO (and even NATO equipment and American trainers) has unleashed Hell on all built up locations, while continuing to massacre the population in the areas they now control.

This has gone to such a degree that partisan movements have sprung up in formerly subdued Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk and Zaparozhni Oblasts, ambushing convoys, blowing up stock piles and in one instance, if reports are to be believed, capturing an American special forces instructor.

We walk into another great blood letting, even as the blind of Europe make happy speeches about never stumbling into a repeat of 1914, exactly 100 years later, they are now not stumbling but fighting each other to jump like lemmings into the new 1914, in 2014.

Look at your children Europe, your little 1 child families will soon be no child families as your little boys will go off to kill and more often die against us, and why? To support the Devil's seed that did this to the peaceful residents of Lughanks and Donetsk oblasts (provinces) who only wanted federalization, a right to at least partially determine their own lives.

This is the war that your owners and masters tell you nothing about and the war you and your children are already paying for with your jobs and futures and will soon with your blood and lives. And do not give me the: well no one listens to me, as you sit before your computer and spend your days at work or on the sofa. You want your children to live, to have a future? Get off of your arses and make yourself heard.

1 September 2014, make this the date that no one forgets. This is the anniversary of the Massacre at Beslan, where US backed Islamic Sunni extremists with Saudi and Qatari funding murdered almost 400 people, 2/3rds of them children, after torturing them for several days. No more victims of US/UK Great Games, no more victims of their revolutions and civil wars! Make your voice be heard or it will be drawned in the roar of cannons and rifles, forever.


whiteson said...

Thanks Mr Mishin. The photos are absolutely shocking as you warned. But we have to see what is going on in the Ukraine. All these lives wasted for some foreign ideology. And the lies going with it. Really I feel so sorry for your people in Ukraine, the Kiev monsters will not stop. They are at orders to do just that, and that is killing the Russian citizens at free will. We feel so helpless, there is not a thing we can do to help there. The only and most powerful is to pray that they, the Western nations and Ukraine will get some of their logical senses back. And yes, everything on the MH17 fiasco is so quiet now. Not a word from the USA, UK, Australia and others blaming the finest President for the shooting down of that plane. Really, not a word. They have NO satellite images, evidence, nothing. But it seems to be OK for them just to say what they said. No word about the bullet holes found on the pilot's cabin. I say again, all we can do at this distance away from your country, is that we as true believers pray very hard to God that the situation will normalize and get back to as it was before USA came and created this situation for some war.

Anonymous said...

This link tells the truth of who shot down MH17 - and I don't think the US/Kiev bunch want to deal with it.
I am so impressed with the magnitude of Russian humanitarian aid just sent to E. Ukraine!
Such incredible generosity - praise the Lord!!!
I suspect that Ukraine is getting
to realize that Russia is not the USSR of yesteryear.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of atrocities the blacks are commiting here in South Africa to the farmers and white citizens, but nothing gets said our done by the so called Democratic west. Here we are ruled by a bunch of Leninest communists which started to errode our christian values in 1994. The white population that built this beautiful country have been finally excluded from the job market by a law called Broad Based Black Economic empowerment and Affirmative Action. These black morons cannot create anything but total chaos. the only good thing that is happening is that they are throwing the counrty open to China and giving the west the boot.The one sad thing is that once the Chinks are in these blacks are going to wish the white people were still around, but then its going to be too late. God be with you and I pray the good guys will win.

Anonymous said...

blaming Beslan on the west when it was your country that antagonized the islamists, and your sad, weak, poorly selected, trained, led, and equipped 3rd-world grade special operations people screwed it up big time.
you are quite foolish.
your country is easily penetrated.

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 5:32

We antagonized the Islamists? Who stood behind them and gave them cover? The West with their Saudi and Qatari allies. Most of those islamists were not Chechens. Several Chechens that were in the group were executed by the arabs when they refused to kill children.

Whose media refused to call them terrorists even as they butchered children? Yours...any word but calling them what they were.

You think we are 3rd world...come and fight us...and be in the first wave...that way your mother may get your body back. Now sit in your rotting fruits.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stanny, we already fought you, and already won. Kicked from Afghanistan, the Baltics, Germany, etc. We ought to kick you back to Perm, the smart Russians who are eager to join the west can live on the western side, the rest of you can live near the mongols where you belong.

Stanislav said...

@anaymous 6:18

Ahh, look the yankie government troll is back...Afghanistan? Are you serious? After 13 years, you'll be running with your tails between your legs, except you have no where to run, since the northern pass through our lands is closed and you nitwits pissed the Pakis off too....that'll be a massacre coming up. Maybe I will write a story on that.

You got your arse kicked by the Iraqis too and the Somalies and the Lebonese....you're a real hero there.

So come on over to Russia we'll be sure to send your tags back to your mother...but of course we know you will hide in her basement, tough guy.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:18 once again thanks for the gut busting laughs.
Why don't you get on over to the local recruiting office keyboard commando?
You can lead the first wave with your cammie jammies on and your keyboard in hand.
Those dumbass untermenschen Russian peasants will tremble in fear and surrender at the sight of John Rambo in the flesh.

Anonymous said...

Just nuke them all and call it good. It'll be easier on them, and on our wallet. Dead terrorists never hurt anyone, and anyone that has been to a radioactive country can literally be detected from several feet away. Seems to be win-win in my book. And I'm just tired of all of the rag-heads. Quick, easy, no-muss, no-fuss...

Mr Saturday Night Special said...

Mr Rodina
Could you please tell me the Name of the Church burned on your blog.

Please pray for America. We've become the most wicked nation on Earth. Our leaders have no shame.
SBDN Thomas

Anonymous said...

Dear Cascio.
America spreading multiculturalism and cultural Marxism wherever they land.
They destroy countries at a time for a few dollars profit.
They continuously lie to the entire world.
But the worst of it all is all you fat lazy once proud Americans letting your governmentgetting away with it in your name.