Sunday, August 24, 2014

Of Malaysian Aeroplanes and Russian Humanitarian Aid, Washington's Evil and Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

Of Malaysian Aeroplanes and Russian Humanitarian Aid, Washington's Evil and Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

The silence of the Western press is deafening. About what? Certainly not about their self righteousness and Russia's "evil".  It is about the victims of the Ukrainian genocide.

Having squeezed all the juices out of the Malaysian aeroliner that their own vassals pre-meditatively murdered, the Yanky establishment has shut up about the subject, becoming as tight lipped as an embarrassed virgin in a public house of sin.

Screaming and throwing one accusation after another, before the investigation could even start, Washington made splendid statements of having evidence to accuse us Russians of mass murder.

In the face of Russian hard evidence,  Washington's and Kiev's lies shrank and finally fell silent by early August. Long before the reports are to be made public, at the end of August, Washington quietly forgot to show its proof that we and not its vassals did it.

It's slave media equally fell silent on cue. The Last rag from the Old Gray Whore, the NY Times to mention Malaysia's tragedy was dated to 9 August and then an audible silence.

The damage has of course been done.

The strumpets of the occult DC brothel, warming the thrones of vassal Europe, followed their gray masters into the abyss of sanctions.

Russia's very limited response has already triggered economic slow downs throughout Europe. The US mission is almost accomplished. The next round of western sanctions will spark a ban on all autos assembled outside of Russia. Germany and France will die instantly. Economic hell for the near sighted dead of Europe.

If America could not get Europe to die under Russian tank tracks, and only because we Russians refuses the bait not because the lemmings of Europe were not ready, then why not have the poor excuse for the white man of Europe just die off in economic hell and depression?

And what of that evil Russian invasion of the Nazi Ukraine with...gasp...trucks of food and aid for those suffering genocide?

Well we all know from the late 1930's how quietly Europe sits by while one genocide or another happens. Nothing has changed. So why should we be the least surprised that official Europe is more than happy to back up those who were blocking the aid and condemn those who pushed that aid through anyways? Because, Russia's invasion of white humanitarian trucks, checked by both sides on entry and egress, was a victory of monumental proportions.


By timing it to coincide with Merkel's arrival in Kiev Putin made sure that nothing would happen to the convoy. He also made Merkel appear as futile as the old madam is: yesterday's news. All she could do was blither while the world took in the reality that Washington and its European lieutenants wish to hide: there is a very real genocide going on in eastern Ukraine and the western whores are calling the saviors of these people as evil  so as to try and continue to directly sponsor the mass murderers.

Even after the trucks arrived, unloaded and quickly left and were once more inspected to show they carried nothing back, Kiev declared that arms and equipment was shipped out....but wait, shouldn't it have been shipped in? Oh, it gets so ever confusing with the non-stop Kieven lies and those of Foggy Bottom. But more seriously, the UkiNazis instantly started to try and zero in on the distribution points to destroy that aid and murder the desperate civilians trying to reach it.

The sad state of affairs is that even after this, most Americans still entertain delusions of their moral superiority and (self) righteousness as they continue to march like the hordes of the damned behind the avatars of evil that are their leaders.

Oh and you Europeans are not far behind either.

God will not be mocked.


Anonymous said...

you are just jealous that the Russia does not hold the record for genocide, although it is pretty high up on the list with the numbers and varieties, and beating Europe to it by starting before ww2.
Cossacks -1919/20 - 300-500k
Ukraine -1932/33 3 mill+
Poles - 1938/38 - 120k
Chechens and others 1944 - hundreds of thousands
Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians - 10s of thousands
So please keep spouting your racist screed, we know what you are. if you had even 1 ball you'd move to Russia, but I guess you like the cushy life in the US too much and would rather just be a tourist.

Stanislav said...


Thanks for that history know, the one that I'm sure you missed the point of: Russia was under control of the Soviet Union and who was running the show? Yup, NOT RUSSIANS...oh I'm sure you missed that fact...why to you everyone over there is a Russian...well hardly.
So allow me to educate you.

1919-1920 it was the Wall Street backed Leninist Bolsheviks. The main killing weapon was the Latvian Rifles, Lenin's best fighting unit...yes, they were Latvians and later transformed into the 22 SS Division.

Head of the Red Terror, Red Felix? A Pole. Father of the concentration camps Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda) was Jewish, also the #2 man in the Cheka after Felix and then first head of the NKVD.

Grigori Sokolnikov (Girsh Yankelovich Brilliant) and Rosalia Samoilovna Zemlyachka led the 8th Soviet Army and conducted mass murder. Care to guess their nationality? Bela Kun was another leader, of the mass murder in the south. He was also the former main head of the Hungarian Communist regime that held power for less than a year in 1919.

shall we go on?

Yes we shall, Ukraine was part of the collectivization of land, again led by the Communists. The famine was not intentional but the results of their idiotic economic policies. Ukraine was not the worst, Russia's Krasnadar, Russia's Rostov and Russia's CRIMEA suffered worse, but Armenia took the heaviest hit.

Head of the Soviet Union was a Georgian. Head of the NKVD and other secret police, also a Georgian. Russians controlled almost nothing at that point.

Oh and least we forget, Britian and France held contracts on that seized grain that resulted in the hungers....and they bloody well knew what the cost was.

Those screaming Holidimar weren't part of Soviet Russia, they were part of Fascist Poland (revolution 1926) and were being forced converted by the Poles.

Poles shot were 40K, that was a crime...but how about the fact that almost 500k Russian/Ukrainian soldiers were allowed to starve in Polish concentration camps between 1918-1922? Oh, why should we look at the crimes of America's allies...right?

Chechens? Besides the fact they were the main allies of the Soviets in 1921 in murdering those Cossacks and thus gaining Grozy (a Cossack Russian city) and northern Chechnya, they fought on the side of the Nazis and no hundreds of thousands were not murdered though the nation as a whole was sent to exile. You Yanks would have done to them what you did to your Indians...mass genocide.

So keep spouting your ignorance and ignoring the facts.

Stanislav said...

As for the rest of your the hell would you know where I live? I happen to live in Russia thank you very much. But keep your trolling ignorance to yourself all you want.

Caryl said...

So true, so true, Stanislav. And you are right to put that idiot @anonymous in his place. Not all of us Americans are lying S-o-B's (or b's) but it is very difficult for us living in Mordor to see how this will end in anything other than catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

true to form, Stanislav blames someone else for the crimes of his country, like the molested child who grows up to molest other children, then screams "it's not my fault! I was molested when I was a child!" In Stanislav's world Russians are God's gift to civilization and have done no wrong...

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 7:54

What you are now conducting is called a character assassination, one of the ways of pushing disinformation. A typical leftist tool.

Instead of taking on and trying to disprove my points, you attack the messenger. Please by all means show us where I was wrong in my facts....we'll wait, don't worry....I'm expecting the day after never.

Anonymous said...

Stanislav, you are clearly more knowledgeable than I am about pushing disinformation. Your entire site is evidence of this, you even lie about where you live, maybe I should visit you! I can understand why you want people to think you live in Russia, but the fact is that you enjoy the western lifestyle much more than the 2 rooms in an anthill lifestyle to be found in Russia. Russians who have the choice agree with me, and vote with their feet. I gladly help them with their journey to a better life than they will ever find in sad, pathetic Russia. I do appreciate the wonderful people your schools have spent training so I could hire them in other countries, sadly the Russians have let the schools slip, so this talent will not be available much longer, but I will take what I can get. And it is telling the even the Russian kids know working in McDonalds in the west is better than doing anything in Russia, if you want to educate yourself on this point go wait outside the US embassy in Moscow when the busload of hopeful kids come for a visa to work at McDonalds in the US for 3 months, see the joy of the lucky ones, then the sorrow of the unlucky ones. The only fact you need to know is the talent is leaving your sad little country, and all you will have left is pensioners and the feeble minded to take care of them. And the pensions will disappear thanks to the thieving Russian government.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your history lesson for us - we certainly did not get it in the textbooks. You probably have all the facts of the MH17, but I just came across a comprehensive examination of it that I think all would enjoy.
BTW, what is a good location in Russia for American ex-pats?
Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Please don't turn off anonymous comments due to some lefty rat troll agent POS.
Don't worry hopium pipe hitting intolerant commie rat totalitarian scum all your rule the world fantasies will go up in smoke.
I piss on your rainbow hammer and sickle flag lefty maggot. Ahahaha! LMFAO!

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 4:04

For exapts? Why everywhere. Better question is: what do you do and where do you want to live.

Central European Russia has a climate similar to Pennsylvania or NY. Same hot summers and some what cold winters.

South western Russia is subtropical. Southern and central Siberia goes from one extreme to the other. From +32-35C in the summer to -35C in the winter with little spring or fall.

Northern and eastern Siberia have very short springs/summers/falls and they are relatively cold and winter is 8 months long. Plus most of the land is bogs and forest.

Eastern Russia is a lot like your Washington state.

If you want to be a farmer, land is plenty. Live in a village, sure, you could probably get the land for free...just for moving there.

IT, well its the major western cities you need.

No easy answer.

Stanislav said...

@anonymous 1209

You sir are an ignorant pus, and a lieing trolling one at that.

First of, tell what day you are in Moscow and I'll drive to the city happily come visit you and explain to you in great detail you are an ignorant lieing pus.

Secondly, days of the Soviet apartments are gone. The modern apartments, while not giant, are no smaller than those in major German cities.

Third off, Russia is #2 destination for legal and illegal immigration in the world and of the 3 legal origins the top three are: 1. Kazakhstan, 2. Germany, 3. USA.

As I said, you use the typical leftist disinformation approaches. You do not argue the facts because you have none and are either to lazy or ignorant or not well enough paid to go look them all means...we'll wait.

The rest is the typical BS sterotypes from the 90s. While it was true 10 years ago, its not now.

So go back and sit in your sad little bankrupt police state, where the politicians tell you what is politically correct to think and what is not and the cops beat you as they feel like. Go back to your little sad debt swallowed life, where your future is paying interest to the bank and paying taxes to the government and maybe having enough to survive while your pathetic pay check keeps shrinking...just as it has done outwardly in actual dollars for the past 6 years...average US actual dollar incomes are down 10% since 2008 and real inflation has eaten up another 30%....

But you get paid by the post so at least for now you have employment.

Now go bother someone else.

Anonymous said...

Dutch intellectuals apologize to Putin over Ukraine, Malaysian flight lies: