Saturday, August 2, 2014

Evidence Keeps Mounting, Ukraine Did It, US Covered

Evidence Keeps Mounting, Ukraine Did It, US Covered

No matter how hard the US tries to lie and no matter how zombified and ready to die like lemmings the majority of the EU's people are, not to mention most Americans, the evidence keeps mounting that it was the Ukrainians who murdered those 300 on the airline.

From the interview of the first responders from the OSCE, who himself is a Canadian Ukrainian, comes the comment that fusilage showed signs of heavy machinegun bullet holes and nothing that looked like a missile strike. Listen at the 6 minute mark for those comments.

The diagram below shows two parts of the plane: 1. the area of the cockpit on the left side, pock marked with bullet holes and how it fits to a complete plane and the left wing tip, also pock marked with bullet holes. The last picture how the two line up for a SU-25 strafe run. Now combine that with what the witnesses on the ground saw, a jet following and what Russian radar saw and that Ukrainian air traffic controllers rerouted the plane and lowered it and had it slow down....well, you must really be a lemming not to question the rush to judgement from the Western leaders, who have most to gain.

Meanwhile, weeks after announcing irrefutable "proof" the most that the US government could come up with is Ukrainian YouTube videos all of which are proven false. Even the missiles being "evacuated" on a luancher has been proven false. How? The billboard advertisement in the background is for a business ahead in Dnepropetrovsk....which is Kiev held territory 80km in the opposite direction.

And now, the US has indirectly admitted that the Ukrainian anti-air systems were in the area, but were "not operating" at the time.

"In his statement, the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest implicitly acknowledged that Ukraine’s air defense systems had been present in the Donetsk area, although he claimed they had not been operating," the source said, commenting on Earnest’s words that the missile that hit the flight MH17 was launched from the area controlled by the militia.
Meanwhile, for some unknown reason...I am being sarcastic dear readers...the UkraNazi army is going out of its way to bombard the locations where the main pieces of wreckage are at, with heavy artillery, even though there are no Novorussian soldiers in the area. Hmm, I wander why the vampires in DC and London are silent on that too?

They have even caught OSCE members in these barrages, denying them the ability to do their work...and yet the Western prestitutes stay mum...again, why?

Наблюдатели ОБСЕ попали под обстрел на месте падения самолёта

And what of "evil" Russia delaying the investigators? Well, outside of the fact that the investigators were stuck in Kiev and Kiev is not under control of Russia, those investigators who got to the site, have had nothing but assistance from the Novorussian soldiers. Do not believe me? Than listen to the testimony directly:

Are all these statements from Moscow's agents? Sure some will believe that, that anything that negates the narrative they have swallowed must be by those evil Russians. But then again, humanity always did have a layer of useful idiots whose lives were easy to throw away by their masters.

This is as silly as the US's "proof" that Russian artillery is shooting into Ukraine, where they show black and white photos of...wait for it....combines harvesting a wheat field. How dumb do they think their audience is? Oh, never mind.

But while the white Western Europeans are proving themselves  to have devolved from the ability to critically think, the Malaysians are showing that they will not be taken in by the US propaganda.

Malaysia has stated for the first time that it believes the Ukrainian government ought to bear responsibility for the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, according to a report from Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao. Malaysian transport minister Liow Tiong Lai was quoted by the paper as saying that the Ukrainian government needs to take responsibility for the disaster because it was Ukrainian air traffic controllers who permitted MH17 to fly over the country's airspace when it was shot down on July 17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

And let us not forget, that the force of evil that is now leading the charge against the Third Rome is this country, who is actively oppressing its own.

Oh and Biden Jr thanks all of you who back the US. His investments in this genocide are starting to really pay off.

But now, we learn favored US and EU interests intend to snatch away for their own pockets the single card the Ukrainians have had to play, i.e. 100% ownership of the national gas transport system. Without full control of the gas transport structure the country inherited from the defunct Soviet Union in national hands, Ukraine will be of no particular interest except to Nato, which majorities amongst all Ukrainians have repeatedly stated they do not wish to join.
The 2% advantage Ukraine would retain under the proposed sale will easily be finessed over time by the many billions in initial and future IMF loans any Ukrainian government will need to retain power. Trading the impairment of Ukraine’s single asset of multinational interest for $17 billion in loans now, an ongoing infestation of IMF and associated multilateral parasites, a trade deal of no consequence, since Europe has no need for Ukrainian manufacturing, and logistical support for a bellicose military alliance’s misadventures from the frontline is not much of a deal. But it was no improvisation. It was, instead, a carefully planned EU-US double-cross.
Hunter Biden’s earlier March appointment to the board of Burisma Holdings Ltd, Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer, at first appeared to be a garden variety example of nepotism involving a US vice-president improperly arranging a no-work cash flow for his son. But, to the contrary, it turns out Hunter Biden has a full plate, insuring that the anticipated spoils of the US-led intrusion into Ukraine fall into the correct hands; big pairs of which will belong to the Biden family’s and the heist’s other multinational and congressional key players’ supporters.
In fact, Hunter Biden is an old Ukrainian hand. Prior to his appointment to Burisma’s board, Biden fils was a director of the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy subsidiary National Democratic Institute, where he built up opposition parties first for the 2004 US-engineered “Orange Revolution” and, later, the 2014 US-engineered “Euromaidan” protests.
In the course of those ten years, Hunter Biden would have gotten to know steel and pipeline billionaire Victor Pinchuk, an enthusiastic supporter and financier of the Maidan protests earlier this year, who is also former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma’s son-in-law and is well-known for sponsoring an annual gabfest for international political and financial elite at a Tsarist-era palace on the Black Sea. Despite being a generous multimillion dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation, Pinchuk was smart enough to acquire allies on both sides of the aisle, developing a relationship with Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) when he was mayor of Nashville. Pinchuk then parlayed his Corker relationship into ones with various top shelf neocons, including Karl Rove and that ever present spitball of American imperialism, Senator John McCain.!-thief!-stop!-%E2%80%94-the-looting-of-ukraine.aspx

And their Kieven Nazi animals.

Note, all incidents of terror against Jews by UkraNazis were in UkraNazi held territory none in the lands held by the Novorussian army. Who are the real terrorists? Why the US trained mutts in Kiev.


Gunnar said...

Lots of interesting information as usual.
I'll share it on FB if you don't mind ?
And, of late, things like films are not appearing in your blog. Big open spares in the articles.
Is it only me seeing this ?
Anyway, keep up the good work.
God is back in Russia after many dark years, or more correct, he was there the whole time. But now he is honored the way he deserves.
God bless Russia and God bless Novorossia.

Anonymous said...

Western Plutocracy goes bear hunting:

Anonymous said...

Loads slow due to all the pictures:

whiteson said...

ignore, even for the brain washed western idiots. We al knew Mr Mishin, the truth will eventually surface. These bullet holes, from the SU 25 will be difficult to ignore. Even the rotten West must admit what these are, bullet holes! But surely they will get some other explanation to give to the world. We can just hope that the investigators will concentrate on that facts. Really, I am so glad and delighted that the fingers are beginning to point at the right transgressors, USA, Ukraine and NATO. Thanks for your update.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

good luck with your insane theory. su25 could neither climb to the operating altitude nor close on a 777, much less shoot it down. nobody believes you, except your special ass-licking friend Vladof Putler. it will be sad to see his wealthy friends sent back into poverty, I wonder how many hands will be holding the knife when they put it in his back. The time is coming, stanny, and we won't forget his friends.

Stanislav said...

@Ananymous August 4, 2014 at 6:47-- you're a cowardly troll and from the amount of attention and consistent comments, probably one paid for by the US government's welfare program for brainless trolls.

The SU can very well intercept, as its maximum speed is up to 978km/h.

The maximum ceiling adverted as 23.000ft is for pilots without oxygen masks. The plane can go quite a bit higher than that.

Again, you are a typical troll, hitting the typical State Department talking points. I ignore the vast majority of your comments because they are vulgar, as is also typical of the vapid excuses for human beings that make up that shitehole on the Potamic.

As for wealth, you are a begger nation, 2% pts in short term interest rates (which is still below the historic norm) away from total bankruptcy.

As for the rest of your comments, you show the typical total lack of knowledge or understanding of Russians. The more you idiots push us, the more we solidify and make a wall....your recent actions have been the best gift you can give our society.

Thanks to you ignorant pusses, the Fifth Column you have spent 20 years developing and nurturing is in disarray and on the run. Society has turned on your agents and will tolerate them no more. National pride is at an all time high....thank you again for dispelling the last illusions of what you and your society really are.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 18:47 thanks for the laughs. I needed a good laugh today. If you think your bankrupt mongrel nation of whores inspires fear or respect in anyone you better switch hands and smoke another.
Vlad the Putinator will be coming for your weak Kenyan nancy fag queen dear leader quicker than you can say yes we can.
Ever hear of the BRICS nations? They are going to put your worthless fiat dollars in the toilet where they belong. Now run along rat troll POS on the payroll and tell yourself how exceptional you are.

Publius said...

thanks for the video about how the People of the USA are also being destroyed.
WE are not all bad people. Sadly, only a small percentage of us understand the truth of the demonic (even as an agnostic, I call them demonic) forces that are in control in D.C.
There are good, God-fearing people in the USA. But why, oh why, do they wake up from their slumber so slowly?

Anybody who looks at the evidence themselves, instead of just reading 4th-grade reading level articles in Time, Newsweek, or the Economist, realize that the West is the aggressor in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

West the meaning.

Ever wondered what word "the west" really means? It is not Mediterranean civilisation of greece, Italy,spain or even France. it is not north western european civilisation of germany or scandinavia. In fact all these countries have been spied upon by the nations who call and self designate themselves "the west" -a nation otherwise known as 5 Eyes !- A combination of england, usa,canada ,newzealand and australia- disparate nations geographically and not even european but esssentially anglosaxon race nations. A race based concept really.West is euphemism for anglos- it does not include any of other white european nations not even the msot westerly european nation of Ireland! The word "west" is a fraud to distract from real actors behind the scene-the 5 eyes.

April 21, 2011
“Those with a sense of irony may recall that Benjamin Franklin, one of the leading figures of the Enlightenment, warned that the newly liberated colonies should be wary of allowing Germans to immigrate, because they were too swarthy; Swedes as well. Into the twentieth century, ludicrous myths of Anglo-Saxon purity were common in the U.S., including among presidents and other leading figures.”
Hence comes the myth of white-where white is a code word for English and English scumbag’s derived anglosaxon race who incidentally are much more swarthy than the Irish and Germans who were declared non-whites in usa according to their vocabulary.
In other words anglosaxons though in minority have been able to get hold of power only by myth of white which is to pit one against another while they really mean it for the benefit of not all white races but anglosaxon race only.

Cecil von Renthe-Fink is a mere footnote in the pages of history. A Prussian aristocrat who joined the Nazi Party in 1939, Renthe-Fink however has a claim to fame. In August 1943, he drafted a memorandum proposing a European economic union with a common central bank and currency. But there was a caveat – if the new union was to be a success, Britain must be kept out because according to the German diplomat it was “the continent’s ancient enemy”.

Today several nations, especially Russia, would agree with that assessment. With 66,000 of its nationals on the run from justice, and a large number of them having found asylum in Britain, Russia is the most affected by Britain’s policies.

Anonymous said...
who was responsible for the first world war-?
The English controlled england and usa. Anglos.
All plotted by English race against the rest of free world.
=================================== In a speech to the Pilgrims Society in 1904, future US President Woodrow Wilson declared that "the Anglo-Saxon people have undertaken to reconstruct the world." After the war, with Germany out of the way, the very same interests called for an international economic conference to reorganise the world's financial and commercial structure (Ratiu, pp. 257, 259), etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

4th June, 2007.

President putin is wrong when he says that russia should or will target the missile on europe if america goes with anti missile defence plan in Europe.
Russia must target (rather than should) the nuclear missiles with multiple war heads against all the cities, towns and big villages( including military instalations) of england because this cold war -like the one before- is being started by england for the benefit of english race is race war between the english parasite race versus the rest of the world-the sooner the rest of the world realizes that better it is for the world.
look how Germany wes vilified soon after fall of soviet union-look how russia is being vilified immediately after Putin made russia strong.
in fact it was not America but england which asked for ABM againstt Russia. BBc spy journalists were harassing presidential candidate Gore not to go ahead with Florida recount on ground” ally like britian want to conclude AMB deployment in Yorkshire as soon as possible so there should be no delay in govt. other word accept fraudulent win of bush for sake of england ! “

-such is the evil propaganda of British spies inside america. .
poland is nothing but a proxy for the british bastards.
itis no use targeting Poland -target the main villain which is england and the english nation which m ust be annihilated from the face of the world.

Anonymous said...

All plots r done by the evil english race-read dumas interview-they pass the blame2 jews if turned unpopular.
England is head of the family. USA is just the loud mouthed son with a fancy car.
Even after french ex minster Dumas saying that english planned syrian terrorism years ago-rus talks?
england is running a WW3 agasint all non anglo nations ofociurse it needs american arms for that.

Gulf war plotted by witch thatcher, first iraq war by criminal tony blair-this syrian by english rat
only when wars become unpopular the english stoptaking credit for that nd let blame b placed on Jews
and stupid people including hitler blamed jews while it was all along the english parasites who loot.
england lives off protection money from the international criminals who get asylum in england 4 money.
biggest money laundering is done by the english race in london calling it service industry.

There is nothing these anglosaxon creatures enjoy more than hating others, either the poor and downtrodden, those of other races or religions.
anglophile kissinger promised british controlled gulf monarchies protection run by the british -usa.

World war one and two plotted and started by england.
Napoleaon’s attack on Russia plotted by england(to which the Great Napoleaon himself admitted).
Considering the extent of the disaster(at battle of Auterlitzs and of Ulm before that in 1805 instigated by england with money stolen from India), The Austrian Emperor said


The Emperor forgot to mention that the payment is from the victim or some other pople’s wealth.

And English are too coward to fight on their own-they have never won a single war on their own since boar war in 1899 and that too with all resources of loot from empire.

Anonymous said...

Stanislav, thanks for keeping us up to date with the deceptions of the wicked west. I have a friend who is working as a relief worker in Liberia and she says that some people, dressed in unmarked paramilitary uniforms, who she suspects are americans, are collecting bodies of ebola victims and taking them to Robertsfield (the airport there) in refrigerated army trucks. Do you think they are going to put them on a plane and stage another shootdown, this time with ebola victims, like the one they did in Ukraine? what if they flew it to Moscow? God Bless You!