Thursday, August 7, 2014

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

So Its Sanctions You Want, Is It?

For the past 6 months the talk has been nothing but Sanctions and Isolation of Russia, from the "Civilized" World, that is the degenerate anti-Christian West. True, Russia has not responded in kind, up to this last round of sanctions. But even without a direct government response, Russians, as people, were already responding.

The business leaders of the broke and broken West have expressed their concerns and out right fears that this would lead to the EU's final economic demise and further, that it was easy for Americans to strut about with little real trade with Russia while Europe as always would suffer the most. But, the strumpets and shills of the EU tyranny are well paid for or black mailed by the US government and have once again thrown their serfs into the jaws of the American pit viper.

As I wrote before, the real target of all this, in the economic sense, is Europe, that is, Europe's destruction and indebtedness a permanent white ghetto continent stuck on stupid and reliant on their Yank overlords.

Now, without even cutting down on gas or oil, Europe is already struggling. For example:

1. Orders for machinery and vehicles from Germany are already down 17% (much of the machinery is for the resurgent Russian industry and will be made up with either Japanese or Korean models and since these are CNCs that are expected to last 30 years they will not replaced soon). Besides billions of euros in revenue, 250.000 German workers are in the process or going to loose their jobs. That's a quarter million households who will also need welfare from the German state to stay afloat.

2. Russian tourism is 10% of the total European euros spent each year. Now that does not sound all that bad, but on closer inspection, in the hardest hit, southern European vassal states: Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Portugal, Russian spend euros are up to 40% of total tourism revenue, Spain and Greece being in that category.  Finland, due to proximity, is also in this category. Russians in Spain spend an average of 125 euros per day, 30 euros more than the next runner up Germany.

Russians also tend to purchase a lot of high end goods from Europe, goods that have struggled in European regimes where unemployment or underemployment claims every third European.

The bad news? Russian tourism to Europe is down 30% this year. Patriotic vacations, to Crimea and Sochi are the hype and beaches and hotels are booked solid with record numbers. As well countries like India, Brazil and S.Korea, as well as Thailand, Egypt and Singapore are capitalizing on their excellent relations with Russia.

In money sense: out of the 7 billion Euros Russians spent in 2013, that is a loss to Europe of over 2.3 BILLION Euros and that to the most vulnerable European vassal economies. So far the sanctions are taking a bite alright.

3. London money streets are seeing a decline of 17% of the Russian monies that companies and individuals from Russia invested there. Russian money is 20% of the London investments, down a fifth. That's a huge sum of cash that will not be poured into the struggling UK economy and companies. Oh well, Cameron knows whats best for the British serf and living well is not part of it.

The smiling Yanks are not spared either. NYC has lost upwards of $300 million in real estate deals as the Russian wealthy have moved their plans of buying apartments in NYC on hold or to different non-American economies. At 10% sales tax and 8% real estate tax, NYC, already a fully bankrupt entity, just lost a large wad of cash and income streams from these apartments. Obama knows best.

All this, of course, was before this final round of sanctions and this round was a doozy. Yes, the Russian economy will suffer some, mainly in funding, though Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, UAE and Kuwaiti banks are more than happy to make up the hole in European and American investments.

But how has this hit the West?

First comes the full embargo of food products from Moldovo, Ukraine and Georgia for signing up to the EU free trade zone (really its a one way deal but all three are to stupid and filled with hate to realize that yet). Moldova's farmers almost fully export to Russia, grapes, fruits, wines, other produce. All that was instantly cut off and those farmers have taken to the streets screaming in protest.

In order to keep Moldova from sliding into revolution and the loss of the vassal, EU ministers have doubled the quota on Moldova's agro imports. Problem is, with the Russian market now closed to all European food imports, who is going to buy up Moldova's when you can't sell off your own?

A group of farmers from northern Moldova on Monday threatened to stage mass protests, if the authorities do not provide solutions to their problems in seven days.
According to the farmers, the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU at the end of June created a number of problems to them given that Russia closed its market for Moldovan agricultural products.
The farmers said the fruit and vegetables are decaying on the trees and in containers as they cannot export them. 

And that brings us to the next big hit. All countries with sanctions on Russia will now face a full block on exports of food products to Russia. How much will this cost Europe? 

Well the Poles are already projecting a $700 million loss, or 0.6% GDP growth wiped out. They who screamed the loudest for sanctions, like ignorant children, are now shocked by the results of getting exactly what they wanted, a good old trade war. Sit in your rotting apples and potatoes and stew. Of course, Poland, being a leech and American paid for whore, is now on its way to Brussels to make the rest of Europe pay for its losses. Now that is rich, is it not?

Ukraine, already a civil war battered non-economy will loose another $1.3 billion this year alone. Guess who is going to pay for that loss? Yes, you EU.

The rest, with the bulk in Europe, will be a loss of $45 billion for the EU and the US. I am sure your farmers are fat and happy and do not need that money and besides, Brussels will either force the vassals to raise taxes or the Germans will print more Euros and what's a little inflation between vassals?

As for us, not only is this another great spurt to our resurgent agro business (thank you very much and we are sure most of your companies will quickly set up production inside of Russia and if not ours will copy your products) but Brazil and Argentina are also jumping for joy as they are already sending substitute products. 

Wow, $45 billion, much of which will never come that is sanctions showing us something.

По оценке издания, ответные меры Москвы могут затронуть не менее 10% импорта продовольствия и агросырья, общий годовой объем которого составляет 43 миллиарда долларов.
Беспокоются по поводу российских санкций и в Польше. Напомним, что Россия с первого августа прекратила импорт почти всех фруктов и овощей из этой страны.
Глава Минсельхоза Польши в интервью местным СМИ признался, что "в сложившейся ситуации сложно будет найти альтернативу России".
Finland alone will loose 25% of its agro-business which is all aimed at Russia. So tens of thousands of Fins, who work in the manufacturing of packaged food products will now go hungry as their pay checks evaporate. In Euros its 400 million the Fins will lose. The Germans had best start printing and printing hard. Valio, Finland's top agro company may possibly be looking at bankruptcy.

As for the Batlics, whose joke economies are completely in ruins, their only markets being Russia and their only production being agro, this is the literal end of the world.

Of course with millions of farmers in these countries on their way to bankruptcy, that is millions of more immigrants to flood the British, French and German labour markets. Ouch.

Western Europe of course will not be spared either. Flanders is a prime example, where 60% of the fruits grown and just now being harvested, normally head to Russia. I, dear readers, am expecting a very eventful August/September in Brussels and western Europe as bankrupt farmers watch their crops rot. Ditto for the Flemish pig farmers. Well Flanders wants independence, so you know whom you need to lynch for your upcoming hunger...they sit in Brussels.

“Our country exports 60% of its pears to Russia. The export of apples is this year relatively low; Russia mainly buys large apples from us. We can’t do without the Russian consumer. There are stocks for two months sitting in refrigeration.”

As for technology, that is mainly off shore tech for oil field drilling, the only area (deep water) that we are far behind, Switzerland (through Weatherford) and Norway are more than happy to continue trading, as well as Taiwan and Singapore and Brazil. So more losses to the US first and foremost and their lap dog English. Hmmm, feel superior yet?

And then there is the threat to the EU and US aeroliners. That is, Russia is now reviewing the option to close Russian airspace to transient EU/US airliners heading to Asia, while keeping it open and cheap for the Asians. What does this mean? It means an extra 4.000km for the European aeroliners and up to 20-30% more on their ticket prices. Sure, this will cost Russia between $300-400 million in fairs, but it will cost the Europeans even more, as not only will the prices for fuel and flight time increase, but transit over countries like Turkey will get more expensive, as competition decreases on transition routes and routes become more congested.

This will have a knock on effect in damaging European tourism and business, as flights all around will increase in price and as many Asians fly on European aeroliners. The effects? Finnair stock lost 2.2%, Air France 11%, Lufthansa 2.9%, US Delta 2.8% and US Air 3.4%. Real money, real effects.

And these are just the opening salvos from Russia, without even taking into effect such things as a ban on Russian foods to Europe, on Russian steel and titanium and aluminum parts productions, on fertilizers, chemicals and cements that feed Europe or on energy goods.

The US dollar is also sinking. Thirteen years ago it represented 72% of the reserve currencies held world wide, now it is 61% and dropping as many countries seek to de-leverage as quickly as possible to avoid any more American black mail of their economies.

Europe's suffering has just begun. The US will suffer also but most in the US will never figure out why. Europeans should know better but are proving themselves just as corrupt and foolish.

So Europe, US, you want to hate us? Fine, hate us, despise us, sanction us, but be man enough to swallow your own medicine and sit in your bankruptcy with a stiff upper lip.


Eloy.VS.Morloks said...

Super!!! from South Africa I wish the West and US all the worse. Their arrogance s matched only by stupidity. Let EU fall, depleting the US of their only spineless-ally type support.

Anonymous said...

Aww too bad so sad for the EU. There should be a high price to pay for being America's bitch.

Anonymous said...

How dare those uppity Russians mock the annointed one:

whiteson said...

From another South African, I hope the USA an UK as well as the EU feel the sanctions. They are to arrogant for words. Thanks Mr Mishin, we like this.

Publius said...

I hope and pray this helps to peel Finland from the EU. What do you think of their current Prime Minister? He seem awful - a complete lightweight flake, despite his PhD in EuroPhilosophy.

This matters to me, because we are considering emigration to Finland to escape the "Air Conditioned Nightmare" (to borrow the title of a great Henry Miller diatribe against the USA).

Anonymous said...

You wanna be Uncle Sam's bitch? Pay the price!

Stanislav said...


Just the degree: Europhilosophy should say it all: a paperweight weenie Quesling.

Why to Finland?

Publius said...

Family connection. Good people, hard-working, non-Anglosphere. Independent-minded. The Finn party is rising... anti-Euro.
Beauty of nature, etc.
It's an option. Not many good options left.

Anonymous said...

Proper retribution like only Russia can deliver. hahahahaha!
It really feels good to laugh at the uppity ones of EU/USA. Thank you for spelling it out so well - I was getting quite concerned.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, stop panicking, it's under control, right?