Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Parting Words for the Year

Dear Readers, thank you for spending yet another roller coaster ride of a year with me. I will not do my annual predictions as the situation is way to fluid and the Empire of Chaos has taken its mask off and is riding across the world paving the way for the Four Horsemen.

I fear we are at the point of the first real shots being fired in this all to real war between the Masionic Grand Conspiracy and Rebellion against God and those few nations left defending conservatism and Christianity.

The sanctions of the West are of course a joke. The joke is that they could ever bend a people such as us Russians. The very fact that we have lived through the past 100 years and have not only not been destroyed or even bent but are still striving forward, should tell everyone these are pointless, except as the opening shots of an all to real conventional WW3.

Let us review the past 100 years of Russia. After 30 years of explosive growth and industrialization 1914 brought us WW1. From 1914-1917 we were fighting on 4 fronts. Then 1917 brought the Wall Street funded the deposition of the Tsar, the Temporary Authority and the Bolshevik Revolution and seizure of power. Then the civil war of 1918-1922 and the parallel Red Terror from 1919-1926. Stalin's rise to power and purges followed from 1932-1939, right in time for the start of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 and again follow up purges from 1946-1955. A short renewal and then set in the Soviet rot from 1970s to 1991. Collapse of the Soviet Union and collapse of Russia under Yeltsin  from 1991 to 1999 and the Islamic Jihad with its two Chechen Wars and acts of terror still going, the wars at least having calmed down from 1993-2003. Again a short renewal from the mid 2000s to 2014 and now we are at it again, with the Chaotics ever closing in to exterminate Christ from this world of men.

But we survived and we pushed forward, through all of this, so of course these silly sanctions which have already led to the first big waves of layoffs in Germany and much worse in France and the southern countries, will not stop us.

So it is that I go into this year of 2015 not with hope for humanity and more growth but with a hint of fear and a strong iron will that we will not be crushed or bent and that this year will see the real first shots of the war that can only be won outright.Why? Because if we settle for anything else, especially defeat, it will be a defeat that will destroy us, rob us of our resources, our culture and our God. So, it is a fight to the end.

I pray that I am wrong, that cooler, Christian minds will take the reigns of power from the little would-be godlings that rule America and the West.

In Christ, let us hope. But as they say, hope dies last and we prepare for war.

May this New Years be a memory of delight, one of company and family and merriment, dear readers, memories strong enough to over come the blackness that the American Regime pushes forth for all of us.


Anonymous said...

(sep2214)“Chaos raining on the land; not only chaos raining but, chaos reigning in all levels of society, in all social strata and in presumptuous ‘leaders’ of the land.
Chaos continuing, burgeoning, exponentially accelerating, for My name has been removed from
all applications and referencing.
Man rising up in mind and spirit to endeavor in all ways to improve upon My creative works, in all areas of function, to achieve an everlasting state of being of ‘perfection.’
Devilish are the motives and intents of the heart in the name of ‘advancement’ in the arena of human abilities.
Man has put Me aside – forgetting that without Me nothing is possible to accomplish.
Puffed up in pride, bolstered in self confidence and “well intentioned’ forays into self imaginings, man advances into his self improvements, life extensions and all manner of egotistical objectives.
Keep still and know that I am God, Controller of all, Judge of all and Rewarder of all accordingly.
Do not lose faith, but trust and obey for My ways and plans and purposes are perfect in every way.”
The Lord, given to a brother in Christ.

Dorslander said...

How the wheel has turned. Russia, the erstwhile Big Bad Bear, has become the moral leader of the world, seemingly the last bastion against a Satanistic world gone mad. Where, as is written in the Bible, day becomes night, right becomes wrong and up becomes down.

I despair of the European heartland that is no longer. The US has long been lost and it appears that the rest of the world is hell bent on destroying the last vestige of all that is right, good and white.

I too, pray Mat, that what appears to be an unavoidable pathway to war, driven by the imbecilic common man, will not come to fruition. That our Lord God will triumph over evil and restore His Creation to its rightful path.

I pray that he will foil the worst plans of the devil worshippers in the US and elsewhere.

May He prevail in grace, forgiveness and justice.

Jake said...

Thanks for the New Year's post.
I write this from occupied Amerika.
The police state is accelerating: what is worse, the fact that the police now have legal impunity when they kill citizens (including children) for no reason, or the inevitable backlash that will lead to a civil war between the poor and minorities and the police state?
Those of us in still fairly well-off, orderly areas are far too oblivious and complacent.
Meanwhile, the gutter journalism continues to brainwash the public. See recent issues of the New Yorker, like the disgusting bio of Merkel, or the recent portrait of Samantha Power, in which the author states as facts things like:
* Syria used poison gas against its citizens, when anyone with half a brain knows that the "rebels" did it, and:
* Russian aggression in Ukraine.

I know almost nobody here with half a clue. They know something is wrong, but unbelievably, they still believe the mainstream media, by and large.
Not all Americans are dupes, or godless heathens, or unprincipled. It is high time that real leaders step up to the plate, however, despite the great risks in terms of character assassination and literal assassination.
God help us all!

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

I wish you and yours, and your readers, as the Chronos bent one more time such that we Humanity experience a new year in Christ Jesus in prosperity leading to true happiness and Life Eternal.

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Rollory said...

I understand why you view the situation the way you do.

I really think Obama is disinclined to start a shooting war with anybody, least of all Russia. He may be foolish enough to stumble into it, but I don't think he will go for it himself, and I expect he will resist any advice that would clearly lead in that direction.

I expect another year of more of the same. Which is not ideal, but not the worst either.

Anonymous said...

Simpler explanation for events?

1. Bet on folly. Folly trumps designs always.

2. Generations forget. That's why we see flat earth people resisting vaccination or even reliably washing their hands. That's how the debt slavers roped another bunch of chumps.

3. Progress comes from having babies and making sure those babies have good tools (education, infrastructure, clean air) to work with.

For all our moaning and expectancy increases still - and more are gaining with each year.

Does not mean we can't do better......"Better" starts by daring to try something different.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...comments are good too. Pretty irreverent crowd here:


We wish her luck...

NOTE: The images above have mysteriously disappeared from Merilo's Facebook page

What is this stuff with facebook? Narcissism should disqualify anyone from responsible office:)

And this gushy piece from Estonia?

e-voting just insures your vote doesn't count folks. You are living in 1980 with sharks from 2015. No contest...

A looker for sure:

But how does that qualify you for "rescues"?

We all do silly unproductive stuff...but I sure hope Ukrainians aren't getting fleeced. Believe Ukrainians want to leave a better world for their children, but what is evident so far seems awful.

(shrug) Know it's hard to decide what to do next....but

Anonymous said...


Whatever rightful sympathy Putin might have gained from "crazies in Kiev" is now squandered when tiny countries cry for help. These people aren't justifying phony baloney defense jobs...they can least afford to dissipate resources in geopolitical pissing contests. *Nothing* to gain from bloated defense budgets.

But I suspect they will now dig deep and pony up lots of treasure for defense. Their location tax.

Didn't hafta be this way. How does one exit this treadmill?

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your readers had a wonderful New Year's Day. May the Good Lord send his blessings. At this point, after mid January, the year could have started off better. The consequences of Western leaders importing a civil war into their countries is too readily apparent. May the blessings of the Good Lord shine on those in need.