Monday, December 15, 2014

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Its official, from the lips of Porridge and his goons, Western mercenaries are running loose in Ukraine and will be given citizenship.

What??? But...but...but we the Ukranazi regime have denied this for the past 10 months and have been backed by every half witted and worthless politician the West can muster from its gravy of mindless corruption and filth. How could this slip up occur?

It occurred as banely and absent mindedly as most of the decisions that come out of the prison of the human mind and soul that is the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament)...well at least those "original" thoughts that are not provided to them by Washington and its colonial governors sitting in Kiev.

In this case, it happened as Porridge was announcing the three new colonial masters given instant Ukrainian citizenship and ministries to run. See my previous post for more on this.

One of the field commanders come deputy (its much safer to fight the Novorossians from Kiev's Rada rather than a trench), declared to this "I have a thousand foreigners fighting in my battalion, what about them?" To that Porridge, just as mindlessly replied "Fine,we'll make them citizens too." All this in front of the journalists. Luckily the Western and Ukrainian journalists are the peak of their professional editing out any content unfit for the serfs.

And so, in one fell swoop, Ukraine has confirmed that it hired foreigners, that the NATO countries are already fighting WW3 vs Russia, using mercenary companies as their boots on the ground. Furthermore, this again underlines the illegality of the Porridge American dictatorship vs the shredded Ukrainian constitution. As this is an anti-terrorist operation, by declaration of Porridge himself, it quite specifies that no foreigners can take part in this. It further specifies that privately armed or privately raised volunteer organization can also NOT take part in an ATO.

The reason, of course, that Porridge can not call his attempted and failed genocide a civil war, is to do so would deny him additional IMF financial "aid" (read that as loans in exchange actual infrastructure and other assets, such as Ukraine's gold) that Porridge and his crew of corrupt oligarches can steal half of and spend the other half on genocide, while even his loyal subjects starve and freeze to death.

Again, the hypocrites in the West see nothing.

The Weather Says It All

Moscow has had yet another mild mild winter so far. Average daily temperatures are between +3 to -5C, with only a short cold front. Meanwhile Kiev's temperatures until this week were in the 0 to -8C day range, just now warming up to around Moscow's.

Heating is of course mostly off and so is electricity, as the coal has run out. Which does raise the question of why Russia is willing to sell these bastards coal. Poland of course refused, well refused to give its coal away, even though it has mountains of it not being used. It did offer its bastard child to pay for it with the funds that Porridge does not have (well he has them, they are just missing in his personal bank account). As for the South African coal deal, that is off.

After giving themselves a nice $10 kick back off of a $93/ton cost (market costs are $83/ton) the Porridge American puppets than stiffed SA on payment for the first shipments, which means: NO MORE COAL FOR YOU!

Ukrainian Heroes Strike in Sydney

To commemorate the coming of the Chocolate Messiah, Ukrainian-Australian "heroes" struck the Russian and Serbian sections of Sydney's cemetery, destroying 76 grave stones, many of White officers and cossacks. The local Cossack association is offering a large sum of money for the identity of these bastards. Retribution will be harsh, I am sure.

Christmas Trees for Novorossia

A new social movement and fund are taking packages, gifts and monetary donations to help the people and children of Novorossia. Several trucks of toys, gifts and Christmas trees are already prepared for delivery this week and the aim is for a half dozen more 20 toners to head to the Donbass before 31 Dec 2014. "Елка в Новороссию" and the fund of Pavel Astahov are collecting monies for LNR and DNR. It should be noted that Chechnya and Koluga are the two oblasts that have given the most.

Foreigners are also sending in, so all you supporters of the fight against the Globalist Hobgoblins, give and help these children. Send your gifts the Russian Children's Omnabondsman, Miysskoy Ploshad, d7 str1, Moscow, Russia.


Anonymous said...

The whores of the west already made off with the Ukrainian gold.
May Russia shut off the gas during a long cold winter.
Hang tough Russian Bear you will win.

Anonymous said...

Mercenaries? I hope you are wrong. And I hope your news is as "off the wall batshit" as some of the stuff I've been seeing. Because if it is, someone, somewhere is ginning this up. Most likely to protect their phony baloney job. When you include the toxic mix of psychopath leaders from all sides - that might account for these stories.

Keep in mind that "nothing works right" after 2008. That problem is worldwide - with everyone mostly remaining in a bad mood. Colors judgement. May encourage overreach too.

If "mercenaries" is truth, wonder how your average Ukrainian feels about this? Say someone who hasn't picked sides.

Might be taking potshots at such people? Can't be ruled out.

Only a damn fool goes to war for money. Could these just be the worlds "excess fools"? Look what the Libyans did to mercenaries at first opportunity (I know - bad example). Why would Ukrainians be any less inclined?

Anonymous said...

Tracked it down:

"Rookwood General Cemetery Trust CEO Fiona Heslop does not believe the vandalism was racially motivated. Ms Heslop said the areas attacked were the Serbian and Russian orthodox as well as non-denominational sections called Magnolia Grove and the Remembrance Lawn.

“The way I’m looking at it, the path through the cemetery doesn’t seem to focus on one denomination alone,” she said."

So what is the truth here? Does anyone know? Article indicates the police are investigating and seem keen on identifying the culprits.

Aussies would take a dim view of something like this - would really piss them off.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from many who know all too well how "little people" fare when psychopaths rampage.

"God help the Russians who don't get their money out of the bank before Putin closes them."

"So the challenge today is for both Russia and the west, and in particular Germany, to create a framework that can also bring in Ukraine … to begin to find ways to resolve the Ukraine crisis and bring Russia back into a path of normalcy that will allow it to gain access to international capital."

Would really like to know that the Ukrainian separatists are for real and want to be part of Russia in which case Russian support is not unreasonable. Backing Western Banking interests in the Ukraine which is what it seems like to me is not something I want to be a part of….the truth of it is that they should be left to sort it out themselves…good luck with that."

Gorbachev might be reviled in your country, but he's often regarded as a cut above "typical politician" everywhere else. The fact he is now defending Putin makes many if they now doubt their own facts.

Tragedy and farce. Most just want to stop Nazi land grabs, but that commendable ethic might be used by those with other agendas.

That's the tragedy here. Believe most don't wish to humble Putin or Russia - seeing that as a loser game. Would much rather see them succeed and gain a stake in stability. But perceptions of invasions color all judgement. What if those perceptions aren't true?

Ukrainians and Russians could sure take everyone off the hook if they settled these arguments peaceably. This whole thing has become phenomenally stupid.

Anonymous said...

"What Russia intends and what America fears are very different things.

The United States and Europe have trouble understanding Russia's fears. Russia has trouble understanding particularly American fears. The fears of both are real and legitimate. This is not a matter of misunderstanding between countries but of incompatible imperatives. All of the good will in the world — and there is precious little of that — cannot solve the problem of two major countries that are compelled to protect their interests and in doing so must make the other feel threatened. I learned much in my visit. I did not learn how to solve this problem, save that at the very least each must understand the fears of the other, even if they can't calm them."

Francisco Miguel Colaço said...

Europeans like me are starting to get very vocal against the policies of the European Union towards Russia. Unfortunately, the communists are also embarking against the West, as they always were. I am being found in a difficult position of having the commmunists agree with me for completely different lines of thought.

Stanislav, communists would love to have the Soviet Union restored, and think either Putin will do it or e will be overthrown by the ones who will. We know we cannot go to the streets, for the manifestations would be taken over by communist violent provocateurs, and that would be counterproductive (we have been warned).

For a conservative like me, I find the communists should feel right at home in the present European Union, which converges to the methods of the former (we still having some liberties, but they are eroding, as you know, into a façade of surveillance).

We, conservatives, most of us christians, need a help from Russia to gain momentum on this fight against the sanctions: we need a Russia that will explicitely appeal to the likeminded christians in Europe in the press, instead of saying all europeans are the same. We are not. More are supporting the complete abolition of the sanctions, and then negociate, than there are supporting the present route.

Help us, and we will assure that Juncker will not sleep until he is forced to divert the dogs of war.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just like Europe before WWI ...everything was about to go their way - yet they managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Ukraine needs to grant all Russian speakers within it's borders absolute protection with a hard Bill of Rights. And Russia needs to accept this.

In time, this silliness might pass, and by then - there may be a blueprint in place for getting "tribes" working together. That European Union initiative is bold and may still fail. But if they can make it work - so can Russia.

Anonymous said...

Dunno Stanislav,

Once believed Putin was one wise leader and wished we had one like him....but more and more he's looking like your George Bush.

There is no doubt Russia will survive this mess. But one hasta' ask "was any of this necessary"?

And this claim about bogeyman westerners keeping Russia down is just plain bullshit. That's his "weapons of mass destruction" spiel.

If Russia wishes to wallow in this crisis - well no one can stop you. But I think things would be much better if Russia just tried to settle things with Ukrainians. And not by invasions.

Think how long it will take us to live down Cuba and Iraq. I don't recommend it.

The US (like Russia) once had better relations with it's near neighbor. Hell, we handed back that island twice after conquering it (though some of the conditions attached are sickening). That didn't stop both parties from acting like loons when the opportunity presented itself.

And to what end?

Russia's ties to Ukraine are stronger than ours ever could have been with Cuba. Common language, common culture. Yet here you are.

Don't let this become a "damn fool" historical moment. It's gone too far. Just step back. You'll prove yourself far more rational than we were.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahah......what a circus.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I think it would be very clever if Russia would stop providing energy of any kind to NATO members. How long would it be before NATO dissolves? It would be a welcome happening.
Well, I must get back to my studying Russian.
Interesting things afoot...