Saturday, May 2, 2015

Count Down to 9 May

Count Down to 9 May

As the days grow short and the festivities to commemorate the 70th anaversory of V-E day are prepared, we may be on the cusp of the next great war.

It is no secret that Ukraine, rearmed by Europe and trained by a motly crew of Anglo nations, is pulling up all the heavy equipment it still has and massing all along the front lines of the Donbass. Besides the hundreds of various mercenaries sprouting up, there is also a full US airborne batallion carrying out training in Novorossia itself (not in far off Lvov as initially claimed). OSCE has been noting and reporting on Ukraine's constant violations of the heavy weapons bans, of massing troops and of constant artillery fire against civilians...not that anything the OSCE says matters to the Eurohypocrites, whose souls are already sold.

As such, following the US's tendency to start troubles for Russia on holidays: Georgia's War during the 2008 Olympics, Ukraine's Pusch during Sochi Olympics in 2014 and now the 70th 9 May, the US puppets may be getting ready for the final (as Americans call it) Hail Mary...a final, throw everything you have into genociding the Donbass, in order to draw in Russia.

Having a battalion of the 82nd Airborne on the edge of hostilities, and I am sure throwing them into combat and the massive insueing casualties, would give Obama the excuse to drag the US and NATO into the war. Never mind that it would not be an activiation of the defensive charter, the various NATO slaves will follow what their masters tell them and marshal up to fight and die.

So will this holiday of 70 years since the last great war become the starting day of the next great war? Well, dear readers, we have 7 days to find out. I pray I am wrong.


Arius said...

NATO would commit suicide. Russia would roll up NATO to the German border.

Anonymous said...


I hope you have a wonderful Victory Day celebration. A lot of us would not be here if the Nazis had not been crushed. Taking your posting into consideration, if anyone interferes with Victory Day, may they get hammered with an iron fist and then crushed underfoot.


Anonymous said...

It's never that clear cut Stanislav. Look how attitudes in the West turned quickly once the general realization spread that Georgia initiated hostilities.

Angels they're not, but they are not reliable fools either.

Is it possible the vast bulk of who you perceive as "enemies" may in fact just be responding to events and meaning no harm? Just stabilizing that situation has benefits and may allow cooler heads to prevail.

This isn't wishy washy pie in the sky's what any responsible neighbor does during domestic abuse. There is no military solution here and all is dependent on Russia and Ukraine.

Do they wish to wallow in their rut or put it behind them?

Your knowledge of local history is vast, but an outsider would read much of it as "hurt inventory" and really wonder if any regional party is capable of getting beyond it. I don't think you are presenting ethnic cleansing as a solution...yet that appears to be the most common "solution" in your region.

Jake said...

I see the disguised moderate troll-like organism is back.

Let's see: what nation ethnically cleansed an entire continent of the indigenous people for the first time in human history?
Aha! The Americans, who killed off 99% of the natives, and kept 0% of the treaties they made with them.

I particularly love how the anonymous hypocrite uses a condescending, know-it-all tone, even though he really doesn't know-it-all.
A particularly clever technique was pretending to praise Stanislav, while really accusing him of ignorance:
"Your knowledge of local history is vast, but..."

Here are the facts, bud: The USA is consciously provoking instability and chaos on the borders or inside all potential threats and rising powers (Russia and China), and all sovereign nations that do not take orders: Syria, Iran, etc.
This is not just theory created by Brzezinski and Kissinger, but not actually put into practice. Oh no: it's all true, just as Operation Gladio is true, proven, and in the history books.
Enough trite, condescending garbage from anonymous morons.
Seriously, Stanislav: I am not for censorship, but if I have to read another entry from this guy I may literally, physically puke.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, all things aside, what promise did nations of the world give to Ukraine for giving up USSR-s nuclear bombs? One of those nations was Russia. Nobody dares to remember that promise anymore.

And you think nobody remembers how Stalin, who is glorified in Russia, came to power? What kind of an "war hero" he really was? How he eliminated Trotsky, Zinovjev, Kamenev, Buhharin? How this russian nationalism was really just a tool for Stalin? People will forever remember that. Nothing that Putins Russia does can make us forget.

Anonymous said...

OK Jake, guess I'll get beyond my first reaction of "thumb on nose salute".

Looked up your "Gladio" and scanned through it. Failed to see what's offensive in "stay behind armies". The Swiss always had them, and I'll bet there were plenty of Russian patriots who were in them too. Especially after the war. Nothing focuses the mind like losing a fifth of your population.

And you are correct about native American genocide. It happened. Just as slavery happened. Echos of that still exist (shootings of blacks). Just as "cold warriors till death exist".

But stop for a minute and consider. Russia has it's own problems with racial bias, ethnic cleansing, neocons, and a sordid history. This is something one should cling to? And these problems in Ukraine while incomprehensible to outsiders are *fully* understood internally. An old wound. Blaming others for this is delusion. It buys nothing.

Russia's warnings about unipolar worlds, assholes who claim "devine guidance", and an ongoing advocacy for the UN *are* legitimate. But that mess in Ukraine is still a choice. Russia could defuse it - if it wanted to.

As I see it, continuing the Ukraine crisis plays into the hands of people here trying to preserve their phony baloney jobs. And it feeds our own drift into the Soviet model - where anyone oposing the party line gets disappeared. Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are all conjuring up new boogeymen to extend control. Perhaps the *same* is happening in your country?

And Stanislav, far as I can tell - there is no whitewashing of the Russian role in WWII. Whole bunch of video released this month outlining the war crimes Russians had to endure...

Would like to believe that young people would augment their knowledge of history via these films - but understand humankind's short memory. Much of that "common knowledge" was lost here. Our WWII veterans rarely talked about the war - dragging it to their grave. Was obvious they had been shaken and just wanted to live. It's harder for Russia to escape or forget that war. So perhaps willfull ignorance is not as strong where you live.

Stanislav said...

@ Anonymous May 18

Oh this is one of my favorite. See, what everyone forgets is one of those PROMISES was no interference (read revolutions, aka the colour revolutions that DC unleashes) in Ukraine. Guess who wiped their arse with the agreement...yup, the West as usual. So as the West was warned, do this and all bets are off of the table.

Anonymous said...

The promise was not to disrupt ukraine-s territorial completeness. But okay, we can argue forever about who started it, you can quote russian sources, I european sources.

I don't get russian obsession with "derzava" and need to be feared. Now everybody is wary of Russia and Russia itself is slowly going back to USSR. Russians on the street think that west is out there to get them. What is russia going to do when Europe is no longer dependent on its gas and oil? And what's with the obsession with Stalin in Russia huh? 1930-1950s everybody was screwed, everybody feared the state. You want those days back?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...just trying to give you a different insight. If you polled people here about "color revolutions" probably less than 1% would even know what you were talking about. Perhaps that remaining 99% should be ashamed for not knowing - but this is still fact.

Yeah, I get it this might be infuriating.

Do you "get it" that many smaller countries around Russia are now in full freak out?

How would you like to cozy up to people half a world away who probably wronged you with Stasi shenanigans just on the chance they might stay? A bitter pill for many of these people?

US deserved to have the shit kicked out of it for that spying - now rescued by Russian threats.

Perhaps "rest of world" should put both of our noses in the corner for a time? We're just no good.

Agree with previous anonymous tho...painful as it may be. Ukraine had a Russian guarantee. It does sound like they acted irresponsibly - but I suspect they truly had no idea Russia was coming. Russia sucker punched them. Now they're hurt and pissed.

Stanislav said...

@anonymous May 20, 2015

Ah, so let me get this straight...Russia hasn't started a war in 23 years (Georgia started the 2008 war and the EU Commission came to that fact, no friend of Russia's at that). But we are to be NATO which has swallowed up nation after nation (and if they didn't want to join, they got a colour revolution until the new elites did) and has planted itself on our borders, with the US alone in 100 nations with military bases and we are the boogy man? Your Western logic is mind boggling to say the least.

We are not going back to 1930s Stalin, but you in the West are doing a damn good copy of Germany long before you do a copy of Germany 1941 and we need to do a copy of Germany 1945...but maybe on the Potamic?

Anonymous said...

Im the anonymous of 18th and 20th

I actually watch russian TV and read russian media too. And i have russian friends. As you can guess im from eastern europe, Estonia.

I dont hate russians, i have russian friends, its the country i dont like. We were annexed against our will, people were deported to Siberia, planned economy made us poor. Russia claims that dissolution of USSR was 20th centurys biggest catastrophe or mistake. To us it was biggest gift.

I get it that russians think that NATO and EU are out there to get them. And anyone who is with them is the enemy. Well we are not, but as tiny country we have to choose between east or the west. And we choose west. Sorry but Russia isnt known for human rights. Blogging is controlled after some readership number, Gasparov got beaten up in police van etc.

So we dont hate russians, we arent nazis. EU doesnt even allow us to show nationalistic pride. So no Germany 1930-s. But well never join Russia again, never.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i`m the last poster again 18th and 20th may. Well now that i have read your other posts i`m uh... confused. You know everything how bolsheviks came to power, how they betrayed revolution, other democratic parties, killed Romanovs. How all that evil started with Lenin, long before Stalin came to power.

I have argued with russian nationalists offline and online before and they always glorify communism, think that bolsheviks regime was good for russia. That is why i assumed that since you are nationalist you do too.

Political parties in my country use our past under USSR as political weapon. They get cheap popularity from scaring the people with russian threat. At the same time talking about how we were sold out by the west after WW2 is frowned on. Politicians in those parties are actually former communist party members so... yeah. But people also understand that we have to choose between EU/NATO and Russia. There is no middle ground for little countries. I wish there was, we don`t like EU that much and we don`t want to be under Russia again.

TL:DR version. We have to choose between EU and Russia. Its a practical choice. I think that it was the same in Ukraine. Joining EU is more beneficial and we cant be neutral when east and west fight it out.

Oh and the nationalist russia thing, i think its pretty justified if it`s based on monarchy, Nikolai II cared for people. Still don`t want to live under Russia tho.

Stanislav said...

First I'm a monarchist and not a nationalist in the sense that is considered in Europe: one race ruling over others. Again, a typical European thing, we thank God are not Europeans.

Its actually rather pathetic how some cling to Europe and oh oh maybe they'll let us in.

As for Estonia and the rest, at the rate things are going, in 20 years, besides some old people dying off, there will not be anyone left. I'd say the Swedes or the Poles would eventually reabsorb you but they are dying off the same way. Sooner or later the EU will flood you with Arabs or Somalies or some other third world riff raff, just like they have done with everyone else who has been in the EU long if we ever retake Estonia it won't be Estonia but Arabia on the Baltics...but you will be part of the glorious EU for what ever that is worth.

It did not have to be a choice between EU (US vassal) or Russia. Could have stayed neutral and in between, but Estonia and the rest choose the EU and the now as a slave of the US you choose confrontation and war and yes, war will come because the US will not stop until we are at war, but you fail to notice the fact that you will be the battle ground and the US will happily fight to the last Estonian (and other races) and if a few million more whites are wiped big loss.

When you say we like Russians but hate Russia, that is schizophrenic, as Russians and Russia are the same thing.

Ukraine will not be allowed to go into the EU/NATO sphere. It took 23 years for the US to force this issue and over this issue we will go into world war three, because our existence is at stake and if that means we have to drive and swim to London with our tanks, so be it, regardless of the cost to us or Europe as a whole. We, unlike the slave races of Europe, will not go into extinction quietly and meakly, we Russians are anything but that.

And with 1.5 billion Chinese knowing damn well that if we fall they are surrounded, backing us, who do you think will win? The aged and childless Europeans, with 60-80 million Arabs, Turks and others in their population waiting to wipe them out when they are down and install Shari, or us? Looks like we will soon find out.

Anonymous said...

To calm your monarchist heart:

We don`t want refugees in our country. Right now we are against EU-s quota of accepting refugees. So we won`t become Africa.

We won`t attack Russia. Estonia is right now composed of 30% russians. We are too mingled together for that to happen. Even if politicians order it people will protest. Almost everybody who i know has russian friends. Thats why i dont undersand why it happened in Ukraine.

I don`t see us as slaves to US. EU offered better economy, better jobs. Joining Nato, well we have history with russia, being annexed in 1940-s. We can argue forever about that topic.

As for demographics, yeah that is Europes problem. But it`s also Russias problem also. Your population has`nt risen.

And as for being slaves... we have fought for independence before. We`ll do it again, be it against Russia or US.

Stanislav said...

I have to disagree, if the US gets a war going, you will be marched off of that cliff in no time.

As for demographics, our birthrates have been positive for the past 3 years. We outpaced the US birth rates in 2012 (2011 was the conversion point). No its not the Muslims, they are having just as many kids as before. Russian women are pregnant all over the line with 1. better wealth, 2. more religion (67% self identify as Orthodox and 22% as going to church at least 1 time per month--- that has gone up 30% over the past 5 years). 3. restrictions on abortion and if the law packets go in it will almost make abortion illegal.

Sooner or later the EU will shove the Africans and others down your throat. Look what is already happening in almost all other nations. Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and there are almost no Swedes in the city centers now...all Somalies. Greece out of a population of 10 million has 400.000 arabs and pakistanis demanding their Islamic "rights"...and so on and so on. That is how the EU will turn all of you, as Geobells said: into a faceless mindless mass of European humanity to do the bidding of the government.