Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will The Empire of Chaos Murder Macedonia Next

Its official, dear readers, the Mordor on the Potemic has set its evil eye on the poor country of Macedonia. Nuland, the Hand of Evil, has arrived to sow murder, death, destruction.

Last week, Albanian Islamics, from the CIA backed army of the Kosovo Liberation Army, crossed into Macedonia and attacked one of its towns. The results was 8 Macedonian soldiers killed and 14 of Uncle Sam's puppets sent to Hell and their 72 Succubus.

But why now, after almost 12 years of relative peace are the Islamics again on the march in SE Europe and in Macedonia specifically? The 20% of the population that is Muslim Albanian, in the Orthodox Christian slavic country, has broad autonomy and has been relatively peaceful as they smuggle their white Romanian future whores and heroine into Europe. And how is this tied to Nuland?

Its all quite easy. Macedonia's government, headed by president George Ivanov and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, has decided to better itself and the lot of its people, not as slaves of Mordor but as a free people. They signed deals with Russia to be a transit nation for the Turkgas pipeline and Russia has agreed to build their pipeline from which they will receive gas and transit fees. Russia has also started various other projects to improve their infrastructure. Until Mordor which buys the souls of the leaders of nations, turning them into whores like Merkel, Russia works to actually improve the lives of the people of nations...that is an evil that the bankers of the West can not abide, peasants living well.

So in steps Nuland, the Black Hand. Washington has been sponsoring the opposition to over throw the conservative government and to implement a liberal, read fascist, regime that will be pliant to the Empire of Chaos. All is over a supposed wire tap that the opposition was provided with and claims to point at government corruption and that the government denies and states as an obvious plant by Western special services. After all, spying is what the US government does best.

Add to this, with a Western sponsored demonstration in two days, a sudden attack by Islamics that have been quiet for 12 years but were and are on the US payroll, and its obvious what is going on.

The Empire of Chaos is starting a new war, another Balkan war, just like it personally started the 1991 war and the 1998 war. Washington's mass murderers are at it again. The ME, Ukraine, North Africa, all theaters of mass murder Washington has created and whose flames it spreads.

So here we go again and this time in the heart of Europe and the EU, with Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania right there in the neighborhood. Luckily for Mordor, Europe's leaders are worthless door mats and its people are broken.


Anonymous said...

No mention of any of this here, though we usually get news of islamic attacks within eastern Europe (hard to rely on big corparations for reliable news though - they just seek outrage to sell).

What do you think of this? Have any hope that the truth will come out?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Hard to tell if this is real or just more propaganda....

Imagine what's it's like being caught between US bullshit and Russian bullshit :(

The creeps here want us to be fearful of "islamic threats" so they can seize more power. Probably the same where you live. Once you let a "protector" into your home - you'll never be rid of him.

"Protectors" can't be trusted. Neither can yours. Though it creates new/other problems...arming the population is a better fix.

Civilians won't be able to stand head to head against violent political groups - but if enough of them are armed....can make for a very difficult creep environment.

Nothing like getting shot in the ass by grandma while pursuing jihads. Imagine trying to explain that if you survive.

And once these abominations get put down quickly - people will be better behaved.

Anonymous said...

OK dammit, your over the top claims forced me to take a look.

Didn't like what I found:

Know nothing of the second source - but it appears legit:

This source popped first on google, and while probably needing some careful fact checking still looks grim:

Never visited Yugoslavia but understand under Tito it was a prosperous place. Think it will ever be that way again?

Anonymous said...

They don't have much to say about the Ukraine situation (at least not yet):

That last paragraph is haunting :(

Another good one:

jim said...

The name of this country is Skopje... Macedonia is an area in northern Greece...

Stanislav said...


Skopje is a city, the proper name is the Former Republic of Yugoslavia Macedonia.

That Greeks have a paranoia that somehow their Greek province will run right over and join Macedonia is insane. More likely it may be the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Spotted this morning:

"They asked not to be sedated because they were afraid we would take their organs," he added.

Russians have courage. Perhaps it's time for someone to visit Kiev and try to defuse this mess? Because this is spinning out of control...

Anonymous said...


Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Humanity has not understood how the empire of Chaos works. The so called little country of Macedonia was an artifact a creation in the chaos that is a satanic mind to be there since a long time ago to stay there and to be used at a later date. It is simple as that. People, Humans do not matter to them. They are pawns to the greater chess game. Tito maintained the name in the area so that he had a hope of one day moving south with the communists to take over Thesaloniki the prize. This is what the people there now think and advocate after years of brain washing. It is the same brain washing that the people in Kiev receive and thus the concept should be of no surprise. The so called great powers at the time all worked together to enslave Humanity the plan was WWI, WWII and now WWIII coming. Albania and greater Albania are also part of the greater plan. Albanians are not Illyrians who were in fact Ellines (Greek) in the old times. Albanians were actually brought via migration from areas West of Caspian Sea see Arianos Historian for naming the people found during Alexander the Great travels, Plutarch, Claudius Ptoleamaios, later migrations place them during the Roman / Byzantine era in tηε area of Dagestan with the name Avare (Αβαροι)
later and systematically with a long plan that the average Human Cannot Grasp(!) as these plans are thousands of years old, and a Human lives only a few years, these people moved to west the south then toward where Albania is today taking over displacing or mixing as the case may be with the Illyrians of Hellenic Origins. They were kept on purpose always uneducated and under control so that they need to do to control Ellines - Ellas (Greece). With the planning Ellines have been occupied and are surrounded by Mongolic nations from the North and the East to keep them always at bay. The question remains what to do now that the people have been brain washed they want blood property they perceive as their own even though they are wrong! Here' a small passage from Plutarch ' "Καταλιπών δέ φρουρόν Αρμενίας Αφράνιον αυτός εβάδιζε δια τών περιοικούντων τον Καύκασον εθνών άναγκαίως έπϊ Μιθριδάτην. Μέγιστα δε αυτών εστίν έθνη, Αλβανοί και Ίβηρες"
use a translator to translate he explains that when Alexander left a garison by Armenia he continued and was in the Caucus areas where he found the Albanians...

Anonymous said...

The name of the region you call "Macedonia" is Paeonia. The Slavs arrived there 800 - 900 years after Alexander the Great.

There is no insanity of Greeks involved here, these guys speak for Thessaloniki and use maps for it. They claim that Alexander the Great was their ancestor and they name airports, squares etc. using his name. Everybody knows they are slavs, even Kiro Gligorov admitted it. Yet, they insist to call themselves "Macedonians".

The number 1 argument in use, here in Greece, against Greco-Russian friendship is that Russia recognized Vardarska as "Macedonia". Ever your article is used to prove that Russians are - once again - "selling" Greece.

We feel insulted, Stanislav.


Jim said...

@Stanislav The real name of this country is Vardarska. There are old maps with this name. Tito called it as Macedonia for the very first time in the decade of '40s or '50s. When you call this country (?) as Macedonia you don't respect the Greek nation. How would you feel if the world start to consider St. Petersburg, Moscow, Ufa, Siberia etc as Georgian or Ukrainian or some other country's teritory? I don't think you 'd like it. Would you like it to say Chechnya is a different country and not Russia? And it is 'cause Russia is fenderation like the USA, Germany, Spain etc. Believe me I know much better the Greek and the Balcan history than you. I live here, I know it better and no, it's not greek paranoia. Have you seen skopjan maps that they added Thessaloniki to their country? Because they want to have access to Mediteranean Sea. Of course that will never happen 'cause Greeks will never allow it and our history has proven that several times through our thousands years of history. So my friend it's not just a name. There are more things behind that name. If you want to believe your point of you go ahead, but don't tell me that it's the truth or the right thing 'cause it's not.