Saturday, September 19, 2015

Freedom of the Press for Me But Not for You

Yesterday, 17 September, after another visit by the flying Nuland, Ukraine announced yet another stammeringly stupid set of declarations, in this case "sanctions". There were two sets, a further ban on journalists (a European value) and a ban on Russian civilian aviation.

Second one first, as this is a side topic. So what this means is that not only can Russian planes no longer fly and land in Ukraine but they can no longer fly over it. First, this means a further loss of several hundred million dollars for over flight charges. It means much further flights for all Ukrainian flights heading south or east, as this will be reciprocated by Russia. Finally, it means 1. a huge increase in the price of tickets for most Ukrainians as Aeroflot alone is such a huge carrier and main user of Kiev as a hub, that competition without Aeroflot there to keep prices down, will be gone. Lastly, as mentioned above, Aeroflot pays for half the bills of Kiev's airport, so banning Aeroflot ensures the closing of Kiev's main airport.

Now on to the rest, dear readers.

The Ukies were quite stupid (I know a shock) to include many European journalists into their black list. After all, freedom of the press, a "Western" value was declared as of prime importance to Ukraine, by Porky, who then started black listing reporters. In this case, of course, half of those black listed were British, French and Germans, including from the mouth piece of Downing Street, the BBC.

Within a few hours, complaints from around the world starting pouring in, and more importantly, from the West.

Having realized that he had screwed his puppet masters, Porky's regime quickly back tracked....well just on the Western journalists...the rest be damned. That was all the "freedom" loving West wanted. "Carry on".

The point is, yet one more in a very long line of hypocritical Western "values". As long as the Journalists are Russian, they can be banned, arrested, tortured, or killed (as a half dozen already have) while on assignment with big white letter "Press" on their jackets, the Western defenders of the press, could not care less.

So once again we get to see what Western exceptionalism means = hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

"Freedom" is a western value? Has nothing to do with Russians? Certainly not those Russians who faced real danger Westerners never were exposed to.

Dunno about this. I look around here and note the number of open sourced cryptographic software Russians *gave to us* and I'm puzzled by your claim.

Hell, the worldwide Tor survey recently put Russia just under Germany for relays. But I guess you're suggesting most of them are run by your government? Maybe. At this point, I choose not to believe.

Bet a lot of Russians are fearful when they see *any* country restraining the press. They know - eventually the same clowns will be coming for them.

And yeah, there plenty of hypocrisy. Deal with it. Why should Russia get a free ride when everyone else gets to shovel away this shit daily.

Anonymous said...

Φωτοβολος Τοξοτης said...

Alas, soon there shall come the time that evens will be so many and so horrific globally that the press will no longer be able to cope with any of it.