Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bosnia: 15 Years Later, Still a Pipe Dream

Bill Clinton, the former American president, told his nation, NATO and a reluctant world, that the Bosnia mission would last only a year. The joke on the people, of course, was to WHICH year?

Well, it has already been fifteen years and the mission to make reality of a pipe dream is and will continue to be just that: a pipe dream. Bosnia and Herzegovina has never been and will never be a multi ethnic, multi-religious state. Sure, there are Serbs, Croats and "Bosniak" (Bosnian Muslims, an ethnic group created by the Communist dictator Tito, out of Serb and Croat Muslims) and sure there are Muslims as well as Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Heck, I am sure, if you search deep enough, you will even find Witnesses of Jehova running around, somewhere there.

However, Bosnia is and has been and ever will be a Muslim, Islamic state with an unwilling Christian majority wielded by threat of Western mass murder and violence, into a dysfunctional monstrosity. The Christian Serbs and Croats are forced to live under a primary Islamic regime that rules from the multi-ethnic Sarajevo, where 90% of the population is Muslim and little girls have to wear head scarfs just to go to school. A city where foreign mujaheddin, married to local women (and most of those local women did not get a choice) fill the streets and train in the hills. This, then, is the West's definition of a multi-ethnic, tolerant state: Christian subservience to Islamic overlords.

One thing that is ever noticeable, driving through the Bosnian deep countryside: the fighting positions, the entrenchments of the old front lines are still there and ready, as the question of this monstrosity's future is still in question.

Of course, this monstrosity serves the West's purposes, the same West that engineered the collapse of Yugoslavia, created Islamic Jihadist Kosovo and terror bombed Serbian civilians. By forcing the Serbs and Croats to stay out of their respective nations, the West assures itself that all former states of Yugoslavia remain weak, divided and easily manipulated, while their resources are syphoned off and a ready market for goods dumping is maintained. A similar process has happened to us Rus, with our division by the West, into Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The only sensible thing for this injustice would be to create a loose federation to allow the people to live in freedom and not under the Islamic yoke. Of course this would quickly lead to a larger Serbia and Croatia and a rump Islamic substate, which without the West's money and pro-Jihadist support, is all it is. Let the Arabs sponsor them, with more then just Jihadist fighters.

Of course, the West is tired, bankrupt and ill kept, and sooner or later it will leave, then accounts will be settled the way they should have been, had the West not created the Bosnian Frankenstein. Maybe then, real Christianity, not the warmed over post-faith West's, will begin the long journey to retake our lands from the Jihadists.


panoramica said...

I believe wholeheartedly that sovereignty must always be allowed to devolve to the smallest viable unit that wants it. Thus if (say) the Ukrainian people wish to separate from Russia, let them.

The converse must hold true too; if peoples wish to amalgamate with another nation, let them — if (say) the Ossetian people wish to separate from Georgia and join Russia ...

Stanislav said...

Ukraine is thus similarly an artificial nation, two half that often hate each other, the Catholic agricultural West and an Orthodox industrialized East, that wants unification with Russia, its ethnic as well as cultural kin.

vonbach said...

Your spot on with this one.

Anonymous said...

Great article. You have truly seen Bosnia for what it is.