Monday, May 25, 2009

WTO is Poison For Russia

The EU's trade commissioner, recently stated, that the EU would not finalize a strategic trade pact until Russia joined the WTO. As the 6th largest economy and the only industrialized nation not a part of that uber national, socialist organization, Russia is a constant reminder to all the disaffected groups around the world, such as the US and British conservatives, that no only do they not need the WTO but it is a poison that robs them of their economic and, in the end, political freedoms.

Russia's economy has not only survived, but prospered under a mercantilistic protectionist system. Even this present Crisis has been relatively mild compared to most WTO members, as Russia has raised its walls and fallen back on its own companies and an internal demand to keep itself going. The lessons for this were learned after the disastrous 1990s, where Yeltsin opened Russia up to the flood of foreign goods that destroyed most Russian companies and helped plunge Russia into its own Great Depression.

Protectionism was instrumented by then President Putin and a reversal of fortune began, well before oil passed $25 per barrel. The Leftists like to "blame" oil for Russia's boom and avoid the fact that it was not until 2003 that oil prices shot off, some four years after a drastic turn around in Russia. Nor has Russia collapsed, a year after prices fell like an international banker from a high office window. The West's hatred and anger were and still are palatable, as they were first locked out of cheaply exploited Russian raw resources and then were forced to build and operate local factories in Russia, employing Russians, to continue playing in Russian markets. Even giant Western aggro business has been loosing ground as Russian farms and food companies, with protection from the state, have made great modernization strides.

This also undermines the West's control over the life of Russia and thus Russia herself., as they have had to face the starling reality that they need Russia much more than Russia needs them. This imbalance of power grows starker every year.

The EU representative Catherine Ashton, was quoted as stating: "Russia needs to demonstrate it really is keen to move to WTO accession and part of that is not imposing any new duties, which in any event damage business."

What she really meant was: damages the Western businesses, the mega international corporations, who own the governments in the West and care not a zilch either for their home countries nor for the concept of competition. They hate most of all, having to set up shop in Russia, rather then just flooding goods from their SE Asian factories.

Russia is the only major European and world economy that has stood up for its citizens, not bought into the Marxists Free Trade and has prospered. In this, she gives hope to groups of oppressed conservatives throughout the West and thus posses a direct threat to the body politic of the internationalists, who run those nations.

As we all know so well: hope must always be crushed.


vonbach said...

Letting free trade policies into Russia would be the quickest way to destroy Russia. Free trade policies are anything but free. They have caused staggering damage here in the USA. Good for Putin for standing up for Russians I wish our leaders would start doing the same.

Stanislav said...

Yes, absolutely, which is why my article on Mercantilism starts with Marx's pro-Free Trade quotes.

vonbach said...

Russia wont be permitted to do this. They'll start WW3 to bring down Russia rather than let it be independent of "free trade." I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Quote - "Russia's economy has not only survived, but prospered under a mercantilistic protectionist system."

The U.S.A. also prospered being closed economy. What described Mr Patric Buchanan in one of his articles. They jumped on globalization bandwagon and then flip-flopped.

But I do not understand well if any, why Mr Putin together with Mr Kudrin opened Russian financial market to the world.

In one of Stanislav's previous posts he wrote about fallen economies of new and old Europe (mainly new one) but stopped short naming Poland. Correct. But the text lacked a conclusion - because Poland DO NOT belong to Euro zone. That's why the skunks ruling Europe and Poland want us to join Euro as quickly as possible. "No one can prosper in Europe, everyone should share the burden of collapsing financial system" - they seem to think.

On the other hand Poles are not (were not) so wealthy to invest in phoney papers like derivatives which brought financial world to its knees. BTW The financial derivatives are "papers" based on "papers", which in turn are based on other "papers" based on another worthless "papers", and the chain goes ad infinitum - to put it short - the "papers" are not based on any manufactured or digged out GOODS.

Interesting posts Stanislav, thanks for bringing me here.

Cheers to all,
Przemyslav (P2O2 from NSM)

The Mom said...

I am in Texas USA and it is interesting to see your perspective on what is happening to our country. Although on the surface it may appear that we are compacent and unaware, many of us are very aware and horrified at what is going on, but have little peaceful power to stop it. Please pray for us.

nico said...

The reason we Americans aren't lifting a finger to stop Obama's takeover of the auto industry is because we're paralyzed with laughter. Hell, government and auto companies with their ignorant bloated bureaucracies and jurassic unionized workforce are PERFECT for each other. A match made in heaven. Watching them screw themselves over is going to be best sitcom in the history of American television. Even better than The Beverly Hillbillies, if you can believe that. Live and in color this time.

Obama & Geithner Inc., have proven in front of the whole world that they are the Dumb & Dumber, Inc., of takeover artists by taking over two of the largest auto companies in the world and driving both into bankruptcy before the ink was even dry. And to top it off, they rewarded their sucker union buddies holding worthless stock! That, after getting $6o million dollars from the Union during the election. The folks on Wall Street are hysterical with laughter at these two geniuses. Like Obama himself said on Jay Leno's show, watching him play in the White House is just like watching the Special Olympics...almost a direct quote (you can't make this stuff up).

Just remember this one thing: liberalism is always and everywhere a self-liquidating problem. Whether you're talking about taxes, jobs, abortions (now there's an infant mortality problem), sexual preference, hybrids that are environmental name it...liberalism always eats its own. It's truly great theater for certain kinds of taste. But, you guys in Russia should know that better any one, right?

Love your don't know much about the real America because you focus on our politicians too much and you seem to trust the garbage put out by the underpaid losers in the CIA--they're all bit players in America. Studies have shown that our elected officials across the board, state, local and federal have an average IQ that's 5-7 points lower than the general population. Think about that for a moment. Americans don't trust anyone smarter than themselves to rule them. That's the bottom line. A little foolishness from time to time is a small price to pay to keep all the smart people in the private economy. Right?

Oh well, at least you're eyes are open and you're engaged with ideas. Keep up the great writing...occasionally you do seem to swerve into something novel and provocative. Love it.

Stanislav said...

//Just remember this one thing: liberalism is always and everywhere a self-liquidating problem.//

Only if you use the American term of liberalism. Outside of America, liberalism is more akin to your libraterianism with lazzie faire internal free markets.

George said...

//Russia is the only major European and world economy that has stood up for its citizens, not bought into the Marxists Free Trade and has prospered.//

Weren't the soviets very protectionist when they took over Russia? I'm confused as to your definition of a Marxist. If you can suggest some literature that shows the connection between Marxism and Free Trade, I would be very grateful.

Other than that, very interesting blog. My opinions on free trade are mixed, but you make some good points. What do you think of the War on Terror, and Islam in general? If I remember my history correctly, haven't Orthodox nations been some of the oldest soldiers against the spread of Islam?

And I agree with you about the liberalization and abandonment of Christ of western Protestantism. I'm in the process of converting to Orthodoxy here in America. Orthodox churches are so rare here!

Stanislav said...


The soviets had a free trade block with the Warsaw Pact, N.Korea, Vietnam and other nations. Often it was to our own detriment.

Rob said...

Your comments are very insightful on the world situation. I would like to hear your opinion on the following. You reference that many of the world's difficulties fall on the US/Anglo sphere. I believe your are referring to what many are calling The New World Order. This groups aims a far more than just lining their pockets. Their ultimate goal is the creation of a virtually invisible world government. They are currently using the trappings of socialist and green policies to hide, confuse, and to sedate the masses, but in reality, there are Fascists. Not only in the economic sense, but politically and eugenically. Is there any proof? Only indirectly. I am sure that you are familiar with Soros and his dealing in Russia. Financier, nazi collaborator, and an author. Scattered through out his many books, such as Open Society, he lays out their plans. The creation of a transnational government, with far more power then the UN, the ability to economically strangle any nonconforming government, the use of NGOs to undermine and destroy the nationstate, use of CO2 cap and trade taxation for funding. They did a test run on Russia after the fall of the Soviets, and now their sights are upon the US. Our fiat currancy is being destroyed. We are on uneccessary overseas military adventures. Our government won't seal our borders. No one in the US has any hatred for Russia, but yet we are being corraled into conflict with you. We blundered into this trap, distracted with credit cards, a sycophanthic media and smooth talking bribed politicians. Many may wish to sit back and laugh at our predicament, but make no mistake, should the US fall under control of these evil forces, the effect on the world will be dire. Why am I bothering you with this? Because you seem to be knowledgeable, and you may have more information on these international criminals and fascists who are looking to create a world empire. Is any of this true? If it is, it will take people all around the world to stand up to them. Only time will tell.

Stanislav said...

Yes, it is the right group. But two things: fascism is a form of Marx a Leninist-Trotskyte version and the US is already under its control. Russia, as a great power, will resist, because that is the nature of it, both culturally and religiously. It will fight to the end.