Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Order of the Day: Only Good News

...even if you have to fabricate it.

Yes, the very West, the Anglo-Sphere in particular, that brought us this "wonderful" Crisis, built upon lies, deceptions and fabrications, is at it again!

The theme now is: recovery is here, or at least just around the corner.

To that end, the elite controlled Anglo media has its marching orders: no more bad news. Why the unproclaimed leader of the so called "free" world: Barrack Obama, has even gone on a charm campaign, backed up by the smiling mugs of the rest of the bankrupt G7. No more dire news about failing banks, no more words on inflation, on failed and pointless bailouts. No more on collapsing provinces and states, bankrupt like some third world failed nation states. No more about abandoned neighborhoods as house after house is retaken by banks and the paper that backed their loans continues to go bad and destroy the retirement of tens of millions or maybe even hundreds of millions around the world. No, not a word about factory after factory, store after store disappearing.

No, this is a confidence game, dear readers, and like any such schemes, good news and trust in a bright future, not in economic principles, even when hurricane winds are blowing, is essential. So the Western corporate media, the hand maidens of the new Marxist police states, have scrubbed the world clean, or at least the news of the world, and not just at home, but abroad too.

Sure, there are still lots of exaggerated horror tales about our Holy Russia, by the two bit "think" tanks struggling for legitimacy. But even now, as the burning ceiling is falling down around the ears of the majority of the G7's leaders, they have to point at someone and say: "See, we're not like them (Russia). They're a disaster", even as the reality is quite reverse.

Gone is news of mass unemployment and mass unrest in China and India. Even China's bogus financial statistics are now touted as God's own truth. Gone is news of continuing rioting and unrest in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and others. Gone is anything that smacks of reality of the world wide crisis and only smiling, happy, lieing faces can be shown. But if the Western public does get suspicious that things are not that great, there is always Pakistan and the Swine Flu o drive attention away from the storm that keeps on blowing in. Even the continued staggering growth of unemployment, in the West, is given a rosy shine.

All of this, of course, is done to keep the public silent. To keep them paying their taxes, eating their spam and paying the pointless mortgages they can never hope to afford, as their earnings actually decrease in the face of continued inflation. Most importantly, it is done to keep the guilty in power, the people who helped or orchestrated this disaster have no intent of leaving or answering for this: ineptitude does not go away.

But lets look at reality: the US economy has continued its collapse, at a fast clip. Housing prices continue their drive down: Phoenix Arizona has reached 50%, much higher then during the Great Depression. England, with an historic interest rate of 0% is right behind, while its pensioners, counting on their earnings from savings are in desperate straights. Job losses, even by messaged numbers of the US government, are staggering at some half a million in one month, just in April. That is half a MILLION more people unable to pay loans, taxes or buy things or for that matter produce any kinds of wealth but instead will be consuming resources in unemployment benefits. Factories and stores continue to evaporate, even as 46 American states are effectively bankrupt. All, it should be noted, continue to sell their debt to the rest of the world. The same can be said for the UK, Spain, Ireland and others.

Both of the Anglo powers have nationalized heir banking systems and continue to nationalize one industry after another, even if they are to cowardly to call it that. Hugo Chavez is a mild leftist in comparison to these Marxists.

Most all are printing money, in massive amounts. The storm of inflation prepares to come ashore and crush the already weakened economies. However, that debt they have sold and continue to try to sell to us, will become worthless. Yet another extended theft from the West. But why tell the truth?

Japan is in full depression, loosing more industrial output between Oct and Dec 2008 then most nations lost in all of the Great Depression. Shanty towns, something not seen since post World War II, are a common day sight, now. Germany is also suffering, its economy is in decline. Germans, at least, are not printing money and they are under no illusions on where to lay the blame for their misery. Their voices, on the Anglo-Sphere dominated international media, are silenced.

Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania are dead economies and governments, soon to be joined by Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Pakistan. Surely there will be at least one civil war, if not a multi-state war, from all this collapse and misery. Yet nothing is said, nothing that would alarm the peasants.

So is the future bright? Hardly, the worst is yet to come. However, the lies of today will come back to haunt the G7 much worse, as any remaining hope is crushed by a reality that will not retreat and can only be covered up and the public is finally forced to come to terms with that reality: a situation they still hope to avoid.


Grandpa Ed said...

Your words are strong and definitive. Very refreshing. Eonmically I feel the worst is here and ther is mre to come after any effect of the so called "stimulus" burns off. When the smoke clears many companies in the US will be nationalized. Many of the people will be unaware since this is a movement they are not familiar with. Much will be disguised with union ownership of auto makers and other BHO socialist policies.

When the 2nd phase of the collapse takes hold the people will begina more serious revolt, non-militant. Hopefully those remaining conservatives in the congress will be able to slow down the momentum of socialist/communist ideologies.

The Republic ofthe United States of America will take years to recover.

One item i would like to note is that most Americans, conservative and liberal alike, are not in favor of these wars in Afghanistan/Iraq. This agressive war philosophy could be the catalyst which stops the bleeding and reverses the course of this socilistic disease that has infected the USA.

Stanislav said...

Much will be disguised with union ownership of auto makers and other BHO socialist policies.Yes this definitely brings to mind: the workers will own the means of production....yes that has worked out sooo well in sooo many nations.

Grandpa Ed said...

The big unknown is "how gullable will the US population be?" As you pointed out in your post about Lincoln we have been heavily infiltrated and indoctinated by an educational system which is sympathetic to the Manifesto ideology. Much of the youth has NO clue of Russian history or the writings of Solzhenitsyn. They take their freedoms for granted.

Douglas said...

America deserves the leadership it has because we no longer pay the least bit of attention to the substantive issues of government. I wonder how far things will slide before us "dumb masses" wake up and join in solidarity against the lies and corruption that we have accepted with astonishing silence. If the Russian people exercise wisdom in their political affairs, more power to them--best of success to you all.