Sunday, May 3, 2009

NATO's Future is In Russia's Hands

NATO a hodgepodge organization of states in Europe, Asia (Turkey) and North America who have no overall mission, the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact long dead, are a fragile institution with many short comings for the members and gains only for the Anglo Sphere.

Since the Soviet collapse, NATO (US/UK and their European military bureaucratic puppets in Brussels) have been bereft of reasons for existence. They started by expanding, like a dieing red giant star, growing and growing, sucking the life out of others, while rotting internally non-the-less. The Anglos pushed NATO into the Yugoslav civil wars, wars that can be argued were started with soft power interventions by the members of NATO, in the first place.

However this was short lived, thus the God send of the War on Terror. It was a God send on three accounts:

1. It allowed NATO to continue to justify its existence to the majority of its members, even as the Anglo-Sphere's drive towards destruction of Russia, never stopped. Many of the other members of NATO were less then happy with this hidden agenda, but the terror of 11 September and other incidents, allowed them to look the other way and continue to support the Frankenstein in their midst.

2. It allowed continued expansion of NATO and NATO partnership programs, most of whom seem to have happened to be the countries on Russia's periphery.

3. It allowed America and to a lesser extent, the UK lap dogs, to continue building on the one industry that America still has a monopoly on: weapons systems. NATO runs on, first and foremost, American weapons and like the Soviet Union of old, the only real industries America still has is weapons and heavy equipment. It is a power that can not fully cloth its people, can not provide them with furniture to sit on or even a television to watch. It can not sustain itself with oil and gas and it can not even finance itself without every third world hell hole being a creditor to the world's best armed pauper state.

So, seeing all this, it was no surprise that the Anglo-Sphere, with the rest of NATO in toe, rushed into Afghanistan, the biggest Western folly since the 1940s.

Of course, with the usual Anglo-Sphere ideology driving every endeavor, two things have developed that have firmly put NATO's future in Russia's hands and will in the end destroy the last best chance for Anglo-Sphere domination of Europe and Asia:

1. Pakistan. Not satisfied with only a half controlled vassal, in the form of Masheriff, the Anglos brought about the end of his reign and placed on the throne a gaggle of true puppets. Inexplicably, in the year that has followed, Pakistan has hurtled towards an absolute collapse and with it the main supply route to NATO's legions in Afghanistan. Inadvertently, NATO is now absolutely dependent on Russia for the supply of its forces.

While, the ability to move forces, particularly personnel, by air, will preclude the NATO legions facing the fate of the First British Expedition to Afghanistan, the images of NATO forces abandoning equipment and scrambling to get out of a cut off, land locked and over run Afghanistan, will absolutely spell the doom of NATO. It will be a moral blow no less deadly to the present system then the fall of Berlin was to National Socialism.

2. Georgia. The NATO backed genocidal dictatorial regime that launched yet another bought of genocide against its minorities and was slapped down by Russia, has continued to hold power. Beyond all reason, NATO has continued to back the dictator, declaring his opposition as radicals. True some are, but the majority are from Monarchistic, Republican, Conservative and Christian Democratic parties. These are now radicals? People who call on the government to allow media freedom, an economy free of government terror and black mail and an end to effective one party rule, are now, to the Anglo-Sphere and their European NATO lackeys, a radical movement. But then again, the constitutionalist Ron Paul was called a radical in America. Why should anyone be surprised.

As such, NATO has continued to quickly rearm the Georgians and to prop them up in Georgia's blind hope to regain its former territories and, as goes unmentioned in the absolutely controlled Anglo press, exterminate those peoples who live there. Of course Georgia will launch its war and of course the weight of Russia will crush it, again, and will not stop, this time, until Tbilisi.

NATO's reaction will lead to one of two ends, neither good for it or its Anglo masters: it will either do nothing, the more likely effect, and finish off the coffin on any confidence in would-be vassal states surrounding Russia. Or, if has truly gone insane, always a distinct possibility, it will react militarily. Not only will large scale casualties result in this, but Russia will instantly close off all routes to Afghanistan and will be in an equally powerful position to make an air rescue extremely difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Either way, NATO has its head firmly in the Russian noose and is busy spitting in the Russian eye, non-the-less. Yet, ignoring this most obvious truth, NATO continues to treat with Russia on a basis of: What is ours is ours and what is yours is negotiable but eventually will be ours.



Interesting that you write this. My last article touched on this issue.


Matthew Saroff said...

Just wondering, have you come across anything in the Russian language web regarding the Georgian troop mutiny?

I've got nothing, but it appears to have been home grown, because of its small size and general lack of organization.

Stanislav said...

Yes, quite a bit. Read an excellent article about the fake coup. Supposably, a whole batch of former generals, who now happen to be backing various opposition leaders, were going to over throw the government. Now this is a video "secretly" taken where this other general is conviniently "briefing" on the coup by explaining every detail and how as soon as the coup is over Russia will come in and annex Georgia.

Of course if Russia had wanted that, it would have done that in Aug 08.

Of course, everyone but the gov of Georgia has stated that this is nothing but the yearly which, SackOfShitvilli walks in and single handedly berates several officers into surrender and like a bunch of naughty school boys they stand and listen to him reading a lecture before asking for forgiveness.

Gregor said...

I wrote a bit about this topic on my own blog. I suspect that both Russians and their neighbours view NATO as far more organised and ideological than it actually is.

the 'NA' in NATO stands for 'North Atlantic'. So what is it doing in West Asia? Looking for a reason to exist probably. I suspect its leaders are not so much ideologues as venal careerists afraid of demotion. Most Brits probably cannot even point to Georgia on the map or know anything of Georgian politics yet would not oppose NATO membership for two reasons:

1) They have no option in our wonderful democracy. Both New Labour and the 'opposition' Tories wanted to reward Saakashvilli's superb leadership with NATO membership.

2) They couldn't be bothered writing to their MPs or demonstrating, or even reading newspapers. Of course I don't blame them in the last instance because the 'left' and 'right' newspapers in our 'free' media both take the party line that Georgia is a brave little democracy.

Matthew Saroff said...

Found a link in English.

If accurate, it was a classic mutiny, a refusal to follow orders, not a coup attempt.

According to Moon of Alabama, they were ordered to move against peaceful demonstrators, and refused.


Arius said...

The EU, US, and NATO have been trying to entice Armenia out of the Russian orbit. Now that is collapsing. In spite of solemn promises to the Armenians worldwide that he would acknowledge the Armenian holocaust with the very important word genocide, on April 24th he did not. Further, since being elected Obama has tilted American foreign policy to the favor of Turkey, the Arabs, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Azerbaijan, and Iran, and to the detriment of Israel and Armenia. In addition he is cutting military and non-military aid to Armenia and increasing it to Azerbaijan (currently Armenia's deadliest enemy). Armenians worldwide, as you can guess, are spitting mad. It is likely that Armenia will align itself even closer to Russia as its survival necessitates it.

Anonymous said...

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