Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is Greece Set for a Nationalist Coup?

In less then one year, all the cracks of Greek society and economy, all the family secrets that the Leftist, Panhellenic Socialist Movement and their centralist New Democracy allies have tried to suppress, have come sharply into the light of day.

Since the fall of the Regime of the Colonels, Greek politics have been dominated by the Left and their centralist allies. The present president, Karolos Papoulias, of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, was reelected to his second five year term on 12 March 05. His prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis, of the New Democracy (a center right, modern, "progressive" party, aka Left Lite) took power on 10 March 2004 from the now deceased Konstantinos Simitis, also of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, who presided over Greece from 1996 to 2004.

In just those past 13 years, through pandering to the local and EU socialists, they have ruined the Greek economy and brought the country to the brink of ruin. However, underneath all of this, is a seething core of Orthodox Christian, nationalist conservatism that is now garnering ever growing support and may finally be in position to take power, be it through elections or more then likely, other more direct means.

The ruin started early. Pushed by the EU, Greece opened its borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of, first Albanian Muslims and than Pakistani and Arabic Muslims to flood the country as a cheap labour source for the same class of traitors that can be found in most modern states. Traitors who would happily impoverish their own people in favor of allowing cheap, foreign and often socially hostile labour into their midst.

Next came the Europe, on 1 Jan 2001. The top 2% of Greece watched their fortunes skyrocket, while the remainder of Greece, a nation heavily dependent on tourism, and specifically, Russian tourism, watched their fortunes and livelihood plummet. Russian tourists, unable to afford the instant doubling of prices under the Euro, left for the neighboring Turkey, to find vacation deals and see ancient ruins. Meanwhile, most Europeans continued going to Spain and Italy. For a time this economic disaster was papered over by a large inflow of EU funds for large, government owned, socialist projects. Of course, as everyone knows, such state run economies can not, for long survive, not when the under pinning middle classes suffer.

One of the key events that helped take everyone's minds off of the economic mess, was the coming of the Olympics. However, as with most places, once the event is over and the "hollowed" grounds stand empty, inquires become loud, on was all that worth it? The ever promised new uses for the insane investments and short term gains, rarely materialize and a sobering hangover ensues when expenditures are realistically viewed. Even the prostitutes' business fell off sharply.

Next came the 2007 fires, which destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, dozens of villages and took hundreds of lives. The whole of this tragedy, which found the leftist government absolutely unprepared, would have been much worse, if not for the massive aid brought to Greece by Russia. This event will not be forgotten, for while the EU/US/NATO aid was miniscule and late coming, Russian water bombers and Russian social aid poured in reinvigorating our ancient and holy bound.

Even all of this, the entrenched Leftists, could have survived, but not the Bank Panic of 2008. While Greece did not suffer heavily from the toxic waste paper of Anglo finance, it did suffer from further cuts in tourism and a collapse of international trade and thus transportation, something the Greeks are dominant in. The final blow came with the cut off of the cheap Euros flowing in from the Western Europeans.

University educated students, who face a 20%+ unemployment rate, took to the streets, in the closing months of 2008, a revolt that has continued to this very day, more than half a year later. While their cause bares much merit, their tactics of mass demonstration, unrest and open destruction of property and businesses, has driven the Greek economy from its knees to its back, fully stopping all tourism and costing billions of Euros in damage.

The socialist government has shown insane restraint, forcing the police to stand outside of universities and dodge Molotov cocktails that the students are throwing on them from the roofs, unable to enter these "hollowed" grounds. Bombings, throughout Greece, have become an almost daily occurrence.

If this has not brought the Right to open revolt, it was thought, nothing would, nothing short of the Islamic mini-Jihad now exploding in Athens. Mind you, the Right is not a hapless, toothless beast. Orthodox nationalists have bared their teeth on many occasions, but never have they had so much reason to rise up as they do now.

During the West's war on Orthodox Christian Serbs in defense of Islamic Jihadists and also on the Orthodox Macedonians, though this one through proxy, Greek volunteers flooded to fight along side their co-religionists and historic allies. Greek civilians changed signs so that Anglo/NATO caravans, coming up from Greek ports into NATO occupied Kosovo, would get lost in the mountains. Hundreds of others pelted those trucks with stones and mud.

In 2006, under further EU pressure, the ruling Greek Socialists, gave permission to build the first Islamic mosque in Athens, since Greece threw off the Islamic yoke. Furthermore, this was and is a Saudi sponsored project. Mass demonstrations forced the government to back off. On the spot of the proposed Saudi mosque, now stands a newly built Orthodox chapel. The locals flatly stated they did not want another Kosovo on their lands. They learned well to what ends the West will go to in service to their Saudi masters.

The Right again came forth, when the Pope John was invited for reconciliation by the Leftist government, which under pressure of a full revolt, led first and foremost by the monastics of the Church, had to back off of its big planned production of cultural and historic betrayal and create a low key anti-climatically event.

Now we have riots by imported, both legally and illegally, Islamic. The Greeks, less then 200 years ago, had the joy of experiencing for 400 years the Islamic Yoke and they have not forgotten nor will they ever forgive this murderous crime. The West, ever forgetful and ever ignorant, has pushed them to the brink again. Of course soon the UK, parts of America, the Netherlands and other enablers of murderous Islamic jihad, will get to experience first hand life under Islamic reign, few cultures have deserved it more, then those actively pushing it forward and bombing other Christians into subservience to that tyranny. Least we forget, even the Catholic Pope was mum to the outrage of US NATO led bombing of Christian Serbs both on the Catholic and Orthodox Easters.

Already, public anger has spilled out in the open. An impromptu Muslim prayer center, in a shop, has been torched. Neonazies attacked immigrants and anarchists, while the anarchists have set fire to everything in their paths and have been exploding bombs daily at Greek businesses, stabbing an economy already on its back.

The Western backed socialists have lost all control of the nation and it is again up to the military and the Church to regain control, establish policies that are best for Greece. Unlike previous times, this time there is no Soviet threat across the border, US support is not only not needed but unwelcome and a friendly and helpful, co-religious Russia, the historical ally of the Greeks, is waiting to help.


Gregor said...

If that happened Stanislav, tons of cluster bombs and white phosphorus would be dropped on Greek civilians whilst the 'conservative' and 'left wing' armchair Rambos in Britain would both claim that it was a righteous war for human rights and freedom. And they'd praise the 'moral courage' of the politicians who'd order children roasted alive.

They'd probably invite the KLA to take over administering Greece, since they've done such a good job (in WTO/ neo-liberal terms)of destroying, sorry, I mean 'introducing liberal democracy' to Kosovo.

eleni said...

Yes there is a simmering boiling point fast approaching in Greece. First the Fyrom issue, the Turks threatening constantly and the Muslims taking over with their fiendish friends the anarchists---Yes there is a boiling point being reached quickly. The question is would NATO stand by and allow this to happen? Would NATO unleash the Asiatic Mongols of turkey on Greece? How would Russia respond? I suspect many discussions and meetings are taking place as we speak.

Stanislav said...

Russia would respond with War...they would have no choice. No Russia government would withstand the religious back lash of Islamic Turks butchering Orthodox Christians, especially the Greeks. Russia has twice in the past 15 years forced Turkey to back down with threat of war.

taken said...

Russia would respond with War...they would have no choice.

I wish, but this did not happen when our serb brothers were massacred.

Russia has twice in the past 15 years forced Turkey to back down with threat of war.


Joana said...

The Albanian Muslims?

Stanislav said...


Both times were over Cypress.


Yes, most Albanians are Muslims though 1 in 4 is Orthodox Christian.