Thursday, November 5, 2009

Рублю Нужен Официальный Знак Валюты

Как знают все серьезные экономисты, никто не принимает валютную систему серьёзно на мировом рынке, если, она не имеет своего индивидуального знака. Почему нужнен символ? Просто. Не только каждый раз не нужно выписывать название валюты, но и человек, который не знает названия валюты, все равно, будет знать, какая страна производит эту валюту. Кроме этого, глобально принятый символ придает чувство значимости валютной системе, а без этого чувства, где же был бы доллар США?

Так что, я предлагаю знак русского рубля!


jack said...


Russian to English translation sites are crap so I was not able to read your article.

There’s an excellent video on Lyndon LaRouches website presentation by Natalia Vitrenko who is the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine who ran for president in 2000 and survived a grenade attack at a rally discusses the economic, social and political situation of Ukraine under IMF policy during the 90’s and the state Ukraine is in under the criminal Orange gang today. The statistics and facts are quite shocking 80% GDP in foreign debt, population decline from 52 million in 91 to 46 million today, 70% population living below the poverty line, etc.

When they upload it on there YouTube site I hope you will post it on your blog.

Also again why have you or any other Russian not seriously addressed Western sponsorship of terrorism and organised crime in Russia and across Eurasia (Chechnya, Crimea, Central Asia and China) and there involvement in criminal activity in sex slavery of tens of thousands of Russian girls in Europe and the Middle East, drug smuggling and distribution among other things and training in biological and chemical weapons.

This issue should be addressed before Russia has a 1917 style situation in which it can’t control and destabilisation does not have to happen in Russia it could happen in one of the weaker Central Asian states like Uzbekistan which could start the ball running and cause a chain reaction.

Stanislav said...


Russia will not have a colour revolution, it already had one in Yeltsin, without colour.

The nation is always looking like collapse but is always very stable.

jack said...


I am not talking about a coloured revolution I am talking about destabilisation and a violent coup. So when when are you going to talk about western backed terrorism across the Eurasian sphere?

Brain said...

Where would the dollar be without its symbol? The exact same place it is. What made the dollar so successful was not its symbol, but its underlying economic principles. A new symbol won't solve the rouble's problems (as its own symbol isn't protecting the dollar from its own current problems).

My first Russian Studies professor noted, in simplistic terms, that Russia wants the things of the West without the ideas that go along with them. I would call this a textbook example.

Stanislav said...


--The exact same place it is. What made the dollar so successful was not its symbol, but its underlying economic principles.--

You mean guarnteeing the Saudi Jihadists the right to wage Jihad anywhere in the world, as long as they price and thus by them, the other arabs, all the oil and gas only in dollars, making the dollar the reserve currency for oil.

jack said...


The dollar is financed by debt paid for by China, Japan and the US in US dollar bonds holdings. If China suddenly decided to retract it dollar reserves the US would be finished.

Russia implemented Soros/IMF/Harvard economic policy after the fall of Communism under the Yeltsin regime and look what happened the same can be said of Ukraine.
Look what is happening today in Ukraine under the Orange regime.

The best capitalist today are the Chinese.


So when are you going to seriously talk about western sponsorship of terrorism in the Eurasia sphere?

What is it about Russians and this issue that they don't want to talk about it.

Here's a good one was Beslan organised and trained/rehearsed in Bosnia?

"Cybercast News Service viewed videotape shot by Kohlmann of activity at the former Sarajevo offices of Al-Haramain. "All they did was white-out the old sign," said Kohlmann.

Cybercast News Service has also obtained a video that terrorism analysts say depicts an active jihad training camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a region previously described by analysts as an ideal gateway for terror missions into Europe.

The video, which is over four minutes in length, shows outdoor maneuvers, explosives training and training inside what appears to be a school gym. Exercises in hostage-taking are also shown.

Cybercast News Service obtained the footage from Gregory R. Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association. The footage, said to have been shot before autumn 2004, was first aired in May 2005 before an audience of senior military officials during the Strategy 2005: The Global Strategic Forum held in Washington, D.C."

The original article on the CNSnews site with the link to the video (which I have) has been removed

"INFORMATION OBTAINED BY Defense & Foreign Affairs from a secret Wahabbi terrorist organization based in Bosnia shows how the Saudi and Iranian governments are working together to support combat operations against the Russian Government in Chechnya, and are building a base of future operations in Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus. Moreover, during 2004 the organization they support has expanded dramatically in terms of operations and funding, and has opened a string of new offices and facilities around Bosnia and into Southern Serbia’s Raška (Sandzhak) Muslim area.

Kvadrat also receives support from Al-Haramain charities - the Al-Haramain & Al-Masjed A1-Aqsa Charity Foundation - a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-based organization which was declared on September 9, 2004, by the US Treasury Department to be a terrorist-related organization. (1) Significantly, Al-Haramain was specifically linked by the US Government to the support of terrorist operations in Chechnya, as well as al-Qaida operations against the two US embassies bombed in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam in 1998."

I could also cite other connections to Bosnia like the foreign Kuwaiti commander in charge of foreign Jihadists in Ingushetia and help plan and organise the Beslan massacre was a former Bosnian army commander as well as all the other foreign Jihadists like Abu Walib and the main man drafted in to run operations when Khattab was killed Abu Hafs.

Stanislav said...


It has been talked about plenty in the Russian press, excellent documentary: Plan Kavkaz.

At this point, I don't have the time to finish digging. I have hit at it here and there in various articles but, it is on a long list of to do when time allows.

jack said...


I seriously doubt Stan that the Russian press goes into great detail about the scope and scale of state sponsored terrorism in Russia if they did there would be mass panic and revolt against EU and US presence in the country.

Do they know Al Qaeda is a fraud and every single terror attack is militants connected or working through a Bosnian/Chechen network?

There is no talk about it on any English language Russian sites and when I try to post articles with links proving connections to terrorism or western affiliated crimes against Russia they never get published.

And what about the above links in regards to Beslan?

David B. Carvalho said...

Ещё без знак рубля? Я люблю твой знак. Пожалуйста, плохо говорю по-русски.

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