Sunday, November 8, 2009

Betrayal, Obama Style

German Chancellor Merkel had a surprise waiting for her, when she returned from what was a positive visit to the Americans and specifically the regime of one Barrack Obama. Upon arriving home, she was back stabbed by her ally over the GM Opel deal, upon which Merkel had placed so much of her and her party's reputation.

GM had agreed to sell Opel to a combination of Canadian parts manufacturer Magna and Russian bank Sberbank. In turn, the new owners planned to cut fewer jobs in Germany and other European countries and keep all four German plants open, than a GM restructuring plan that will see one or more and perhaps all four of the plants close and up to twice or more of the 4,500 layoffs planned by Magna.

To facilitate the deal, Germany ponied up 1,5 billion Euros (approximately 2,2 billion USD) as a bridge and another 4,5 billion Euro to facilitate the actual purchase. The 1,5 billion have already been delivered.

So in effect, GM, which is owned by the US government and thus by the Obama regime, grabbed the money and ran, back stabbing Chancellor Merkel's government and ripping off the German tax payer as well as raking Russian and Canadian investors over the coals and wasting their time and money. Needless to say, the Russian and Canadian governments, who helped sponsor these deals, have also had mud slung in their eye.

Than again, gentlemen, what did you really expect? If the American Marxist regime ignored American contract law and raped the owners and investors of the GM and Chrysler, its own citizens, to gain control of those companies, why would they not do the same to us, a bunch of foreigners?

Obama's betrayal also cuts into Spain's Opel operations, another US ally, whose workers made major pay concessions to facilitate the deal and are equally screwed, facing total or massive layoffs. Spain's Industrial Minister Miguel Sebastian was quoted as saying "Spain is not willing to go back to square one. We are not willing to budge even an inch."

The only ones in Europe who will benefit, surprise surprise, are the practitioners of the same brand of absolute corrupt corporate-state capitalism, the American fellow Anglo-Marxists, the British. Any real surprises there?

Look, after the hundreds of billions the US/UK government/finance cartels have cost us, why is anyone still shocked that they would try to screw the lot of us out of a few billion more?


Anonymous said...

"stabbed in the back": sorry Stan, this sentimental bullshit doesn't cut it..

Bob said...

Stan...For the life of me I cannot understand why any foreign government officials or entity of any kind would conclude a deal with the US Obama regime that entailed "advancing" money into their hands in exchange for goods or services to be delivered at a later date. Do people not realize they're dealing with a gang of professional islamo-marxist extortionist thugs mostly from the gutters of Chicago. Most of them, including Obama, have never done an honest days work in their lives. The US government under Obama is nothing more than a global “protection” racket. Obama himself is a "pretender" to the office of the US Presidency not eligible under provisions of the US Constitution to even hold the office. Most foreign heads of state and business leaders must be aware of this. I just can't understand why they would even deal with him.

F said...

Bob said it all before I could jump in. Is this why the Big BO is not attending the twenty year commemoration of the fall of the Berlin Wall? Did Merkel send a nastygram to the Big BO? Is he too ashamed to show his face there?

Anonymous said...

Though I didn't realize the timing of this withdrawal would rob the German people of $1.5 billion, I never thought Anglo-Americans would let the Magna deal go through. This is because the Magna deal was financed by Sberbank and the idea of Russians currying favor with Germans is just too much for Washington and London. This will backfire and just alienate Germany more. The next time Germany has the choice between Russian or Anglo-American business partners, its not hard to guess whom she will chose.

jack said...

Why are you bothering about Marxist Obama when the real power running his administration Brezinski and his affiliates are preparing for war against Russia?

And what about the links I provided about Beslan in my previous post being organised and trained under MI6 agent Ashdowns administration in Bosnia..

Why does no one give a shit about this issue?

They slaughter children and video tape it for there paymasters yet it is no worth of investigation?

They are involved in sex and drug trafficking and are developing biological and chemical weapons in the Panski Gorge in Georgia under US/Israeli/British oversight which they can use in civilian populated areas.

vonbach said...

Germany is simply a zionist puppet its sovereignty is just an illusion. Technically the US are still enemies.
Germany is simply a vassal state with the illusion of
independence. You don't bother to treat a vassal as an