Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where Is the Outrage of Yet Another Saudi Jihad

For more than half a century, primed by the damned oil they sit on and protected by American Masons, the Saudis have driven one jihad or another across the face of the world.

They have been usually the backers financially and the providers of Jihadist irregulars, but now in Yemen, they have sent in the US armed and trained ground troops to massacre the Shias, whom the Sunni Saudis despise.

For fifty years, with NATO's and Washington's backing and bombs, the Saudis has waged jihad not only against Orthodox Serbs (Bosnian via the Bosniaks and the province of Kosovo via the Albanians), Orthodox Macedonians (western Macedonia via the Albanians), Orthodox Russians (via the Chechens in the majority of the north Caucus), the Ethiopian Orthodox through the Eritreans, against Orthodox of southern Sudan via the Sudanese government and the Orthodox and Protestants of Kenya via Barack Obama's father's people the black Somali Arabs of Kenya, not only against Hindus through the Pakistani militants, against the Catholic Philippines, against the Confucius Chinese via the Weigers and not only against the foolish Americans dieing to protect the masters who despise them and stab them, but against plenty of other Muslims: Iraq's Bathists, Egypt's Muslim brotherhood, Hezbollah, the Algerian insurrection, the Turkish radicals, the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban and the list goes on.

But now, the Saudis, (usually to cowardly to fight directly, such as their absence on the Arab battle fields verse Israel, where all the other Islamic Arab states were trounced, except for financiers of Jihad), have marched off to massacre civilians in Yemen.

Over the weekend, the Saudis bombed suburban Saqayn district of the Shia-populated Sa'ada Province, massacring dozens of civilians, and did it on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice). Meanwhile, the US trained and equipped Saudi army has been fighting the Shia Houthi militia, which has been fighting for their people's equal rights against the oppressive Yemeni tyranny. Again, where is the outrage?

The simple fact that the Saudis are massacring civilians to make sure their own 30% of the population that is Shia do not rise up, is plain to see. But where is the world outrage?

Oh, yeah, cowards of so call Christians, fine, we won't expect the hypocrisy that is modern Islam, the "moderates" and the fanatics, to say anything, but the Christians? The Western Christians? The ones who have no problems screaming about the poor Bosniak Muslims or the poor Albanian Muslims or the poor Palestinian Muslims or the poor Chechen Muslims, are all equally quiet now. Hypocrites of the highest order, the lot of you.


Looney said...

"Where is the outrage ...?"

To answer the question, it is a bit confusing for our professors to distinguish between "yeah, man" and "Yemen". If these sorts of things become clear, the usual "thought" patterns are that 1) this is the result of religious extremism. 2) Religious extremists are Christians. 3) America needs to brace itself against an onslaught of Christian terrorists wielding Bibles and preaching on street corners.

In other words, the more people who die at the hands of jihadis, the more dangerous Christianity becomes! One could argue that it is better for the world that they don't notice.

Adolfo Giurfa said...

It is just "Divide and Conquer", no ideologies behind at all, please!, that would be to belive that anthropoids think. Anthropoids only conspire (that is their idiocy) to get for free bananas.
The interesting times we are living will turn the screw the way they don´t expect: back to the hieratical order, for their welfare too (they will have their bananas but by working hard).

Anonymous said...

And this is bad? ALL shi3a should be killed. ALL of them. ALL.

jack said...

I'm surprised you have not talked about other things Stanislav other than this to comment on.

Dubai defaulting on its debts (Ha! Ha! great news).

Russia train terror attack.

The Hollywood Georgian war movie which will turn out to be a laughable propaganda film which will probably win an Oscar or two.

Barrista said...

The truth is that in the U.S., this weekend was "Black Friday" and the start of the Christmas season. In other words, they didn't think it would garner as many future advertising dollars as reporting on local sales crowds would.

john said...

Where is the outrage? I think Stas, that you should forget about yearning for an earthly monarchy and invoke "Thy Kingdom Come". In a lightning flash, the sheep and goats will be separated. In fact, I believe they are sorting themselves out even now.

Stary Sambor