Friday, November 13, 2009

To Georgia's Good Fortune, Russia is Winning

Since the mid 1990s and maybe even earlier, the leadership of Orthodox Christians Georgia has been in bed with the Saudi backed, Western facilitated, Turkish trained Sunni Islamic Jihad in Chechnya and other parts of Russia's Caucus.

It is not that the Georgians themselves or their various leaders are sympathetic to the Islamic jihadists, who pass through their lands with Georgian visas or whom the Georgians give comfort to in camps on their side of the Russian border. Hardly would this be the case, however, since this harms Russia, the Georgians consider this a good thing, payback for transgressions both real and imagined (most falling into the imagined category). Besides, the masters of Georgia, those who own the Georgian soul on a parchment signed in Georgian blood, sit in DC, London and Brussels and they fully approve of this jihad.

Luckily for the Georgians, a people and leadership who have been guided by their pride and ego, failed to consider what would happen if the jihad ever was successful. What if a caliphate was to sweep across the northern Caucuses?

In short, the Georgians would be like rats cornered in a box, surrounded by hungry cats. From the North and East, they would have the new radical Caucus Caliphate. To the South East, a hard line Sunni dictatorial Azerbaijan and to the South West, imperialistic, fascist and genocidal Sunni Turkey. Only the Armenians, directly South are Christian and considering the racism of the Georgians towards the Armenians, there would be no friendship there. We are assuming that the Orthodox Ossessians and Abkhazians would be already suffering under the Caucus Caliphate.

In short, the Georgians would be cornered, with only the Black Sea to the West "waiting" for them to be driven into it. Georgians, being lousy soldiers for the better part of the past thousand years, would quickly discover the value of alliance with the West. They would discover, to their chagrin, two basic facts: 1. The Muslims can guard the oil pipeline whiteout having any Georgians around, to the satisfaction of the West and 2. The West has a very long history of sacrificing small Orthodox Christian peoples to keep the Islamic beast sedated. At 4 million, the Georgians are a pretty small people, indeed.

Thus, while acting out like an angry teenager, blind to the folly of his own actions, the Georgians are lucky that Mother Russia is strong enough to clean up their mess.


Arius said...

Unlike the Georgians and the weasel Europeans we Armenians fought off Muslim Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. We have to thank Russia for protecting our back against Turkey which massed to invade Armenia in the 1990's but Russia said 'you'll be at war with us!'. The West, as usual, did nothing, and wouldn't give a nickel for the Orthodox.

carpatho-russian said...

Bravo, Arius!

In the article, if Georgia were to be surrounded with only the sea, they would find as much support from the West as did the 300,000 Greek Christian Christian of Smyrna, Asia Minor who were massacred in 1922 by the Muslims while the British and French had ships right offshore.

jack said...

It’s not just camps Stan it is the largest international Islamic terrorists centre in the world which includes training and development in chemical and biological weapons.

Georgian government is a puppet regime of Israel/Britain and the US with the Israeli defence minister of Georgia no doubt help coordinate activities and groups in the Panski Gorge and attacks in Russia’s South.

Stan you should read Paul Murphy’s book Wolves of Islam


You're wrong they did do something they brought in mercenaries on behalf of Azerbaijan to fight on there side during the N-K conflict and help set up pro- Azerbaijan lobbies in Washington with Chechens fighting on there side during the conflict is pretty well known who in return give sanctuary and a financial and logistical base to militants like Khattab and other Saudi and Jordanian warlords fighting in Chechnya and major bank there used to finance the operations of terrorist training camps in Chechnya and Dagestan. .

Israel and Turkey have an alliance to sell weapons to Azerbaijan.

vonbach said...

The zionists will do this to every single country they can. Its simple its genocide by mass immigration. If they get their way Georgia will be just the beginning. Every western country has had the floodgates opened.
Britain for example is fast becoming a muslim country because of unchecked immigration the people never voted for. All of Europe may become like Georgia in
50 years.

Stanislav said...


First off, the Georgians did their damnest to exterminate all their minorities, 3 times in 100 years, never mind it was fellow Orthodox Christians. Can't blame that on zionists, funny thing of how life turned out, the Soviets, run by the zionists in the 1920s, saved the Orthodox Ossessians and the Orthodox Abkhazians from the Orthodox Georgians trying to murder them all off.

As for now, the Georgians are in bed with the Islamics not the Zionists and doing their damnest to help those bastards Jihad Russia. Oh and the flood of immigrants in Georgia are the Chinese.

Stanislav said...


While Jewish bankers have been involved and are still in volved in a lot of evil, you have a lot more to fear from Islam in general, Sunni Islam, which owns your America and England, in particular and the Chinese.

vonbach said...

Jewish zionists are the reason that western countries
are getting flooded with muslims. Muslims are simply
a tool. Handy savages to destroy our countries.
Both the jewish bankers and the muslims are a danger
to us.
I'm no expert on Georgia and I'll be the first to admit that. I was speaking in more of a general sense.
What I'm scared of is Europe and America becoming like Chechnya. We don't need more Kosovo's.