Tuesday, November 24, 2009

America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade

As I have stated before, when dealing with the American government, expect only the most illogical extremes.

The so called Land of the Free, has decided to recreate the ancient and rejected art of serfdom. As anywhere in history, serfdom was set in gradually with restrictive laws that slowly or quickly ate away at the right of the people to move freely, thus guaranteeing the government a stable tax base and its favorite enterprises, a stable work force to exploit, one that can not walk away.

In America that is about to be done by their new Cap and Trade Law, that will more than likely go into affect next year. Only one of the chambers of the parliament has passed it but the other will soon.

In the name of all things green, humans in the Anglo-sphere will be turned into serfs. How interesting. The Greens or rather Watermellons, Green on the outside, Marxist Red on the Inside have found the perfect tool with which to leverage the futures of all peoples in advanced nations. No longer is the cry of power to the people, as the cover for the power grab of the more equal amongst the "equals" but instead it is the cry of Power to the Plants and the Fishes and the little buggy things that fly around and annoy you....oh and it will cost the future of yourselves and your children, but Gia will love you when you are decomposing in her belly, serf.

But how will this be done?

In the giant, unread "democratic" bills that the American parliament loves to pass, some with literally up to ten thousand pages of unread and undebated laws. (and the Americans were only ranked 19th on the list of the most corrupt nations?) To be specific, Cap and Trade (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) will force all home owners to make extremely costly efficiency upgrades to their homes, for energy efficiency, before the government will give the serf, er citizen, a license to sell their home. Of course, before the process begins, the serf must get and pay for a government inspection and another after the upgrades.

The level of "efficiency" will be set by the law and will rise yearly, but an appointed commissar, a national Environmental Protection Administrator, will have a further power to raise the standards as high as "needed". In other words, if the indebted, cash strapped peasants of America suddenly find ways to make those improvements and regain mobility, well, we will just raise the bar even further, steal their mobility and bleed them for more cash. This will of course result in a trained and educated work force wedded for life to their present residence, as is intended by Section 202 Building Retrofit Program. Major local employers, in the pocket of the Anglo states (or are the states in the pocket of the local paymasters?) will have a captive work force to squeeze. This will be especially true in mill towns where other choices of employment will be non existent. As for the uneducated masses, and almost half Americans never finish basic school, dropping out, they are not going anywhere anyways.

Of course, an unintended consequence will be that many more people will simply abandon their houses, as they migrate to seek work.

Might the Land of the Not Quite Free reinstates another quaint age old custom: debtor prisons? Surely, this might make sure that the serfs do not run away.


Looney said...

Thanks for pointing out that little gem. A quick check indicates that our government has mandated a single design code for energy efficiency that is valid every where from Barrow, Alaska to San Diego, California.

Anonymous said...

Your perception of American social policies is accurate and excellent. It is odd that it takes so much time and communication to awaken my fellow citizens to the reality of leftist policies. I say green is the new red, but I will now use your word: watermellon.

As for debtor prisons, Democrats will have them for the people who refuse to buy into the new Obamacare health system. Persons who refuse to participate will be imprisoned.

vonbach said...

I've heard America described as "tax serfs ruled by oligarchs." Its apt, we have no influence over our masters decisions that affect us. They simply dictate to us. Already there are tent cities growing up in America. How will this end? Simple it will end when counties then whole states simply tell the federal government. "Were keeping our money here if you want it come and take it." We don't need the federal parasites they need us. We can manage just fine on our own thank you.

vicktorya said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts again; I've been appreciating them off and on and have referred others to your opinions.
from New Zealand, expat Californian

Nonin Stone said...

The new American paradigm has become "the more you produce, the more you will be punished."

Excellent column. Wish I had time to stop by more often. Instead, I send Americans here to read much of the same things I've written elsewhere.

Keep up the good work, Stas.

Bob said...

Stan…My understanding is the cap n trade bill also contains provisions for rationing carbon credits to homeowners similar to that of industrial entities and businesses. As a homeowner you will be allocated a permissable level of usage (a carbon credit) for some time period...monthly maybe. If you are unable to stay within your assigned limit…maybe you live in Bangor, Maine and it’s been cold as hell…and need more carbon credits to avoid your family freezing to death…rest assured Al Gore has thought of everything and is waiting in the wings at his carbon exchange where you can purchase additional carbon credits from another homeowner, or possibly even from Al himself. Remind you a little bit of the medicine man or elixir salesman from the Wild West days?? Maybe, with one exception. The medicine did create a product. Al Gore and the watermelons on the other hand have created NOTHING but an elaborate scheme for selling back to us that which the Lord has already granted to us…our air. Our atmosphere. I personally think it’s time we had a watermelon ROUNDUP. They make a pretty big splash when tossed from someplace like the Sears tower in Chicago.

Shadow said...

The US/UK have become a shame to civilized society and have lost their souls.