Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HIV Epidemic, What Epidemic?

World wide, the Anglo press is at it again, slamming Russia and attempting to discourage investment and tourism to undermine the recovery that has been built upon by smart economic moves of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin.

The latest weapon of choice is the supposed AIDS epedemic that is sweeping Russia. In no time at all, the Anglo media has spared no print space expense to cast Russia in a seedy, diseased light. The proclamation are that the disease HIV has doubled in the totla infected, in the past eight years. News such as this is at the top of any long "analytical" piece published. Actual rates of infection are at the bottom, if anywhere at all.

The conservative absence message of the government is criticized by "world experts" as pointless and inefficient. Robin Gorma, executive director of International AIDS Society, was quoted as saying that [in Russia] "it does appear ideology is getting in the way of public health care policy."

Chris Beyer of John Hopkins said of Russian officials that they "have never really embraced needle exchange, free condoms and other harm reduction techniques." Beyer went on to say that this is the reason why Russia continues to have one of the most sever epidemics in the region.

The chorus of Western and Westernphile voices is, of course huge, and damning of a conservative Christian Russian government. Even the so called conservatives on such media outlets as Fox and the UK Telegraph, join in in a mindless Russia blasting, regardless that they hypocritically support the exact same policies at home...their hatred of Russia rots their brains and displays their absolute double standards and duplicity. More on these so called Western Christians and Conservatives in a separate piece to follow.

But what do the statistics say?

Russia's numbers, surely to low, recorded 501,000 cases in total, while the UN, surely to high, recorded 1,1 million. So lets take it at the midpoint of 800k. Russia's legal population is 145 million, so this infection rate is 0,6% That is correct, six tenth of a single percent and that is if you consider that all recorded infections belong to the 145 million legal citizens and residents and none to the five to eight million illegals, which is far from reality. But surely, in the world of HIV, this must be a stellar high infection rate, correct?

Sure on the igh end of the scale, according to the CIA World Factbook are Lesotho at 28,1% infection rate, followed by Swaziland at 26% and Zimbabwe at 24%. In Europe, the highest rates are Ukraine at 1,06% and Spain at ,7%. Russia's ,6% places it in the same category as the United States and Latvia.

As far as being the "leader" in the region, in the CIS that is easily shown a lie, as Ukraine with 1,06% holds that title and Russia is a distant second. Much of the increase is due to the inflow of heroine into Russia, through the "democratic" Afghanistani US puppet regime and various other US puppets in the region.

So, once again, simple statistics lay waste to Anglo-Marxist lies: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil.


Gavrick said...

Speaking of illegals, Slava, what is the government doing to get rid of them?

Leos Tomicek said...


jack said...

I thought you would comment on the Swine flu outbreak in Ukraine.

A possible bio-weapon from Baxter International operating in Ukraine.

As far as Afghan heroin and AIDs in Russia CIA and western backed Chechen and Central Asian terrorists are the ones bringing in the drugs and distributing it through there crime networks for a) to finance terrorist insurgency and b) as a means to depopulate the ethnic Russian population along with other concerted effort most noticeably deconstruction of the post Soviet economy limiting industrial development for sustained economic and population growth.

How come you have not done a serious post of western sponsored terrorism and the war on terror hoax against Russia, Serbia and Eurasia?,-Madrassas,-HeroinTerrorism

I've got links I could post if you're struggling for good info including 2 very good article which strongly suggests the Beslan school massacre was carried out and organised in Bosnia.

Anonymous said...

It is absurd for any American media outlet to criticize anyone for their HIV policies. We could have stopped this outbreak in its infancy had we shut down the bathhouses where homosexuals engaged in anonymous unprotected sex back in the 1980s when the virus was contained in only three cities (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles). However, the fanatical politicians that ran those cities cared more about "sexual liberation" than public health. Now the virus is in every municipality and has spread far beyond the homosexuals. As if it weren't bad enough, our Dear Leader announced this week that we would be removing the ban on HIV+ immigrants. Our leaders are insane or malevolent, I'm guessing both.
As far as I understand Russians HIV problem, it stems primarily from IV drugs. We have plenty of those here too. But we also have a nihilistic drug culture. Nihilism is the root problem and only embracing one's ancestral faith can combat this disease. It seems Russians understand this. Americans surely do not.