Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saint Lieberman, Patron Saint of Death Camps

America, wake up. This is it, your oh so righteous man of neither branch but of the whole of the One Party Two Branch system that owns you is about to hammer, with support of your elites, the final nail in your coffins to your lives.

What am I wagging about? Why the Bill that your Joe Lieberman, who seems to be constantly praised by your owners as some kind of saint, is pushing to vote. As this article from Fox ("Lieberman Unveils Bill To Strip U.S. Citizenship of Terror Suspects Arrested Abroad") states:

"The reason we're doing this, being an American citizen means something," Lieberman said. "To me, somebody who takes up arms against the United States, whether they wear the uniform of a foreign country or associate with a foreign terrorist organization, has given up their right to be an American citizen."

he bill would expand a 1940s-era law that requires citizens fighting in a military force that is an enemy of the U.S. to renounce their citizenship to include those who are part of a terrorist organization.

The intent of the bill would be to stop terrorists from using their passports to return to the U.S. The State Department would issue a "certificate of loss of citizenship," an aide to Lieberman told Fox News.

It's unlikely the State Department would strip American suspects caught on U.S. soil because of other considerations, like the right to a speedy trial and the suspect appealing the removal of citizenship, the aide said.

Lieberman's bill appears to be gaining bipartisan support. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz, praised the legislation, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., reportedly said it "sounds like something I'd support, but I'd have to look at the legislation."

Oh, really, so first, without a trial, one is already guilty and two, their citizenship, and thus their rights are stripped. Yet this reporter "thinks" that it is unlikely that the State Department would strip an American in the US of his citizenship? Speedy trial? I read and have been told by many how long these trials take to get started, some times a year or more and that even those condemned to death wait up to 20 years waiting for retrials. So speedy is not a trial. What else is there to stop this?

Now, let us examine what a terrorist is. To most of you, I am sure you are conditioned to think of terrorists as either someone with Arabic accent or a Slavic one, after all, that is all your movies show and yes, we get all your movies here, even the really crappy ones...please keep those.

But alas, dear readers, reality: you do not decide what or whom is a terrorist, your government does. It also decides if your little demonstration is actually a direct threat to the state and is thus fighting against the state. So, guess what happens next....

....that is correct, you get stripped of your citizenship. And then what? Well, unless you were born in some other land and can throw yourself quickly enough, through the embassy/consulate gates of that state and beg them for safety, you do not go anywhere. You are no one. That is correct, as a person not recognized or represented by any government, you do not exist. No one is going to stand up and lodge a complaint to your Elites about your treatment or represent you.

No, as a none entity, you are at the mercy of the state that holds you. The German Jews, Gypsies, Aristocrats, Monarchists, Republicans and religious men who went into the first camps, before the onset of WW2, were also non-entities. Ask them how well it turned out for most, but to do that, you will need a psychic.

Do not think that could happen to the US and to you?

"Надежда последняя умирает"


Looney said...

Thanks for the note and the additional things to consider.

My main observation is that processing a single terrorist as a US Citizen will eventually cost the US taxpayer around $50-100 million in legal and incarceration fees. If military tribunals are allowed to function, this could potentially be an order-of-magnitude less. Under the current system, the Taliban could destroy the US by surrendering, but each terrorist must be caught blatantly in an act of terrorism first.

That is the motivation for the new law, but you are right to point out the historical precedents.

vonbach said...

The USA is turning into a marxist dictatorship. Who gets to decide who is a "terrorist?" Apparently our
new lesbian jewess Supreme Court Justice is related to lazar Kagonovitch.Is she or people like her going to be deciding who has rights or not? Sorry I've seen this game played before.

hamilton x said...

Senator Lieberman (D.-I. Israel) is himself of questionable loyalty making his proposal bitterly ironic. The United States refuses to control its borders and refuses to adopt a rational immigration policy. We mindlessly hand out citizenship to our natural enemies and I suppose we should just as mindlessly rescind it.I'm informed by 2030 we will be 400 million "Americans" in a hyper-violent country that is weaker,poorer and just more crowded. You can have my damn citizenship at that point;I'll just keep my guns.

Bob said...

Damn good comments Stanislav. You might have also pointed out the "re-definition" of terrorist since the new regime took over a year and a half ago. According to our lesbian Secretary of homeland security...BTW, it seems the new regime cannot function lest it's fully staffed by faggots and lesbians similar to the Clinton regime of recent memory...but I digress. According to our lesbian Secretary of homeland security, those posing a terrorist threat to the US include: Tea Party protesters, anti-abortion protesters, police/fire dept members, returning Iraq/Afghanistan vets, tax protesters, those opposed to government health care, etc. In other words, damn near every American that is not a member of a jihadist "sleeper cell", a communist front organization, a university faculty member, union member, government employee, prison inmate or homicidal maniac. Mainstream Americans have a big job on their hands cleaning up the effing mess we have on our hands. One bright note. Tens of millions of firearms are in the hands of tens of millions of Americans who will use them when the shit hits the fan. These are people who, because of internet access, are well informed about current events.

Cobra said...

You are kind of late to the talmudic truth (exept Vonbach and Jack)...
But I must point out that not all of them are commies and traitors, only a sizable majority...