Monday, May 10, 2010

The Politics of Victory Day

If one accepts the very real notion, at least real in Russia, that everything done in events of world leaders, is done with direct meaning, the May 9th, Moscow Victory Parades, had some very interesting views to where the politics of the main powers are heading.

Of the twenty or so world leaders present, who included France's Sarkozy, Chinese President Hu Jintao, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Czech President Václav Klaus, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov, Israel's Shamon Perez, Serbian President Boris Tadić, Bronisław Komorowski - Acting President of Poland, as well as the leaders of Slovenia, South Ossetia, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Montenagro, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkmenistan, Azerbajan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Estonia, Latvia, Mongolia, and members of the UN.

Five very interesting things occured, I will list them from least to most important:

1. No one from Georgia. Not that this is a major surprise, after all, Saakashvili, the butcher of women, children and eater of silk ties, is a war criminal. And besides, this sockpuppet of the Anglos is to busy blowing up monuments to Georgians who died fighting in the Great Patriotic War.

2. No Brown. Chuck this up to the elections, where with hope, that leftist sad sack of bones will be retired to the political bone yard Gordon Brown, even though his soldiers were marching, their band was playing, and even though he is still prime minister, could not have been bothered. After all, running a 12.6% (still .1% lower than the Greeks) deficit takes a lot of effort. Not to mention pandering to his dominatrix: Obama.

3. The Israelis were there. Lets face it, with Russia being their second biggest trade partner, with Russians as the main tourists and our Orthodox Church being the biggest land owner, while the Obama treats Jews the way his mullahs taught him to, the Jews are finally waking up to where the sun is shining and its not in the far West. During the photo shoot, with Medvedev, Perez stood to our president's right. A very clear signal where Israeli politics and loyalties are heading. They've read the Koran and are finally figuring out what they are dealing with in DC.

4. Obama was not there, how could he be? He's to busy running the world. His attempt to send a second run, talking buffoon of a vice Biden, a man who sucks up to a petty war criminal like Saakashvili, was rejected out of hand. While world leaders were gathering to celebrate a key turning point in the history of mankind, the destruction of the worst evil (yes, much worse then the dozen or so million Stalin killed in 30 years, the 40+ million Hitler killed in 9), the American Emperor was busy speaking in Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. And he wonders why no one respects him? Why should they?

The US soldiers who, for the first time ever, were marching in Red Square, must have felt real pride knowing that the man who would be all to happy to send them off to become meat, could not be bothered to show up and see this historic event and only offered up, at the last minute, the comic relief of a vice president.

Mr. Obama, we apologize to you of course. We here in Russia, we celebrate with parades, military victories of great sacrifice, not that you know anything about the military or great sacrifices. I am sure if we were as enlightened as you Westerners and had your parades, that is your Gay Pride Parades (is there even one veteran parade for May 9 any where in America?), you would have had no problems attending.

5. Now we come to the most interesting and most important part of the parade, that is, the inclusion of and the role played by Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany. That is correct, another first, the Chancellor of Germany was present. But not just present. During the ceremony, the parade, she sat to the left of Putin, right next to him. During the photo shoot and the laying of the floors at the unknown soldier grave, it was Merkel at Medvedev's right. Not even the leaders of France, Italy or Israel or any of the former soviet republics, was that close.

What does this mean? Well, we can pretty much rule out blind chance. So if not chance, then this is rather purposeful. This is the point that the Anglos start ripping their hair out, as the German-Russian alliance is forming again and at break neck speeds. This was the alliance the British split, prior to WW1, destabilizing Europe and helping create the disaster that was the 20th century. The Germans see that the sun is rising in the East and setting in the West and they are not about to go down with the Anglo boat and Merkel has already been personally back stabbed by the American godling, something she will never forget. France, Italy and even Poland will follow through. Even Latvia and Estonia, whose politics are widely anti-Russian and neo-Nazi inspired, were there.

This time, however, there will be no split, we know the Anglo game all to well. So go on, Obama and Brown, just stay busy sucking up to your Saudi betters and worry not how the world really turns.

Happy Victory Day, God bless our veterans and may they continue to visit these parades for decades more.


Катя said...

We in America honor those who have served on Memorial Day, the last day in May. This day honors not only those who fought in World War II, but those who fought in all of our wars and military actions around the world. That is when every small town all across America has parades with service men and flags.
In the beginning of May, we Americans honor our mothers and we celebrate our graduates.

David B. Carvalho said...

Wall Street and Stalin created Hitler, and then sacrificed their own peoples to destroy Hitler. This victory belongs to the Russian people, in spite of the Satanic powers that played with the lives of 50 million people in WWII, and, of course, spat on the message brought by Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal, allowing bolshevism to spread to the world and the coming of an even greater war (than WWI). Is the time of the Consecration nigh?

Gavrick said...

Congratulations on Victory Day in remembrance of all those who fought and died to protect and redeem the Rodina.

I also congratulate you that the Marxist Pretender-in-Chief was NOT in attendence. What fellowship hath light with dark?

However, Angela Merkel's spineless acquiescence to the Lords of Brussels in approving a massive credit-based bailout of the PIIGS has insured that she will not be chancellor for much longer.

hamilton x said...

First, I want to congratulate Mr. Mishin on an interesting,informative and provocative blog.I wish you well. Now for a controversial suggestion:Europe should also celebrate Russia's victories over Napoleon and the Mongols. Once again your Russian Church was instrumental in both victories. The satanic French Revolution and its monstrous bastard child Napoleon fell like Hitler and nazism...and Europe was once again saved. Some of us would like to see the Cossacks back in Paris.

vonbach said...

"This isn't the Britain we were fighting for." You'll hear
British war vets say this. American war vets will say something similar. WW2 was a victory for socialism
nothing more.

vonbach said...

There was a prophecy I heard a while back called the third secret of Fatima. It specifically dealt with Russia
and its conversion to Christianity. It said something like the conversion of Russia is important because Russia will be the salvation of the world. I find it interesting given recent events. That Russia will be the one fighting to end world socialism. After fighting for it once. But the Russians thought they were fighting for Russia

jack said...


Georgia and its western backed cronies and anti-Russian James town Foundation are stoking ethnic hatred and racism against Russia just like they did prior to 1917 hosting a Hidden Nations, Enduring Crimes conference held in Tbilisi in 2010 sponsored and hosted by the Jamestown foundation which has sponsored anti-Russian conferences in the past.

Funny how Georgia and the affiliated western media and think tanks/foundations are very selective like how they can mention how Chechens and Ingush were deported during WW2 to Kazakhstan but negate the fact that Chechen and Ingush units were being recruited and fought in Muslim SS units in the Balkans and that Georgian settlers were brought in to create a greater Georgia changes street names in Grozny to Georgian.

Arius said...

What confuses me is Russia's apparent support for Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Muslims with nuclear weapons? That gives me pause, and wouldn't it be a long term eventual danger to Russia? Could you write on this issue?