Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Say No to WTO

Today I read a very disturbing piece of news: the bid to join the WTO may be completed by 2011. The question then becomes: why?

Why? Why do we need it? Why would we want it? Why would we be so blind to surrender our trade sovereignty to a foreign body dominated by the Anglo financial vampires and the Chinese slave labourers? For in effect, to join that "august" body of would be socialist overlords is to jettison our protective tariffs that have turned Russia around.

Least we forget, it was then President Putin's installation of a 30% (now at 35%) tariff on import cars that spurred over a dozen foreign auto plants to rethink their strategy and open major manufacturing facilities in Russia, thus not only feeding the Russian market but providing jobs and taxes to the Russian economy. Why just last month, Volkswagen was bragging that its plant in Volgoda is now almost exclusively using Russian made parts.

Does anyone honestly think, that being part of the WTO, the local content laws will hold? Or the trade barriers of defensive tariffs? We will be forced to sell our collective future to the Yellow Horde, who will no longer even need to contemplate invade us and dieing by the tens of millions, to own us....why just look at the American serfs who now toil for half a year to pay taxes that almost exclusively go to pay the interest, not the balance on the Chinese debt, and yet each is in debt, by government debt per capita, for more money then they will likely ever earn.

Was it the WTO that gave us growth rates of 7%+? No, but it was the WTO that sucked the last manufacturing air out of the US/UK, while our manufacturing grew at 7% or more annually.

Of course, this creation of the Anglo sphere, has benefited at least one group of Anglos, the top 1% who are mostly made up of the banksters of those countries and their political shills.

If this is a matter of prestige or pride that Russia must be in the club: pride goes before the fall. Let it go, instead, let us take pride that we do not need that house of Horrors of the Anglo-Sino creation.

Let us take absolute comfort in the fact that we are the loan super industrial state, the 2nd and soon to be first economy of Europe, who built itself without giving away itself to those vampires and slavers.


Anonymous said...

Right on . I dont get this obsession with joining these clubs.
Look at Ireland in ruins after they sold their souls to high finance.

Cobra said...

I think that would be a good idea.
Because I think that the NWO may be on its last legs.
it's either they win now or they lose big now.
Any push in one direction or the other can bring the whole house down.

Rusty Mason said...

Medvedev is an idiot. The WTO and the banksters will crush Russia -- again. The plunder will be just as in the 1990's. Only this time, Russia is going down for good.

Anonymous said...

Rusty mason has it right Im afraid.
@cobra.The NWO has a long way to go.This cosmic struggle between God/us and the Luciferians has been going on before and will be after we are gone.

Cheryl Pass said...

WTO, U.N., IMF, WHO, on and on....
So national sovereignty goes down on the altar of the New World Order: Soros, Strong, & Co. just keep trampling over the nations.

Nothing good will come of these NWO, Agenda 21 and World Bankers. We are witness to major battles in the fight for God's freedoms. We will not lose in the end...but it sure is hell in the meantime.

Bob said...

Why isn't Putin vetoing this WTO crap? He knows their agenda is to put us all into the cemetery.

Rusty Mason said...

I am only guessing but I suspect Putin and Medvedev believe they can play the international banksters' game and win, or at least profit enough to aid their improvements of Russia. I don't think this is wise. "If one lies with dogs, one will get fleas" (and tics, worms, and mange). Usury and cosmopolitanism contaminate everything and everybody they touch. The Russian people need to be protected from the poison of the West, not exposed and poisoned.