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Mindless Tolerance is a Sin

It gets curiouser and curiouser, as I find myself horrified to be agreeing more and more with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but, when the man is right, he is right.

"If the threat of Africa, Asia and Islamization aggravates, only Russia will be able to save those countries, and this is going to be still another "Suvorov's march" crossing the Alps, but not by the soldiers and the army, but by some joint projects aimed at restraining Europe's conquest by the Asians and the Africans," he said in a TV show Main Subject (3rd Channel).

What more can be said? Well, while Zhirinovsky is right, he is no believing Christian, labeling Christianity as a Jewish Hedgenism over the Slavs. Yes, in that he is a fool. However, in Christ and His Holy Orthodox Church is the salvation of Europe and even of America, if they only cross the threshold of the open door before them, for only in that way, can their societies change and defend themselves against the Islamic plagues that are destroying them. Modern Catholicism and the tens of thousands of diluted volumes of Protestantism and its spin off cults, are weak dogmatically and spiritually to defend against Islam.

Instead, so as to protect their skins and lives from the risk of standing up for their faiths and cultures, the post-Christians, spineless West and yes, I mean the vast majority of the people as well as the leaders, for if not the people, the leaders would have been powerless, prefer to hide under the blanket of "tolerance". So yes, you the people are the core of the fault for allowing this to go on.

A well-known writer Yelena Chudinova, speaking of tolerance, said "virtue without reason is a sin" and "tolerance has long been a sin."

"All our tolerance has been a one-way street. If the situation were different, there would be a dialog. As any reasonable person, I would prefer a dialog, but our tolerance has been viewed as our weakness, and this is where the two mentalities clash," she said.

Head of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said "tolerance will kill" the Western countries.

Tolerance is pointless, as is its offspring multi-culturalism, to the survival of the body culture that it infects. It is a bacterial infection that starts out small and spreads wickedly. The more the difference in the peoples, the faster and more violent the spread. Of course, in peoples of similar cultures, a balanced weave can be reached, aka the Germans in Russia or the Russians in Germany. However, when the two groups have absolutely nothing in common, either one dies or the other.

The Western weak willed people and their corrupt, corpulent and anti-Christian owners, have decided on their own destruction, as long as its not to quick and to painful. The Islamic invaders, for whom the gates were opened and to whom the Danesgeld was given, well understand this. Of course as the climax of the conquest is reached, it will go quicker and much, much, much more painfully.

The Orthodox Church, especially the Russian Orthodox Church understands this and is fighting it on all fronts, even as the Western backed and owned Jihad, in our southern heartlands spreads or intensifies. Just last week, a grenade round was fired into an Orthodox church in Ingushetia, trying to spread the violence and motivate the Muslim population to Jihad. This Jihad would one: be suicidal, as they are vastly out numbered by the Orthodox and two, is much more difficult to start, as Russia, by its culture, is, was and will be assimilating that very population into the main Russian culture, which includes the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Church has not backed off of the grueling and very dangerous job of bringing Christ to these masses.

Last year, Father Daniil Sysoyev was killed by Islamic gunmen, in his Moscow church, for prostellizing to the migrants from Islamic countries. This already is a sacrifice that the vast majority of the so called Western "Christians" would run away from or one that would stop others in their tracks. Not so here. The members of Father Daniil's church, have instead become that much more energized to spread the word of Christ to the diaspora masses from outside of Russia. His murderer, a Kyrgzi Islamic, was killed in a shoot out, while police were trying to arrest him.

On the priest's memorial evening held last Sunday in Moscow, Viktor Kupriynchuk, warden of St. Thomas Church where Father Daniil served, said that missionary team of the killed pastor continue mission in diasporas. They issue missionary leaflets for migrants in English, Tajik, Uzbek and Vietnamese, leaflets in Kyrgyz are being prepared, a book about Orthodoxy in Chinese is published for the Chinese diaspora.
Parishioners of St. Thomas Church continue practice of street mission, carry out "missionary raids" along Moscow streets and this street missionary work develops. Besides, Fr. Daniil's followers set up a missionary school in Kazakhstan and publish methodic books for missionaries on argumentation with cultists.

After all, the Orthodox faith is built upon the bones of our martyrs: men and women in the hundreds of thousands and millions who willingly gave their lives to Christ.

Further, the Church fights both inside the country and in the government of the country for Christ, as well as the economy.

In Tartarstan, the Church is demanding from the Oblast (provincial) leadership of Tartarstan an erection of a monument at the Assumption Monastery, for 5,000 victims of Stalin's murderous purges, from 1930s-40s, whose bones were recently discovered. During the Soviet occupational government of the Western bankers, the grounds of the Church were turned into a NKVD camp and the territory only reverted back to the Church in 1997.

On the front of the government, addressing a alumni of Russian Foreign Ministry's Academy and diplomats in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill had this to say.

"We [the countries of the Russian world: Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia] must make our own unique contribution to the development of the human civilization. There have been statements lately about the relativism of moral principles, "leading in a number of countries to the fall of family values, legalization of immoral models of behavior such as drug addiction, prostitution and homosexualism," he said. "It is the mission of the Russian world to thwart this destructive trend leading humankind into a deadlock,"

"Today the deficit of moral values "is being felt in international relations like never before, with many countries succeeding in building effective economies, coherently advancing their national interests and strengthening of the technological potential," he said.

However, all these achievements "remain a 'colossus on clay feet' unless they are propped by moral values, by the integrity of human personality, as the recent global crisis has shown well," the Primate said.

Russia has "both spiritual and intellectual potential to face up to the super-challenges, one of which is to change the spiritual and, intellectual paradigm, including in the international relations," he said.

In the modern world, no country "can declare itself a serious global player without an articulate moral position and a vision of the humankind's ideology," and "the great power is characterized by the ability to defend the traditions of its people, its religious, cultural values and the moral backbone of society," the Patriarch said.

Further, to the business community, the Patriarch had this letter for First International Symposium on Ethical Aspects of Banking.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I cordially greet you all as you have gathered together to discuss the ethical dimension of banking and the social role of banks. This theme has become especially relevant in a situation where politicians and representatives of the business community continue searching for ways of overcoming the global financial and economic crisis and a possibility to build a new model for the development of global economy.

As the state of economy is dependent to a great extent on the spiritual and moral condition of the personality, the financial activity should have ethical guidelines. Material wealth in itself does not make a person happy. Moreover, one’s concentration only on material success leads to a moral degradation of the personality. Christ warns us: ‘Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions’ (Lk. 12:15). The Church calls to see in wealth a gift of God given to a person not only for his sake but also for the sake of his neighbours.

The economic activity which ignores moral imperatives and is aimed wholly at personal enrichment has no future. Those who receive a profit should realize that they bear the great responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of other people and to do all that is possible to remove economic injustice in society, thus fulfilling the will of God.

The banking community can make a contribution to the building of a human community with justice primarily through active participation in social work. I believe the representatives of Russian and Italian banks participating in this forum can share their considerable experience in realization of social projects.

I hope that the discussion on the future economic world order will help you to become aware of the significance that basic Christian values have for rational economy and harmonious world order. Without this awareness it would hardly be possible to find a way out of a systemic crisis.

I invoke God’s blessing upon your efforts and wish you success in your work at the forum.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
October 11, 2010

Thus once again, the Orthodox Church has shown itself and is positioned to be, not only the ever present bulwark against the Islamic invasions but the anti-biotic against the infection that is killing the West: a rejection of Christ.

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Rude Waken said...

In the US, there are 20% pop. who are atheistic secular humanists, doing everything possible to silence the 47% of the christian population. These 150 million people are being silenced by Saudi's C.A.I.R. who have control of the media. Our corrupted government has labeled Christians and those that want reform in the gov., The Enemy. Of course our denominational diversity has hindered making a united stand. The only way I think we can rid ourselves of the Islamic take over of our gov. is to call on the same God we believe and trust in. However, there is a rapid growing number of Christians and non-Christian who resist the takeover and will unfortunately do much greater damage.