Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Georgians Are At It Again

That noxious state sponsor of terrorism is at it again. Recently, what on the face of things, may appear as a non-to serious move, by the war criminal and American puppet, the New York lawyer Michael Saakashvili, to open the Georgian border to passport free travel for some of Russia’s north Caucuses provinces, is nothing short of the direct sponsorship of Islamic terror.

Georgia, unable to win wars directly against its minorities or against Russia, even with massive American military intervention, has turned to the time tested method of pariah states all over the world: terrorism. The Georgians, who spend almost 40% of their GDP on weapons, more than any other nation in the world, and much of it on the US dole (how does it feel for bankrupt Americans? Like a foreclosure, I’m sure), has been very active in the support of the Islamic jihad in southern Russia.

This is interesting on several levels. First, Georgia is an Orthodox nation and any victory by the Islamic jihadists in establishing a northern Caucus Caliphate will surely spell the death of Georgia itself, which would instantly find itself surrounded on 3 sides by hostile Islamic states (Azerbajan, a regional lead sponsor of Islamic terrorism and Turkey). That on orders of DC, the Georgian sockpuppet is more than willing to sacrifice the future of his Orthodox Christian nation to the Saudi backed Sunnies, should come as no surprise to anyone but the sixty percent of Georgians to dumbed down to realize their dear leader is more than happy to sell them down the river. After all, it is not as if this bastard will have to live with his handy work, he will just return to his over priced apartment in NYC and live off of his hundreds of millions of US tax dollars that are squirreled away in his accounts. He will make even more on the speaking circuit of the Anglo-sphere, telling blindly faithful “conservatives” and Neocons just what they want to hear about “evil” Russia.

So aside from rebuilding his military via the generous and bankrupt US taxpayer, for what surely will be round 2 of the Georgian wars with Russia, the despotic regime has gone out of its way to promote Islamic jihad. In December of 2009, Tbilisi held a terrorist conference, bringing in various Islamic jihadist groups, through their embassy in Riyadh and Kuwait City, to plan out the next phase of what was a petering Islamic jihad in Russia’s south. Since that meeting, violent attacks have This was reported by the Russian intelligence agencies and made it into the press of several nations, though of course the West maintained a total blackout.

The West, particularly the Anglo-sphere, being long time shills and shluhi of the Islamic Jihad, as embodied by such “moderate” states as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Yemen and Kuwait, have no problems with world wide jihad, as long as it is Sunnie and not aimed at them. They have so little trouble with it, they actively arm and direct it against Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus.

So now we come to this new move of the Saakashvili suck puppet: the opening of the Georgian border to the North Caucus peoples, or rather, to be more precise, to the mostly Islamic eastern half of the North Caucus. The hollow froth from the blow hole is that the Georgians want to embrace the peoples they have had long and ancient relationships with, in brotherly love. To describe the relationship between Georgians and Chechens or Daghistanies as “brotherly” is to describe a serial wife beater as “loving”, since for 300 years, prior to Russia stepping into the area, those Islamics made a regular excursion of raiding and enslaving Georgians, that is Georgians who weren’t already minions of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

The real reason, of course to create this two tier system is not to simply try to politically tear away a section of Russian territory by making a have and have not portion of border people (even if this was the case, why is, for example, Stavrapol oblast excluded, which borders Georgia in the west and is almost totally Orthodox?) but to create easy passage for Islamic jihadists into Georgian state run and US/UK financed camps for training and recovery.

“Georgia has become visibly active lately. We have information that special military training camps have been created on the territory of the country,” the deputy head of the Interior Ministry's North Caucasus federal district department, police Major General Nikolay Simakov said in an interview with newspaper Vremya Novostey. “Caucasian natives – mainly criminals – or those who are wanted in European countries are being gathered here, trained and later then sent to [Russia] via neighboring countries,” he added

Thus the Georgians have pulled their tails in, eaten their silk ties, licked their wounds, replaced their thousands of dead with new NATO trained zombies and new NATO toys and have actively started work under the Brzenski plan of destabilization of central asia.

This is nothing but open hostility by a terrorist sponsor and its terrorist backer owners.

It must be made very clear that if or rather when a spectacular terrorist event occurs and can be linked back to Tbilisi, Russia will have the right to retaliate militarily against the very organs of Georgian and thus the dictator Saakashvili’s state government. If Georgia then decides to fight a war over it, Russian tanks should not stop until they are in central Tbilisi and Saakashvili’s balls are hanging from the command tank’s antenna.

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'Balls hanging from antenna' haha You are assuming he has any.The patience of Russia towards this clown is amazing.