Thursday, November 25, 2010

More US Hypocrisy: Russia, the US and Religion

A new report out by the US decries the lack of religious freedoms in the world, bringing up as usual the "troubling" fact that unlike the splintered and confused religious society of America, Russia's historic Orthodox Church is simply to strong and dominant.

I guess we need to force a few dozen percentile of the population out of the Orthodox Church and into the various heretical cults trying to flood into our lands from the "land of the free". After all, freedom of the majority of the Russian population to cling to the Orthodox Church, the true salvation under God, and thus also to Russian culture, is simply wrong, in the twisted minds of the Anglo-Elites, it smacks of nationalism. Everyone knows that the best way to destroy nationalism and thus make the people spineless and confused serfs, is to dilute religion, especially Christianity, with tens of thousands of branches and cults, creating a post Christian world that is easy to control by the Anglo-Elites and their Islamic storm troopers.

The report focuses on religious minority groups and ignores the right of other parts of society to preserve “its national and cultural tradition,” Hieromonk Philipp (Ryabykh), deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations

Well said, your Holiness.

The American report went further to decry that the Orthodox Church is to politically connected, that this "destroys" freedom. Well, if you mean that our culture just isn't up for a jolly Sodomite parade, or a nice big Hindu temple or Islamic mosque on Red Square, well gosh, you're right and it never will be. Have as much fun telling the Poles or Japanese they're to intolerant with their closeness of religion and state...oh but Yanks, you do not have to go even that far, just tell your own politicians who just love those merry ole tent revivals or church fund raising and praise the Lord, guys like Huckeberry who were protestant preachers themselves and were running for president.

"But it makes me wonder why such interaction is evaluated negatively: in the United States political forces actively cooperate with religious organizations, politicians speak at religious meetings and it is a democratic process when the country's major political forces build a dialogue with religious organizations," the Russian Church official stressed.

That the likes of America's First Sunni, Obama, who regularly gives speeches from Mosques in Islamic nations who either have no other religions allowed (Saudi Arabia, for example) or who murder, massacre, prosecute and persecute their Christians (Egypt and Pakistan) while praising the one state religion allowed: Islam, does nothing to smack of hypocrisy to the mindless West.

That Protestants are now regularly arrested in the US for preaching, or just giving out pamphlets near or even not so near Islamic or homosexual or other non-Christian gatherings, also does not smack of religious "un-freedom", after all: 1. its the US, the most "free" nation in the world, whatever the truth, that's the only line that will be sold and 2. these are nothing but Christians and thus not worth the lives of a single Islamic jihadist, except when he can get 72 shluhas for them.

Now lets take this example, right from the heart of that multi-cultural center of dysfunction: NYC. Everyone around the world has heard about how the US government and elites salivating over having the Cordoba House, a super Mosque built almost on the site of the 9/11 Islamic victory. Of course, most of the US elites are either blind, deaf and dumb fools or are themselves Islamic or Islamic shills. The will of the vast majority of the people, that would be the powerless serfs, is blatantly ignored and the sketchy, immoral, illegal dealings that got the Cordoba House going and are keeping it going are equally ignored by a US Justice Department that is only meant to keep the White Christian down. In this case, the Orthodox Christian is as is, as 2nd class Christian even amongst Christians of America.

So, as usual, not that it will ever be followed, I would advise our US "friends" not to open their mouths and criticize other nations while their own house is in such a shambles. Further, no matter how much they shill for radical Islam on the one hand and moraless post Christianity (the moraless Christianity leading to the radical Islam plan) we will not bend or change for you and your immorality.

Now we come to the climax of this story: the Eastern Orthodox (Greek in this case) St. Nicholas church, which stood right beside the World Trade Center Plaza and which itself was demolished in that tragic day. For eight years now, the Eastern Orthodox have been trying to rebuild the church which was razed by Islamic Jihad. The Port Authority of NYC has denied them at every step and in the final talks, without even notifying them directly, instead through a news interview talk show, said the deal was off the table.

Do you sheep in America get that? A church, and in this case an Orthodox church, with the Orthodox having been the main wall defending the rest of Christiandom from Islam for 1,400 years, is razed by Islamic Jihad and the Dhimmis and Islamics running America and NYC refuse to allow it to rebuild, while promoting, paying for and running circles


Juniper in the Desert said...

Wow! You have real religious leaders, with balls!!

We in UK have Little Muslim Bitch of Canterbury, who is also a pagan, ie a druid!! Who welcomes sharia law into our land without ANY consultation of the people whatsoever!!

Bob said...

Stan...It appears that the last few lines of your post somehow did not make it. Otherwise great commentary.

If possible, would you post either the title or website or both of the US report generated by these mindless obaminista dhimmi's that wrote the thing? Could it have been written by the same bunch of deviants working for Janet Napolitano at DHS that generated the DHS domestic terrorism assessment document in early 2009: “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in
Radicalization and Recruitment” ?? This was some piece of work that indicted practically every mainstream American from Christians, pro-lifers, tax protestors to returning Iraqi/Afghani war vets as potential domestic terrorists. These elitist “blood-suckers” sense that there is an enormous dissatisfaction among the “unwashed” governed class with the present “ruling class” which they are trying to keep harnessed. I think it would be an understatement to say they (the elitist “blood-suckers”) are shitless there’s going to be a massive upheaval and they will all end up swinging from the end of a rope. HOOO RAAA!! I wouldn’t give up yet on America and a possible spiritual rebirth.

Sobaka said...

Конечно для американцев выгодно Русскую православную церковь ослабеть потому что церковь объединяет народа и очень важный элемент русской личности.

Cobra said...

This article is so true...
the cults and so many "reformations" in the US, are nothing more than an attempt to divide and control Christians.
And it works...
The vast majority of the "evangelical" churches in the USA are pro-zionist, not realizing they are digging their own grave.
Furthermore, in the US, I learned that there is no other business like
You start your church, you get your non-profit status, and you just live off the fat of land, so to speak.
You raise your hand, cry Jesus, or you start "speaking in tongues", and your money trouble is gone...
So very sad.
Some in my family in the old country were in the Church (the Orthodox church...).
They studied all their lives, in Greek, Old Hebrew and Cyrillic to be able to understand the word of GOD unlike the shysters who "preach" and are "born again"...

Bob said...

Sobaka said "Of course the Americans benefit the Russian Orthodox Church weakened because the church unites people and is a very important element of Russian identity."

These are not Americans. They are elitist globalist marxists living in America where they can live "HIGH ON THE HOG" so to speak, but hoping to unite the world in a one world government with them in charge and the rest of us (the unwashed) serving as "FOOT STOOLS".