Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Laws to Attract High Tech Immigrants and Workers


David B. Carvalho said...

Is there a place, like a headhunting company, to where applicants can send their resumés? Is there any website with job vacancies in Russian companies?

Stanislav said...

There are plenty. Look on under the jobs section. Or on , also Monster and Linkedin have Russian job openings.

Gavrick said...

Just what Russia needs: a mass wave of horny, smelly, curry-crunching computer "experts" from India, all after Russian positions and Russian women.

How many Hindu and Muslim immigrants do you need?

Pervych said...

Это не Преобразование, но другая грязная оргия меньшевика!!!

Эта проклятая ересь и геноцид только необходимы системой богатства; духовные и гражданские власти ... этнический архонт ... не имеют этого прерогатива!!!

BlackSeaBrew said...

Very interesting! I am an industrial controls engineer that would be happy to move to Russia.

Rusty Mason said...

Open the floodgates and let the black hordes descend. As our neo-cons all say in America, "Diversity is strength!"

This is how the banksters and oligarchs of the West will finally destroy the last white land: through hordes of racially inferior beasts breeding with your lovely white Russian women.

And this move is being orchestrated by Putin and Medvedev. Stupid fools. Better to have been nuked.

Stanislav said...

@Rusty Moon

First, bringing in the top brains of foreign nations, is hardly getting swamped by "black hordes". Second of all, unlike the Anglos, we have absorbed all the various peoples for the past 1,200 years that have passed through our lands.

Third, Russia is hardly this pure white land that so many Americans want to believe. We have 180 ethnic and racial groups in Russia, and while 86% list themselves as Russian, , most are of mixed blood. However, unlike your multi cultural crap, we have only one culture, Russian.

Third, Christ does not judge men by their skin colour, since it is God who created all men, be they Aryan blondies or Aboriginal blackies, and unless you are wiser than God, to be able to judge a man simply by his skin colour....God judges us by our souls and our hearts.

Having said that, no we do not accept their culture. Those who assimilate are absorbed in. Those who don't tend to get pushed out.

Stanislav said...


Look up on sites like for jobs, or linkedin or monster or

Do you speak Russian? Any?

An acquaintance of mine, who speaks some Russian, just got a programming job in Moscow and moved from the New England area.

Stanislav said...


There are plenty of Indians in Russia already, and they are the top brains, so no, this is not like the US Mexicans or El Salvedorans or some Somali muslims coming in, who have no training and will steal jobs and or sit on government money.

As for Hindus, the Church converts them just as well and yes, it is our Orthodox duty to bring them to Christ.

Gavrick said...

Stan, believe me, I know whereof I speak when it comes to Indian "experts." You are correct, however when you say that they can come to Christ through the Hold Orthodox Church. God created the races for a reason, and that is why the Orthodox Church has various ethnic branches. The Indians should come to the Indian Orthodox Church, if there is such a thing.