Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The UN: all Atheist all Jihad Time

Though a Utopian idea of peace and prosperity for all men, the UN has however....oh wait, I used the word Utopian...so what else, dear readers, could you figure but a massive failure?

Outside of the corruption and the immoralistic relativism that is the UN, never has there been such a great forum for the Atheist elites of the West and the Islamic Jihad supporters of the rest. Never has there been a forum where the morally corrupt Western elite could force, through bribery and intimidation, their sorry state of Christ hatred and self loathing upon the rest of the world, especially that of the smaller Christian countries of the world. See The Age of the Man-Gods.

Thus these self loathing Western Elites and the majority of the Western population that follows them into damnation are equally sponsoring a huge rabble piss ant, primitive Islamic nations, the whole of whom could not invade or conquer even England, let alone snatch a Sicily from Italy, with the sole except of Turkey, which itself was armed and industrialized by the West and the Soviets.

Imagine that, a host of 57 or so nations, the sum of which industry does not match that of Spain. A host of illiteracy, with the average knowledge of a European peasant of the 14th century, beaten into a frantic, mouth foaming rage at any hint of criticism or "disrespect" for their religion of "peace" which preaches war and civilization that finds great joy in the dismemberment of those who disagree with it. Yet this same block, which in a rational world would have almost no say and with the exception of temporary oil wealth, would have no real input into the world economy, is given center stage to vent their rage of 6th century perceived grievances, perceived in that they are not the undisputed masters of humanity.

If not for these Western "man-gods", who not only put the spoiled and psychotic brats of humanity on center stage, flooded them in to their own societies to "enlighten" them, as if enlightenment meant a barbaric "legal" code created by murderous slave traders and desert fanatic tribesmen called Shari, this would be a part of the world one would only occasionally hear about in some documentary movie.

A portion of humanity that has given us nothing, short of some raw liquid resources and untold misery for hundreds of millions of their more and less civilized neighbors.

The UN, the Western Elite backing, has given us such gems as the "freedom" from criticism of Islam, in an act called the "Defamation of Religion", which is now against human rights. It has also given us the absolute shunning of the subject of the Armenian, Assyrian, Iotolan Greek and Cypriot Greek genocides by the Islamic Turks. It has given us the ignoration of the continued genocide against the Coptic Orthodox Christians of Egypt (the only real Egyptians), the South Sudanese Christians, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians of Eratria, the Palestinian Orthodox Christians by the PLO, the various Iraqi Christians by the Western whores installed to rule Iraq, the desecration of the Serbian Orthodox by the Albanian and Bosnian Islamics and the Macedonian Orthodox by the Albanian Islamics, as well as the Albanian Orthodox by the Albanian Islamics. As a matter of fact, when ever Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians, Jews and for that matter Hindus are victims, the Western elites and their legions of brain dead zombie backers lash out in anger and protest at the victims, and always in defense of the Islamics.

My American readers will now protest that they are the great lovers of Christiandom and Jews, and yet it was America who armed Ataturk in his murderous genocides against Iotolan Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians. It was America who armed the Turks of the 70s while they butchered Cypriot Greeks. It was America who armed the Egyptians while they expelled half their Christians in the 1960s. It was equally America who got Israel out of Lebanon and to betray their South Lebanese Christian Army allies, leaving them for death. It was America who had earlier saved the PLO after they butchered some 200,000 Christians in Lebanon and then it was America who set the PLO up and legitimized that terror group.

It was America who looked the other way while the Sudanese ruling Muslims butchered the Christians to get at the oil below their land. It was America who backed Eratria against the Ethiopians, while they massacred their Christians. It was America who helped fight Jihad against Orthodox Christians and Catholics in Bosnia, in Albania, in Macedonia and in Serbia's Kosovo, while backing the Islamic Jihad (and many say still backing it) in our Russia's Chechnya and other regions. Just like it was and is America who backed and armed the Azerbaijani Islamics against the Orthodox Armenians.

It was the US who created and backed the Taliban, until that was unprofitable and opium levels fell and then replaced them with another group of better PRed but more corrupt Islamists.

It was equally the US who backed Pakistan, whose authorities looked the other way while Christians were and are massacred and Jihad is waged daily against Hindus. It was the US who, under its guidance and guardianship, oversaw the decimation of the Iraqi Christian populations from some 1.5 million to less than a quarter of that.

Of course, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and above all, the tyrannical midget state of Belgium. So why is it that you or your peoples dare to think that you are Christ blessed, when you have enabled or directly dealt in the mass murder of tens of millions of His most ardent followers? When the blood of millions of martyrs is on your hands, flowing from your mouths and eyes? Blood you bath in with absolute abandon?

So it is of little mirth or joy that we now watch the most logical conclusion, when the misguided, lethargic and nihilistic sheep under the Western Elite's rule are now themselves the target of the very same Jihad: cultural and military, brought about by the very groups they so easily supported while it was those eastern Christians dieing.

I would say repent and support and fight for not against your fellow Christians, and there is always that, but for most, their pride runeth to deep, almost as deep as the Islamic knife that will one day slice their throats.


Juniper in the Desert said...

Yes, you are right! But it is not the people who deserve such a fate, the instigators of the crimes, who will/do suffer. It is the ordinary person, as usual.

jack said...

Actually Stas it is the EU that is much worse where US/Britain and there allied East European states constantly push an anti-Russian agenda the latest being religious freedom in Russia.


You do not even have to be a member EU country to be effected by their laws Russia has had to pay millions of dollars in cases brought forth against it in the European Court of Human Rights.

The UN is nothing and due to the why it is structured just now prevents that from being a platform to attack Russia and China like the European parliament.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. When the Israelis attacked the Turkish ships in May , all the pro Israel 'reporters' here could say 'what about the Armenian genocide? They could nt give a damn for nearly a century. With friends like these Israel doesnt need enemies.

Anonymous said...


What is your stance on Russian muslims, mainly Bashkirs and Tatars... do you uhmm... think they are horrible, too?

Cobra said...

Let me add some cold water to the party...
And that is from people who know first hand Russia....


Arius said...

I'm Armenian and I agree with you. I have been telling my Armenian friends not to trust the West, it will feed us to the Muslims. The only hope for the future of Armenia is in strong alliance with Russia, not with the EU or US.

Cheryl Pass said...

If you will notice that in the U.S. it has always been the leftists / Democrats who continually push the U.N. policies and play savior to Muslims....and, if you will notice that those leftists are now mostly concentrated into metropolitan centers while the entire rest of the country (the geographic middle) is completely against the policies you cite.

If it were up to that geographic middle, the U.N. would have been thrown out of the U.S. years ago. Also, the only way the leftists have been elected into our government is through lies and deceptions and bribes and fraud. The leftists are creating crisis after crisis and then using their power to indoctrinate students and place un-Constitutional regulations on Americans.

My point is, once again, the atrocities you cite are not of or by the American people, but a few very powerful elitists who have taken power through corruption here.

Please realize that there are Christian Americans who are not your enemy and, since Reagan, have not had the power to stop this insanity. However, we are trying to stop it and hope the red tide of Christian Republicanism will prevail.

I share your frustration. But I also do not find the Russian leaders faultless. Turn your rage equally to your own country.

Cobra said...

I would say: all commie all the time...

jack said...

@Cheryl Pass

Not true it was under Reagan that a pro jihadist policy in line with the Trotskyite Neocons that pushed the pro-Jihad policy and not just in Afghanistan covertly supporting the Islamic regime in Iran among others

And those that support Jihadist separatist in Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya and the North Caucasus, Central Asia and China are mostly Neocons who work with so called liberal leftist elements like Soros.

The targeting of Yugoslavia with support of Iran implemented during the 90’s was initiated under the Reagan administration during the mid 80’s.

The phoney left and right means absolutely nothing all it is which method they use to achieve there long planned agenda usually steered by the same people for decades look at Brzezinski’s association to groups especially in Europe against Russian interests.


Until the recent Flotilla incident which started with the failed Mossad initiated coup attempt in 2008 US, Turkey and Israel were part of the same team propping up Azerbaijan as the regional player in the with Israel and Turkey developing and selling weapons to Azerbaijan a new regional Saudi Arabia.

British, Turkey and US allowed and worked with jihadist to assist the Azeri’s in the war against Armenia after the collapse of the USSR.