Sunday, November 7, 2010

Russia's High Tech Military

Military Russian System-Russian Tech

Russia Army , XXI century

We Are Russians \ Мы Русские (Slavic Russian Rap)

Russian Laser Weapons

Russian Military Exhibition

Secret Russian weapons


Cobra said...

Hey, do you have a missing missile?
It looks like one was launched 35 miles from the shores of CA, out of LA.
Or is it Hu?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like China launched an Emp weapon at the cruise liner as a probing action, also as retaliation against Federal Reserve.Missile everyone is focusing on was a Tomahawk fired from US sub in response 11 hrs later. Great danger at hand.

Cobra said...

I do not think the missile was an American missile for the reasons below:
1. Nobody shoots at China or Russia wo. warning (unless you want to start a war) as any launch may be nuclear...
2. If you watch carefully, the trail is helicoidal, which points to a more primitive guidance systems than those of current American origins.
3. The launch was way too close to the American shores, and any malfunction could have steered the missile inland with catastrophic consequences.
4. There was no notification for air traffic.Imagine what have happened if the missile would have hit a plane....
So, my logic tells me that that was not an American missile.
Furthermore, there are rumors that the upper Pentagon echelon was stunned by the launch, and many of these people spent their night at work...

Anonymous said...

The Tomahawk is sub/surface and surface to surface weapon .Its boost phase is a basic solid rocket, and primary power is a small turbofan. It was fired 11 hrs later so as not to escalate. The reason the Pentagon was up all night was because it just dawned on them their mission is to protect America .Wow . What a concept!

Cobra said...

Tomahawk has a range of approx. 2500 km. and the missile went NW...
Since the sub you talk about was under water, the Tomahawk would have been useless.
From I saw, the missile was not Tomahawk but it was an ICBM type, much bigger than the Tomahawk.