Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bloody Merkel's Ukrainian Meat

Bloody Merkel's Ukrainian Meat

A joke is floating around Ukraine and Russia these days, it goes something like this:

A couple of American senators, the US ambassador, Members of Parliament of the UK, France, Germany and Poland all got together on a stage in Madian, Kiev, and signed an official proclamation of non intervention in Ukraine's official internal affairs.....for Russia.

And that is the truth of this, as the hyper hypocrites of Western power, backed by their brain washed, non-cognoscente masses of zombies, proclaim their "love" of democracy and elections, while screaming for revolution to over throw a freely elected government in Kiev by backing a collective of Nazi organizations from Western Ukraine. Yup, the whole of the ugliness of the West's leadership's evil is on display. Its a good thing the majority of their people are to uneducated, detached or blind to actually see the demons wearing masks and pretending to lead them.

In an apparent response to Secretary Nulan's discussion on how to over throw the Ukrainian government and whom to place as puppet masters and oh, yes, "fuck the EU", Bloody Merkel has super charged her sock puppet Quisling Klichko. One day after he and other members of the Ukrainian Opposition returned from long meeting with Merkel, they started screaming for the storming of Parliament. 

On a side note, it is rather sad how easily the Western gerbles are distracted by the "fuck the EU" statement and totally miss the 5 minutes of conversation where the US is discussing overthrowing a freely elected government....not that that is anything new for them, aka Iran, aka Armenia, aka Yugoslavia, and so on and so on. 

Maiden had to have its blood sacrifices, and these quislings were more than happy to lead their hamsters to it. Three days of fighting, buildings burned, 70 dead, of whom 13 were police officers shot with high powered rifles that the "peaceful" aka Syria style opposition deployed. Not enough to burn them with petro and styrofoam filled bottles (it burns better that way), or pelt them with stones, the opposition has gone into all out murder mode, again, just like in Syria's early days.

The West is playing its part, of course. Media outlets like the Daily Mail, blatantly label these rebels as police shooting at protesters, when the photos are dark and avoid the photos of day light firing with a 10 meter stick.

The whores who call Brussels home and their local muppets in the capitals of Europe's provinces, are now screaming that the fault and duty to lay down arms is that of the government, not the militias of Fascists that they, these very whores sponsor and defend. 

That the Germans are leading yet another nation to first a bloody civil war and second to German slavery, should surprise no one. Have we all forgotten Yugoslavia already? After all, it was the Germans who pushed that whole affair to flare up, the Americans coming in a bit later to support the Islamic Tudjamen. And so, 20 years later, almost to the day, the murderous Prussians are at it again.

That the blood of these almost hundred slavs and that of many hundreds more to come is on the hands of yet another Hun should come as no surprise. The slave races of Europe, under the Huns chains, at the helm of which the new Fuhrer in a bra rides, are being dragged kicking into a new war world war.

Why? Because the German Hun has never given up on Drag Nach Ost and his Anglo Cousins are more than happy to back him into it.

So Europeans, you as serfs, slaves and peasants will do the dieing on our steppe and forests, like your grandfathers, so that yet another psychotic German can get her domination fantasies going, to the tunes of Anglo bankers. You have little time left to change anything.

Truly, nothing has changed.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately few in the West know what the US, EU, and NATO did to Yugoslavia. That NATO war on Yugoslavia opened my eyes to what the West was becoming.

The West will continue pushing on the East but they are fools. They don't know that they are already the walking dead. The super debt cycle they are in is nearing its end. World power is shifting to the East, while the West thinks it will go on forever.

It could be said that the West is in the grip of a demonic spirit of self hatred and self destruction, deconstructing itself in a blind fury, a war of all against all, fighting over a diminishing pie. Almost all social and economic metrics in the West are in free fall but the people of the West are blinded by normalcy bias. As a person that has studied Western civilization all my life I am sickened to see what the West is doing to itself and the East.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how life is in Russia, but a little more westwards it's like floating in a filthy marsh, next to ignorant, short sighted, senseless monkies.

Alain said...

I tend to agree with Arius, and I must admit that I am so sick and tired of the media refusing to distinguish between the ex-Soviet Union and Russia. The constant claims of Putin being a dictator and totalitarian while I witness those qualifies in action south of the border in the United States with Obama. I do not pretend that Putin is perfect and without fault, but I am fed up with the constant claim he is the devil incarnated. This take is ever so clear when it comes to reports/news about the situation in Ukraine. There is an elected government, not an illegal government, which did not start removing freedom or the rights of citizens, but decided against joining the EU. Since I consider the EU the equivalent of the old Soviet Union, I can understand why countries would not be knocking down doors to join. As a result there are people in Ukraine who instead of working to change the government in the next election have chosen to use mob violence in an attempted coup d'état. Were this to happen in the West, the same people would be outraged, but now they are all gaga in supporting the law-breakers. I am ashamed that our own government and the Prime Minister has swallowed the lie, but they have. I would also like to point out that using violence to overthrow an elected govnment is a common tactic of the hard Left or communists.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. Putin! You are doing fine and our prayers are with you. Though we are in the USA, we are with you in spirit. God bless and guide you in the Ukraine issue.