Friday, February 7, 2014

See How You Have Been Lied To, Yet Again


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "it is so very, very true!" Though my family and I have been fighting the immorality for quite a few decades, the fact is it has been orchestrated across the board for the last century by the globalists. EducationK16,churches infiltrated, media controlled, elections rigged, etc. ad nauseum. As this country has sown so shall it reap - and it won't be pretty. It's God's law summed up=the Golden Rule.

Anonymous said...

Addendum: Golden Rule = 'as they have done it shall be done unto them.'
Off subject a little: the Sochi Olympic Village is truly spectacular and it flies in the face of the main stream media who have tried to sell it as a bumbling, dangerous place to be - scaring some people from going.
Well, it is their loss, to be sure. Though I couldn't come (I truly wished I could have)I will try very much to get a DVD of the opening ceremony. God bless you, Matt. Your work is not in vain.

Anonymous said...

Other than countering the Jewsmedia's incessant kvetching about things and perversions that they openly lust after, how is this article a good piece of news?

Rousas J. Rushdoony, in his magisterial "Institutes of Biblical Law" clearly showed that ANY allowance of sodomy, lesbianism, etc. in a country, is a forerunner of God's WRATH.

How is Russia's 'increasing tolerance' (now that I know from this video) consistent with a renaissance of Christian Civilization?At least the Czarist clergy told Tchaikovsky to drink choleric water! What is Putin doing, but merely enabling the abominations before the Lord? Thanks be to GOD, that some American States still penalize sodomy, as it SHOULD be DONE!
- Fr. John+

Alain said...

Yes, it has been clear from the start that the Western MSM lied, but then again I have found that to be most often the case on anything. The MSM along with the entertainment industry are agenda-driven with a marxist agenda.

As for Fr. John's statement about the "Jewsmedia", this type of anti-Semitism, which seems to occur fairly often in comments, automatically discredits the person spouting it. The NY Times is and has been for a long time a mouthpiece for every marxist cause. That there are writers there who are JINOs (Jews in name only) and whose religion is marxism, not Judaism, really has nothing to do with Jews. There are plenty of so-called Christians and a good number of Catholics who promote the same marxist agenda, but intelligent people do not fall into the trap of claiming they represent Christians or the Catholic Church.

In watching this video clip it does seem that the actual Russian situation is perhaps too tolerant. I refer to the provision of anti-discrimination protection based on sexual orientation. In Canada there are been cases where a Catholic school fired teachers for openly flaunting their homosexuality in class, which goes against Catholic teachings, and due to the protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, the schools lost the battle. Even priests who gave quoted the teaching that the homosexual act is a sin have been taken to task. While contrary to some I do not support the criminalisation of homosexuality between consenting adults, I find granting a kind of special treatment for them a dangerous road. Everyone is entitled to protection from violence, theft and murder, but not just because of their sex, colour, religion or now sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

Here in holland (same as Sodom & Gomorra)I have fight ages for believe, justice,rights and what a normal citizen must do. All to no avail, because even the church is in hands of satan. Lucky not all people think so but its a very small minority. As they also condemn Russia you can guess how the future is. Please Tell here how it must be.

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