Monday, February 24, 2014

What Sochi Taught The World

Let us review, dear reader, what Sochi taught the world.

1. No matter the nay sayers, when Russians put their minds to it, there is nothing we can not do. The West, in its cynical envy was out to put us down as much as possible. Their elites, as servants of darkness, went at it with everything they had. Never an hour passed without a new story from one Western rag or another bemoaning the in ability of us Russians to do anything but steal our own monies.

Well, the West looks like a bunch of fools now. IOC President Thomas Bach, commenting on the giant Olympics complex, on the new international airport, subway, train station, city sewage system, port and dozens of hotels, all built in 7 years, but saying such a feat would take the Europeans 150 years, in a modern European city. That is correct, we Russians are not metro-sexual Europeans, we do in 7 what it takes them 150, in their German socialist European Union hell.

2. The West, in its hatred and loathing of all things Russian, laughed at our prospects. With 13 golds, and 33 total medals, 2 more golds then Norway and 5 more medals than the US, which ended in 4th place and Britain which was an unnoticed, 2nd world quality of 19th.. I mean, seriously, S.Korea, Slovenia and even Belarus blew the lame British team out of the water.

Secondly, regardless of the negativity poured on Russian athletes by the Western press, our athletes acted as true professionals and true patriots always with good taste and honour. Not something that can be said for many Anglo athletes, primo-danas, who had more self opinion then skill and were sour losers.

Russia blew out the games in an absolute record.

It should be noted how quiet the Western media is now, that they have been handed their lunch. Not that they feel a bit of shame, just there is no bragging rights left to them. Especially when Norway and Canada also beat them down.

3. We are not ashamed of our history or our culture and we are not afraid to show it. The opening ceremony and the closing ceremony showed the world, if not the West that we are not the Barbarians that the Western satanic PR machine has been trying to make us out to be for the past 250 years.

We have created science, architecture, the highest of arts. We did not have to hide or be ashamed of our culture like the modern spineless British whose "greatest" achievement, according to their ceremony in London's Olympics, was the socialist NHS, now all but bankrupt, like the whole of the country.

4. Half the human population watched the Olympics. This was one of the greatest PR victories for Russia in the past 200 years. Not only did the non-West see what many already knew, but many of the citizens of the West woke up and saw through the Matrix that is life in the West. Thanks to the internet, all the editing of such government outfits as MSNBC "news" were not able to block the true grander of the ceremony.

Of course to those who hate us, such as many so called "conservatives" of the West, who in their hatred have more in common with the extreme Leftists who also hate us, this only gave more grounds to hate us. Why? Their own gnawing feelings of inferiority and the fight to swallow and deny this knowledge. Of course this hatred, without the ability to release it, will eat these little mean men up.

5. The US media so hates anything that has to do with Russia, they are ready to grab on to anything that will make us look bad. To that end, one comedian, Jimmy Kimmel with his fake video of the  "Wolf of Sochi" made the whole lot of them look like absolute fools.

6. We Russians can laugh at ourselves, a talent the narcissistic West has lost. When the fifth flower did not open into a Red Ring, it was yet something else for the Western media to latch on to so as to draw attention away from the 2.5 hour spectacular opening ceremony. When the closing ceremony started, the dancers representing the Red Ring "failed" to open, poking fun at ourselves.

But food for thought....that ring stood for the Americas, so maybe there was a reason it did not open?

7. And possibly just as importantly, the Olympics showed that Russia is a land of great opportunity for the talented and driven. Two of our top atheletes, the South Korean Victor An, who was not given the appreciation or the right chance in his former home land, came to Russia where he won 3 gold and 1 bronze. Beside him was Vic Wild, also passed up and ignored in America, came to Russia, found his love and married her, as well as married his new motherland for whom he won two golds.

These men are now treated as national heroes, as sons of the Motherland, not as foreigners. And that has been the truth of how Russia always was, with the exception of that 70 year Soviet interval.

So what should we take from all this? The Third Rome stands firmly and with faith in Christ and not the Western Man-Gods, we are undefeatable and unconquerable and once we put our will to it, there is nothing we can not accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Mat...congratulations..appreciate your site..I'm sure you're familiar with the Mother of God's apparitions at Fatima & Her promise that Russia, via Russia's consecration to Her, (done by Pius XII in the 1950's), for the eventual unity & revival of Christendom...evidently, that process is well underway & there's no way they'll stop it.

ZhukovG said...

As an American, let me add my sincere congratulations to the Russian Federation. The Sochi Games were an absolute triumph both for the Russian people and their excellent athletes. The closing ceremony was nothing short awe inspiring.

What is sad is that the Neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine used the cover of the Olympics to overthrow the democratically elected government and set up a new government hostile to Russia.

I know you don’t think too much of Angela Merkel, but I think the ‘F… the EU’, statement may have been an eye opener for her. I have heard that She and Putin have been engaged in ‘back channel’ negotiations in the last couple of days. I also note that FM Lavrov has been on a bit of a diplomatic offensive in the EU and may be able to garner additional support.

If Russia can get Germany to turn to the East, it will shake the foundations of the world. After all, wouldn’t you agree that before WWI it should have been cousins ‘Willy and Nicky’ that should have been allies?

Jake said...

@Stanislav: I was truly disgusted by the attempts of the lamestream media in the US to make Russia look bad. But they couldn't really make it look bad. To get people to watch they had to... well, show it!

I was truly embarrassed by the idiotic American athletes (not all of them, of course) who were fond of chanting "USA! USA! USA!" How trite and childish.

My wife and I have recently decided to emigrate if we can. I may not be able to get her to consider Russia, but we plan to get to a country that at least has maintained its sovereignty and pride and culture.

You have no idea how bad it has become here. The newer generations, the so-called Millenials, are particularly sad- they no nothing else but government propaganda (we always had that, but it wasn't so all pervasive) and corporate crypto-fascism. That is, their entire lives are based on cliches, fakery, and lies.

Of course, all generations are caught in the lies and dependency. Very little dissent and free-though is expressed, so there is not much need to repress it.

But when some brave souls dare to dissent, the police state crushes them mercilessly

What do you think of the hypocrisy of the Western press and government, who criticize other governments for trying to control violent, thuggish "protesters," but who encourage or don't report on the police brutality against completely peaceful protesters, such as Occupy Wallstreet?

I've had enough. The latest child-killing-by-police incident of the day:

A 14-year old boy answers the door while holding his video-game controller, and is shot immediately by a police fiend.

I can't allow my child to live in this place, where the vise gets tighter every year.

Stanislav said...

@ZhukovG, I know what you meant, of course, but to us Russians, we get a bit edgy when ever the Germans start "looking East", that whole Drag Nach Ost thing.

Stanislav said...


Thank you. There are many prophesies to that affect, most being from various non-Russian Orthodox saints.

Anonymous said...

ZhukovG said...


I understand your concerns about the Germans, but if Barbarossa was the ailment, Bagration was surely the cure.

I look forward to your next post about the Ukrainian crisis, the situation is fluid with change coming by the hour. The Crimea is of particular interest, but I don’t want to further derail this thread.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Russia did a good job with the Olympics and the western press was an embarrassment......