Saturday, January 10, 2009

Europe Has Only Itself To Blame For The Cold

As everyone in eastern, central and soon western Europe knows, Russia shut off the gas. Now, if one wanted to delude himself on the reason and the blame, one could listen to the deluded Angl0-Marxist press or just skip that extra step and start cursing Russia's name.

However, if one wanted to look more realistically at the reason for this, and the person was a citizen of the EU, than he or she would just have to look in the mirror. That is correct, it is your fault. It is your fault for being puppets of the Anglo-Marxist sphere and helping put into place the Oranges who are now robbing your gas and laughing at you. Sure, the main backers of the Orange Thieves were the Anglo-Sphere Americans and British, but without active participation and collaboration of the EU as a whole, this would never have happened.

Now, it is easy to understand how Poland, Romania and the Baltics went along, they are so deep in the US pocket, they are chocking on lint. But Germany? France? Italy? Hungary? Austria? Greece? You should have known better but you allowed yourselves to be used any ways.

Do you think anyone in the US or Britain is loosing sleep over your frozen noses and shut down manufacturing plants? Hah, they are already hoping you fall further then they do in the collapsing economy, so they can show their citizens that while its is bad at home it is not that bad. They are equally hoping that the actions of their puppets in Ukraine will still help spark a new Cold War and that you will line up under their like good obedient serfs.

Really, why do you think that Julia Timoshenko is called the Gas Princess? It is not from a habit of eating large volumes of beans. It is because as head of the Ukrainian national gas company she stole an estimated $12 billion in Russian gas (well the gas she stole was worth less since Russia sold it to Ukraine below market, she than resold it to Europe at a large profit). Did you really think that as prime minister she could contain her thieving ways? Or Yushenko? The IMF front man? He answers to the very same bankers that helped sink your economies. How many billions of Euros are now being shaved off of the struggling economies while factories stand idle from a lack of gas? The 21 million cubic meters of gas meant for your homes and factories is now filling Ukraine storage facilities, while you freeze.

It is time for Europe to start acting with sense and not as an Anglo-Marxist sock puppet. Time to grow up "old" Europe.

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