Sunday, January 25, 2009

Compassionate US Army Cuts Veteran Pay

The United States government has once more shown its love for its own citizens by cutting veterans pay to the survivors of an Alaskan World War 2 militia unit called the Alaskan Territorial Guard.

The Alaskan Territorial Guard was a 6,600 strong outfit of native Alaskans called up to serve between 1942 and 1947. In total, about 20,000 men and some women participated in service under this unit's banner. In 1942 there was a great fear in America that Japan would invade Alaska and indeed several islands were taken. These brave volunteers scouted the frozen land, built outposts and airfields and watched for any sign of the Japanese.They further provided security around the Lend-Lease bases from which equipment was shipped to the Soviet Union to fight Hitler. Best of all, they served for free. That is correct, dear reader, no pay.

So the US Congress finally passed a law allowing that time served, for free, to count towards over all Federal Service years and retirement, which in America takes 20 years and combat tours do not increase the rate count,unlike in most civilized nations. So at present there are 26 survivors getting, or rather who were getting, the whopping pay of $560 and another 37 who were applying. All are retired on modest fixed incomes. All were to expensive for the American Army, which has a budget bigger than all the militaries combined, to afford.

That is correct, dear leader, at a whopping cost of (let us assume all 63 survivors) $423,400, the US Army simply can not afford it. After all, with $8.5 trillion going to banks, insurance companies, auto factories and their suppliers, with hundreds of billions more lined up for construction companies, steel industries, newspapers and whom ever else can buy an American congressman or twenty, these derelicts of American society...and whom under oligarch level is not?...must be cut off.

So 63 men who gave years of their life to serving their country will be sent off to freeze and starve and suffer in their old age while the ultra rich are insured to have their tens of billions saved by the taxes off of these very same men and the rest of their nation? And this is the same nation that dares to read us morality plays at every opportunity? Indeed.


beebs said...

It's the American way. The rich are standing on the shoulders of the poor.

Anonymous said...

ahhh this is interesting. This must be why all them london busses are appearing with Orthodox church adverts on them. Seems like an idological war is being fought via the medium of london busses - first the Humanists now the Ruskies. Probably a good thing too - a future with the Globs does look decidely tedious.