Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Attempts To Control Europe Cause Untold Misery

The latest Ukrainian-Russian gas wars should come as no surprise to anyone. Simply put, this is the latest and so far most desperate attempt by a dieing Anglo-Sphere to control Europe and Euro-Asia and prolong it's morbid existence. The pain and suffering of hundreds of millions of Europeans or for that matter the citizens of the Anglo-Sphere, has never been a consideration worth dwelling on.

Why else would a nation, whose currency devalued by 80% in less than 3 months, whose production fell by 29% just in November 08, a nation that will default on its $41.5 billion debt obligations due in 2009, walk away from a finished deal that would have left it's gas price at half of the market's rate and start a gas war now by blatantly stealing Russian gas? Add to this the overwhelming shrieks of hatred that have come pouring out of the Anglo-Marxist oligarch owned media, against Russia (shrieks that join the endless predictions of Russia's demise, even though it is the Angl0-Marxist world that is collapsing) and it is hard to see this as anything but the latest ploy by DC/London.

Luckily, the rest of Europe is seeing it for what it is and is pressuring and suing Ukraine into compliance. Unfortunately for Ukraine, is puppet leadership has long ago stopped, if it ever did, giving a damn about the well being of its people.

Times were, half of Europe lined up nicely behind the US and its lap dog Britain without much thought, as the fear of the Soviet Union dragged all thoughts of self interest away. Times were good. The US had a free reign in world affairs and economics: be it starting African wars, South American coups or dragging the world off of the Gold Standard, for its own selfish benefits. Yes times were good, so good, that the Soviets lost the Cold War and then times were not so good.

Like it's predecessor Great Britain, winning the French Indian Wars and taking control of most of colonized N.America, the US found that victory brought about a defeat of its own. Just like Great Britain, removing the ever menacing threat of France found its colonies rebelling, so did the US, removing the Soviet threat, found its European vassals rebelling.

It was bad enough that the French or Germans had opinions of their own, but how dare they express them and even try to pursue them? Control is what was needed. The US at first attempted this through its stealth vassal, the British, in controlling the EU that was forming throughout the 1980s, but the British were basically side lined by the French and Germans and in all have a relatively low level of influence in the EU.

When that failed to materialize as a good form of control, the Anglo-sphere went with NATO expansion. As Europe was still trying to find its bearings following the sudden collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the US and Britain went on a mad push to expand NATO. "Old" Europe, the inane US code for powerful Western European states, was dragging along with this, not understanding fully that the new states that were being absorbed would serve as US vassals, first in NATO and than in the EU, fully pushing the Anglo-Marxist political and foreign policy line against the interests of Europe. But these were the early to mid 1990s and this was not yet fully understood.

The Anglo-Sphere, by that point, had formulated a grand policy: not only to control all of Europe and the Americas but the whole world, and in particular Russia, which had to be broken up into splinters and sucked dry.

With Yeltsin in power, the Anglo-Sphere was well on its way. Early on, the Anglo-Sphere showed that it would forgive a willing vassal anything in the name of democracy, and name was all that there was to it. One week after Yeltsin massacred the Russian parliament, in 1993, Sec of State of the US, Albright, showed up in Moscow to publicly embrace Yeltsin as a great and brave democrat and fighter for freedom. This as the drunk was taking direct orders to dismember Russia's economy to hand picked and Western backed/owned oligarchs.

On other fronts, when Milosevic and the Serbs refused to be puppets, the Nazi Tudjman and the Islamic Jihadest Isobegovich were quickly found to rip Yugoslavia apart into more manageable pieces. No matter the outrage committed by these men, or their later Albanian ally Hashim Thaqi, the label of Defender of Democracy was placed squarely on their shoulders by a PR machine driven to subvert the truth in the worst Orwellian tradition. Like wise, US diplomats were cozying up to Montenegro's mafia elements and turning them into legitimate politicians, on the dole of course.
In Romania and Bulgaria, the governments were secured in the 1990s, not through revolution but through flat out bribery, just as in Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech.

And Europe was not the only one. Yassar Arafat and his PLO, having lived on the US taxpayer doll in Tunisia, was brought back to the W. Bank and made legitimate, as a form of control over the local population, even as Israel's Prime Minister, Barrack was being bought by the same Anglo-Sphere. Likewise in Georgia and other areas.

Even now, many of these states are still in the pockets of the Anglo-Marxists Sphere, though the price goes up inversely the collapse of the power of the Sphere.

All seemed to be going rather well, with a few hiccups, like when Russian generals acted on their own to save the Serbs by sending troops to Prestina. The greater deployment was blocked, however, by a pliant Bulgarian and Romanian vassal. So over all, things were humming along.

The "old Europe" was dragged along, screaming though not yet kicking, from one Anglo-Marxist adventure to another. Even the French were forced to bomb their former Serbian allies, with barely a whimper. Ahh, the 1990s were perfect...until 1999, that is.

That was the year Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took power and the wheels started coming off of the tracks.

The first thing he dared to do was say "No" to the Anglo-Marxists and he said it a lot. He dared to win the war in Chechnya and stop the break up of Russia. He prosecuted the oligarchs, chasing or jailing the worst of the Anglo-Marxists agents, such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky and Khodorkovsky and taming the rest. He turned the Russian economy around and exerted power locally, pulling Ukraine and Georgia and Central Asia back towards Russia. He even dared to support the Serbs while driving economic deals with Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In partially Putin was aided by 911. The event pushed Anglo-Marxist attention away from Russia and towards the Arabs and Afghans. This of course was supposed to be a temporary move that would in the end help to further surround Russia. The hubris that planned the missions planned on one or two years at best, not on a decade plus.

This failure of hubris took the shine off of the Anglo-Marxists and started to expose the rot underneath. The financing of the wars stripped both credibility and money from bigger projects and set the Full Spectrum Domination agenda back. Still, the Anglo-Marxists were down but far from out and Putin had raised their ire.

This went on for about 3 years before the Anglo-Sphere's next reaction: color revolutions. The first strike was in Yugoslavia, whose new puppets delivered Milosevic on a platter. Next came Georgia, followed by Ukraine and Armenia. The Moldovan communists bent their knees to the Anglo-Marxists in time and their revolution was called off, even as they were allowed to blatantly cheat and win the election against the pro-Russian Republican party of Moldova.

However, by this point a series of failures began. While Kyrgyzstan’s color revolution worked, it first unleashed chaos and mass violence and then the resulting replacements were even closer to Russia than the original. Needless to say, that was not what was planned. Uzbekistan’s color revolution was stopped dead in its tracks by the army and Islom Karimov a lukewarm friend of Russia, suddenly became Russia's closest regional ally. He also escorted the US base on his territory to the door. In Belarus, the color revolution did not even get that far.

Equally, the almost annual gas disputes with the Anglo-Marxist owned socialist Oranges and Russia, were used to discredit Russia and to push for the favored energy lines of the Anglo-Marxist, such as the Georgian pipeline. Great pressure, both by the Anglo-Marxists, and by their eastern European puppets, was placed on Germany and other nations working with Russia to lay pipelines going around the Anglo-Marxist vassals.

Further steps were taken to expand NATO bases right up to Russia's door step and to pull in Ukraine and Georgia, so that the bases could get that much closer. Even "interceptors" whose silos are the exact right size for short range ballistic nuclear missiles, were planned for Russia's neighbors, regardless that the people of Poland and Czech were and still are against it. In the Anglo-Marxist "democracies" the opinions of the serfs are meaningless.

At this point, we find ourselves in 2008. The world markets were already straining and slowly sinking under the weight of Anglo-Marxists lies and deceit in the form of mass housing funds, the Alt A mortgages and other swindles.

The Anglo-Marxists, feeling their time in history slipping away and in desperation, started to act brashly. First came the ripping away of Kosovo from Serbia and the creation of a new Muslim Narco-Jihadist state. Many nations were strong armed, with resent flying high, into recognizing that monstrosity. Then came the lame attempt at starting a new Cold War: Georgian attack on S.Ossessia.

Regardless of all signals by Russia that no attack would be tolerated, the Anglo-Marxists were able to convince their less then stable sock puppet, Sakaashvili, to invade. Consequences were predictable and the exact results that DC/London wanted. The Georgian army was crushed and tossed aside, thus started the endless Anglo-Marxist screech of big bad Russia beating up on poor little Georgia. The EU fell for it at first, but quickly came to its sense, they were not going to participate in a new Cold War to benefit the collapsing Anglo-Marxists, especially considering the economic collapse picking up steam and ripping through their own economies was Anglo-Marxist created.

By hook and by crook, the Anglo-Marxists have fought to start a new Cold War and regain their control over Europe. They fought desperately to pull Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, protocol be damned, but were repeatedly smacked down by "old" Europe. They did succeed in signing agreements with Czech and Poland for the radar and missile bases, though at incredibly high prices. However, the public in both nations are demonstrating and elections are approaching.

The gas war, started by the Anglo-Marxist owned Oranges is just the latest attempt and a rather desperate one to get back in control of Europe. Most to suffer will of course be Ukraine and the future for the US vassal looks bleak at best. Of course that the rest of Europe suffered and all know where the orders came from, will not help the Anglo-Marxist cause. Europe has at last grown wise to these machinations and will have none of it.

But we can count on the dieing Anglo-Marxists to continue trying harder, their desperation palatable and their victims be damned.


Dinc Arslan said...

Great post...unmatched expertise and point of view.

Anonymous said...

This was a very clear and well crafted exposition. I remember the days when the BBC used to produce material of this sort of standard. Not at all like the simplistic dirge currently pumped out by the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

Stanislav said...

Dinc Arslan, Halibut, thank you both, you flatter me to much.

I have noticed the quality of the BBC news and programs dropping like a rock....but so has much of the modern West's.