Friday, January 9, 2009

Israel, You Are Serbia Now.

So, do you regret siding with the West over Serbia's Kosovo yet? If the answer is "no", give it another week or two and you will. With screams of "Back to the Ovens" ringing out of American demonstrations and things equally vile from those in Western Europe, you should have figured out a long time ago where your friends lay. The Cold War is over, even if the US is trying to start a second. Time to grow up.

You are the only Jewish state in the world so you are not going to find new Jewish allies. Your choices lay pretty much as follows: Shiete Islamic allies, Sunnie Islamic allies, Secular allies, Catholic allies, Protestant allies, Orthodox allies, Hindu allies.

The Shiete and Sunnie Islamics are obviously out of the question, since they would rather strangle their own daughters than tolerate your existence. Secular allies, be they Egypt, Turkey, France or America are also becoming harder to find. Egypt is touchy, with a large Islamic Brotherhood insurgency and its own corruption fueling a possible revolution. Turkey's secularism has been undermined and taken over by the Sunnie Islamics and its foreign policy has followed suit.

The Western European seculars hate you for several reasons: one, they hold the liberal idiocy that all people should live in perfect harmony and if that does not work out, than just squeeze out the one or two peoples that are causing problems and things will be fine again. Further, they have forcibly imported tens of millions of Islamics into their countries, against the will of their people, and are now in turn afraid of their modern day Danes. To that extent, they will do whatever is needed to avoid conflict in their lands and maintain peace, and sacrificing you is nothing to worry about. As for the Anglo-Marxist sphere, considering how much cash the Saudis spend on their politicians every year, do you really thing they care? If you are so delusional to think so, look at the fact that while the US arms you to $4 billion per year, it arms your surrounding enemies and possible enemies to $6 billion and with the latest and best equipment. Against whom do you think that will get used? They arm them even as they tell you to stand still while your neighbors toss missiles at you.

The Catholics are not much better. They are subject to the whims of the Popes and as these old men die off and new ones come in, their whims are open only to speculation and over all history has not been kind. The Protestants? They only love you because they believe they need you to force the Armagedon and thus bring Christ…as if mere mortals can force the will of God to anything. But you will be sacrificed in their drive to be the masters of God's will and it will not be their children destroyed when their egotism is shown for the heresy it is.

The Hindus? Too far away. The Sino-Japanese nations of eastern Asia, equally disinterested, outside of getting some of your technology in trade.

So whom do you have left?

There is only one block of nations with whom you stand any chance: the Orthodox Nations. No other peoples have suffered as much from Islamic Jihad and have fought it so strongly. The leader of this informal block, the biggest is of course Russia. Throughout her long history, Russia has stood by her allies, unlike the others. She has even gone to a world war for them. Just ask the Serbs. The Orthodox block is coalescing, driven together by faith, history and now the economic crisis. Presently it is Russia, Belarus, Armenia (not Orthodox but close enough) and Serbia with Greece and Macedonia in the wings and eastern Ukraine pushing in.

You already have the double advantage of Russia being your second biggest trade partner and primary source of oil and of having 1 in 3 of your citizens of Russian background. Further, with the Russian Orthodox Church being your biggest land owner, that only solidifies your position. Even the arms sales, by Russia, to the Arabs is primarily to stick a finger in the West's eye and will slow down and end if you are an ally.

What is lacking is a psychological trigger. You are like the beaten house wife to the West, always coming back for more abuse, if only they bring you some flowers. Time to grow up and face reality.


Ion de la Chiuiesti said...

Talking about orthodox, why you didn't mention Romania? Why you hate us?

Stanislav said...

What a silly statement. Why would you think that I hate Romanians? I didn't mention Bulgarians too, or the Montenegrans, does not mean I hate them.

Simply put, your and Bulgaria's and Montengra's governments are in the pockets of the Anglo-Marxists. Remember who it was that denied the Russian military the right to fly over to bring more troops into Pristina and protect the Serbs?

Arius said...

Armenia is a Christian Orthodox people. I don't know why you say 'close enough'. I'm Armenian and know.

I do like the thrust of your article, but I'm not sure that Russia would change its policy toward the Arabs if Israel allied itself to Russia. Israel is certainly heading into trouble with the pro-Muslim Obama administration.

Stanislav said...

Armenia is actually not Orthodox. It is co-communal but has always refused to join as a Patriarchy under the Orthodox Church structure.

Српкиња said...

Israel, you are not Serbia!

Free Serbia does not cooperate with bombers and killers of inocent men, women and children. The greatest losses and evil we have suffered is from fascism and its today we suffer from its modern and transformed forms from the west. The Jewish state should know what means mass killing and attempt to destroy a nation, and what did it do? Stood with the side of those who bombed Serbia! What is it doing now? Causing death of hundreds of inocent people in Gaza, destroying their schools, hospitals, orphanage and religious houses. You are talking about Ortodox faith, and you are filled with contempt and hate towards islamic people. Ortodox faith knows for no hate, but love. You sound like average freaked out
racistic Western European. And you dare to say that Armenia is not Ortodox. The people who sufferd so much from Turks only because of their Ortodoxy! Slavs are not racist and not haters. You messed up something, obviously, or you deliberately did it after all?
has nothing to do with your hate and racism! And nothing with Israel who is doing the same thing now that USA did to my country and people in 1999.

Stanislav said...

Grow up. Slavs are not racist? What do you call the Croats who massacred the Serbs or the Serbs who massacred the Croats...and do not tell me neither ever happened, it did and I've been there.

Second, I never said I hated Muslims, your own insecurities put that in. I do hate Islam, a sinful, murderous faith that has killed millions and stolen our lands.

As for the Jews, the Islamics stand between civilians and fire rockets. Yes the Israelies should do what the Orthodox Ethiopians did: fire artillery right back, regardless of who is there. The Islamic somali militias stopped fired on the Orthodox Ethiopians rather quickly after that.

As for Armenians, you know very little. So please, read and learn:
The Armenian Orthodox Church

4th century: Breaks from the Eastern Orthodox Church,

Around 500: The Armenian Church rejects the conclusion of the Council of Chalcedon (in 451) which had defined Jesus as having 2 natures, divine and human, coexisting in one person.

506: The Armenian Church adopts the Monophysite doctrine, that Jesus has only one, divine, nature.

7th century: The Georgian branch breaks away from the Armenian Church, and joins the Greek Orthodox Church

From the site: OrthoWiki

Church of Armenia

The Church of Armenia, sometimes called the Armenian Apostolic Church or the Armenian Orthodox Church is one of the Oriental Orthodox churches. It separated from the Eastern Orthodox Church in AD 506, after the Council of Chalcedon (AD 451).

Liturgically, the Church has much in common with the Roman Catholic Church. For example, their bishops wear vestments almost identical to those of Western bishops. The Armenian Apostolic Church should not, however, be confused with the Armenian Catholic Church, which is in union with the Roman Catholic Church. They also typically do not use a full iconostasis, but rather a curtain.

Stanislav said...

has nothing to do with your hate and racism! And nothing with Israel who is doing the same thing now that USA did to my country and people in 1999.

So from your stupid comment, I should gather that you think Serbs are the same as Palistinian muslims? I will call my Serb friends and ask them what they think of this stupidity and it is utmost stupidity.

Your brain is fried by Western European stupidity that allows Islamics to take over their cities and run them out of their own countries.

Anonymous said...

"Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country"
~David Ben Gurion
1st Prime Minister of Israel

Im not going to type much more Stanislav as you seem very intelligent but also very bent in your views so i would be hard pressed to change your views.

You say you hate Islam and give a brief deplorable description of it, you equate the actions of empires with religion; by that reasoning should you not hate all religions? Christianity (by equating faith with belief) is responsible for far more deaths than any you can identify, moreso than the shocking numbers that Hinduism has caused.

Perhaps your hate for actions taken by other nations has caused you to direct that to faith. I hope you would read (and hopefully understand, a daunting task) the religious text of Judaism, Christianity, Islam would allow you to understand them more and see that Islam is not 'evil'.

I understand you must have much hate in you, but i hope you will find peace one day.

Anonymous said...

some mistakes in my posts a prominent one would be

"by that reasoning should you not hate all religions? Christianity (by equating faith with belief) is responsible for far"

should read: (by equating faith with empires)

Stanislav said...

John, I must only ask one thing: have you actually read the Koran? Shall we go verse by verse and explore the voilence and evil in it? Have you read any of the Hadiths that go with the Koran or know the fact that the Gates of Shari are closed, have been since the 1400s and what that means?