Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia, Time to Learn Your Place

Two interesting head lines crossed the media boards today:

First US supplies for Afghanistan cross Russia,

Georgia appeals to West over Russian bases, Reuters UK

It would seem that our friend Saakashvili, Mad Misha the Bane of Silk Ties and Sleeping Cities, is about to be reminded once more his and his country's value on the bigger scene. It should come as no surprise that Misha's ravings about the mutual defense treaty about to be signed between Russia and Abkhazia (one of those small peoples he planned on exterminating) and Russia's new bases in that country and South Ossessia, are falling on deaf ears of the American power elites.

Just like Marcos, Noriega, Saddam and countless other petty dictators around the world and throughout the past eighty years, your usefulness is limited and you and your people are sacrificial. Sure, the West, led by the Anglo-Marxist sphere, courted and lured Georgia and paid for you to be put in power. Sure they looked the other way while you had opponents jailed or murdered. Sure they sent you money they knew you and your cohorts would steal. Sure they made you promises of EU and NATO membership and gave you the thumbs up as you continued the glorious Georgian tradition of allowing free passage to Islamic Jihadists heading into southern Russia.

Did all this go to your head? Of course it did, you were born on the same day as Stalin, something you like to remind everyone of. Best of all, they asked so little back. You had to absolutely ruin your relationship with Russia, but that was nothing difficult for you, right Misha? Sure your people suffered, as the only real market for their main exports disappeared and the one in four Georgians living in Russia and supporting their clans with money sent back, was now cut off, but that was a price you were willing for your people to pay.

Sure they asked you to stage a fake terror attack on Bush, when he visited, but that was fun for you, acting the hero.

Sure you had to send troops to Iraq, but its not as if your own son was going.

Sure, too, you had to allow Israeli airbases to be used against Iran and that could have easily pulled your country into a war with Iran, who also happens to provide you with gas, now that your Russian supplies are cut, but again, that's something your people would suffer through, on your behalf. Besides, you got a lot of cash out of that and whole bunch of new toys for your US trained army, and we all know how you love those Hitleresc military parades.

Then they asked you to launch a glorious war to retake those break away regions that the Georgians failed to exterminate in the 1920s and 1990s. We know you were told the Russians would not retaliate and that even if they did, it would be slow and half hearted and the Anglo-Marxists had your back and everyone would cheer you on. So sure, when things did not turn out quite that way, you started murdering ties faster they you got rid of your former colleagues and political rivals, but that is the stress of war. However, as John McCain said in the US media: "We are all Georgians now", so even if they did not send troops and did not go to war for your sacrifice, at least they "felt" your pain.

Then the "unthinkable" happened, Pakistan destabilized, the main US/NATO supply line to Afghanistan was cut and now the US/NATO's legions can not survive without Russia. You dear fellow, are about to learn the lesson of life: why buy the cow when the milk is free? And you definitely gave your milk away as fast as you could wring it out of your people. Now you are last week's flavor, yesterday's super star, a washed up little country in a financial crises, with a defeated army and a demoralized people.

Good luck on those opposition protests that will be resuming nation wide in spring.

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