Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Will Poland's Bailout Cost

For America? A lot.

Poland has been, without a doubt, America's Manchurian Candidate within the EU. With the entry of Poland into the EU, the United States gained a perfect candidate who, for vague promises and cash prizes, would do anything for their masters, including blocking all EU initiatives that did not satisfy the overlords in DC.

From blocking trade deals between the EU and Russia, to secret US prisons and torture, to a willingness to host interceptor missile silos that can easily double for short range ballistic missile silos, there was nothing that Poland was not willing to do. It sent troops to Iraq, one of the bigger, minor contingents. It sent troops to Afghanistan. When other NATO members were questioning the deployments, Poland was the one of the first to run to the Anglo-Marxist request and send an additional 400 troops to fight and die in that barren hellhole.

When the Anglo-Marxists pushed their paid and bought for Orange Revolution, it was Poland, along with the UK who dragged the rest of the EU to back the Socialist Oranges. Again, it was Poland who led the charge in Georgia and backed every Anglo-Marxist Color/Flower revolution across the globe.

When the Anglo-Marxist push to break the EU/Russian relationship by sabotaging the gas transport routes was threatened by the Nord Stream route to Germany, again, it was the DC Manchurian Candidate Poland who led the charge, along with Estonia and Latvia, to try and block it. Of course that this further enraged an already angry Germany, Italy and France, mattered nothing to the bought and paid for Polish elites. That their economies and peoples might suffer, mattered even less.

In return, the Polish peoples got almost nothing. Their nation was viewed with annoyance, suspicion and even hatred by much of Europe. Many saw the waves of Poles in the rest of Europe as no better then how Americans look upon illegal Mexicans. The Poles did not, for the sacrifice of their futures and even lives, get a visa free regime with their DC masters, say like that of the Germans or French. Their demands were ignored. Their requests ridiculed but their leaders were well compensated.

And so the process has gone on, for the better part of eight years, gone on that is, until the Bank Panic of 2008 and the Economic Collapse of 2009, when everything changed.

First to go, was the Orange Revolution. While the players, upon whom the Poles had invested so heavily, are still there, they are now enemies of each other and the nation they so jokingly "governed" was and still is falling apart. Then there was the retreating Bear. The Russian Imperial Eagle was back, with the war in Georgia, the Poles suddenly got to see the fact that their masters would not come to the rescue of small vassals, pushed into suicidal wars. As a matter of fact, the Poles, the British and to a lesser extent the Baltics (the US vassals one and all), were the odd men out in the EU, which was more than eager to get back to normal relations with Russia, once they came to their senses and realized the Georgians were acting under US/UK orders. No way was the EU going to pay in treasure and pain for a US Cold War II.

For all the cheerleading and promises for the West that the Poles made, they were left looking like fools and dupes. Their one "victory" was a $30 billion deal to host the interceptor/short range ballistic missile silos, against the out cry of their peoples. So for $30 billion they turned their nation into a nuclear target and never mind that 53% of the population opposes it. Of course even that is now in question as the Americans are forced to print literally trillions in instant dollars to keep their economy from collapsing over night. To this end, even if the Poles get those $30 billion, they will be worth only a fraction of what they counted on.

That is when the latest bad news came to Poland.

Poland had experienced a building boom driven by cheap credit. Even its historic 18% unemployment rate was falling quickly. Of course the credit came primarily out of Swiss banks and in Swiss Franks, but no one stopped to think about the possibilities. Times were good, why plan ahead?

The Bank Panic of 2008 cracked the rose coloured glasses, once and for all. The Zloty devaluated sharply against the Swiss to only half its previous value. Suddenly, more than 2/3rds of Polish mortgage holders: residential and business, found their payments literally doubling. A further dry up of credit has put the squeeze on improvements to the EU's largest eastern European economy. Unemployment has starting inching back up towards the old 18% mark, hitting 11% in February 2009 and salaries are pushing downward. Add to this the hundreds of thousands of Polish expatriots working through out the EU and now out of jobs and the situation is tense to say the least.

Add to all this, with the falling Zloty, Polish power bills have sky rocketed by 30% and Poland is all but barred from restarting many of its massive coal burning generators, by the EU's strict environmental laws, human suffering be damned.

The initial expectation of aid from their overlords in the Anglo-Marxist sphere, has proven empty at best. Both the US and UK are busy nationalizing banks and other industries while printing trillions in dollars and pounds. Certainly the Poles could never and would never turn to the Russians as has Ukraine, Belarus and Iceland, so far. The IMF loaned them money but it was not enough and the IMF's stringent policies have more often then not, destroyed the very nations they supposibly seek to help.

Only the rest of the EU, the very organization the Poles have done everything, at the behest of their Anglo-Marxist masters, to bedevil, can and will save them from themselves. But do not think for a moment that this will not come with a hefty price.

While the Brussels summit saw Poland win support for the Nabucco pipeline from the Caspian rather then the Nord Stream, that pipeline is going ahead and will cost the Poles a lot of their income as a former transit nation. The set back is temperary at best.

As the Poles continue buckle under the Economic Collapse of 2009, which has just taken down the governments of Czech and Latvia, aid will only be available from either Germany or France and both have their interests firmly in the east, Russia that is. Poland will soon be forced to shut up and sit down and learn its place, in exchange for the Euros that government desperately needs to stay in power. Furthermore, as the Anglo-Marxist sphere slides ever further into economic quagmire and insolvancy, its power and cloat will continue to diminish in ever accelerating cyclical spins around the proverbal toilet bowl.

So it may finally be time for Poland, like the UK, to accept their places in the EU scheme of things: second rate powers to France and Germany.


Anonymous said...

As usual a very interesting piece. However to which proverb are you relating when you mention the 'proverbial toilet bowl'?

Anonymous said...

It is October 2012, Poland didn't shut up and doesn’t need any money from EU and Russia...well still learning what humanity is.
I though that Pravda is gone, not really.
Regards comrades.

Stanislav said...

Sorry, no comrades here, only Господа

Stanislav said...

Poland has been running insane deficits and massive devaluation of its currency, to survive. This is a cliff and will end. Here is a good summary of such: